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Its the Money Stupid! The Engine that Drives de facto

In order for the bankers to carry out this massive deception they must control the government…your Congress…your President…your Supreme Court…Your entire system of justice. However…Iceland, when faced with prospects of dealing with the fiscal cliff, had other ideas…. Icelandic bank … Continue reading


Obama Ineligibility More Documentation

FINAL COPY for serving…Links not active Congressman Rohrabacher…Time to redeem yourself More documentation: jan18_presentments FVPD04102010

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A Historical Perspective – to be confirmed.

The following information was found in a search.  The link from where this information is located is as follows:  http://republicoftheunitedstates.org/node/5  I have taken the liberty of copying this information and placing it here at the Scanned Retina just in case … Continue reading