Updated -County Counsel fails to deflect legal exposure! Obama Criminally unfit to hold office!

Orange County, and other California Elected Officials:  You are Officially on Notice.  Obama et al is Constitutional and Criminally unfit

Items newly posted as updates 12-31-2012

notarized Writ of mandamus to OC Board of superviors

notarized lawful notice to electors

Scan notice of dishonor and opportunity to cure to Oc board of superviors re mandamus notice

The Murdered Victims who can not now speak for them selves about the treason

Notarized lawful notice to electors

OC Elected Officals Served Voila_Capture2757

OC Elected Officals Served Notarized 2758

Notarized Writ of mandamus to OC Board of superviors

Writ of Mandamus and Writ of Quo Warranto 2759  Writ of Mandamus and Writ of Quo Warranto Pg 22760

Writ of Mandamus and Writ of Quo Warranto Pg 3 2761 Writ of Mandamus and Writ of Quo Warranto Pg 42762

From: Arnie <arnie@arnierosner.com>

Subject: Who among you will stand by your sacred oath?
Date: November 24, 2012 2:57:46 AM PST
To: John Moorlach <district2@ocgov.com>
Cc: Neal Kelly <rovwebmaster@rov.ocgov.com>, Representative Dana Rohrabacher <ca46ima@mail.house.gov>, Allan Mansoor <allanmansoor@gmail.com>, Tom Harmon <emanuel.patrascu@sen.ca.gov>

Bcc: Arnie Rosner <arnie@arnierosner.com>, Global Distribution


Sandra Hutchens, Constitutional Sheriff, Orange County, California
Neal Kelly, Registrar of Voters, Orange County, California
Dana Rohrabacher, 46th Congressional District
Tom Harmon, 35th Senatorial District, California
Allan Mansoor, 36 Congressional District, California

Everyday the crime of treason grows more apparent.

Glen Beck

Congressman Rohrabacher

The sacred oath of office

Violation of the oath a federal crime

Egypt Protester : Obama, Your B**** Is Our Dictator

by sundance
I’m thinking something could be learned from them.    Egypt’s President Morsi evacuated from residence after freedom supporters stage mass protest and clash with security at compound.


(VIA BBC)  Police have fired tear gas in clashes with tens of thousands of protesters gathered near the presidential palace in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

Some of the protesters reportedly cut through barbed wire around the palace.  Crowds have been gathering to protest against what they say is the rushed drafting of a new constitution and the decision by President Mohammed Morsi to extend his powers.

Mr Morsi was in the palace but left as the crowds grew, sources there said.

As well as the protest outside the presidential palace in the suburb of Heliopolis, thousands of demonstrators have gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

A sizeable crowd has also turned out in Egypt’s second city Alexandria.

Several newspapers refused to go to press on Tuesday in protest at what they say is the lack of press freedom in the constitution.

Mr Morsi adopted sweeping new powers in a decree on 22 November, and stripped the judiciary of any power to challenge his decisions.  (read more)


Press Release #8



November 29, 2012

For More Information Contact:
through www.MontgomeryBlairSibley.com


WASHINGTON    D.C. – At the November 29, 2012,  Preliminary Injunction hearing in  Sibley vs. Alexander, Dinan and Lightfoot – a class action lawsuit in D.C.Superior Court against the three District of Columbia Electors of the so-called Electoral College – Barack Hussein Obama, II, refused to produce his  original  Short-Form  “Certificate  of  Live  Birth”  and  his original  Long-Form “Certificate of Live Birth”. These documents are the sole evidence that Mr. Obama has proffered to the American People to establish his Article II, §1, eligibility for the Office of President. Those documents had been subpoenaed for the hearing by Montgomery Blair Sibley.  As a result, Mr. Sibley today filed his  Verified Motion for Rule to Show Cause Why Barack Hussein Obama, II, Should Not Be Held in Contempt of Court.  Judge Mott has reserved decision on that motion pending a response by the Defendants.

Mr. Sibley said: “What exactly is the objection to producing your original birth certificates when subpoenaed?  No objection was filed by Mr. Obama or his attorneys.  He simply chose to ignore a lawful court process.  Such disdain and disregard of the rule of law is appalling from one who – pursuant to Article II, §1 –has sworn to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  Everyone else in these United States has to follow the law and prove, as required by  8 USCS § 1324a that they are legally entitled to work before beginning a job, why does Mr. Obama believe he is above that law and can ignore it?”

– E n d –

Who among you publicly elected officials of Orange County, California, listed above, who represent yourselves as lawfully authorized servants of the people and trustees of the public trust…the public trust owned by the electors of Orange County, California, who elected you, will look the residents of Orange County and the rest of the American people in the eyes and tell them you honored your oath to protect the Constitution?

The video’s above expose the very criminal character of an illegal alien many publicly elected officials have chosen to aid and abet in the commission of a conspiracy against the American people.  In this case, your constituents in Orange County, California.  The extent of the intense disinformation campaign, exposed in the video’s, masking public corruption in elections, prompts me to demand you, as the board of supervisors of Orange County, California, and trustees of the public trust; a public trust entrusted to you for proper administration,  take appropriate what ever measures are necessary to disqualify the fraudulent election process.  Further I also demand you prevent certification of this election until major discrepancies are properly investigated and resolved by groups of independent public oversight committees.

Any actions on the part of the board or you as independent commissioners, to move ahead and certify this questionable election process , in my opinion, will be viewed as treason.

Let it be only he who among you who is a traitor to the Constitution and the American people, be the one to certify that the candidate, Obama, is legally qualified to hold the position of president of the American people, is of the proper mental state and demonstrates the high standards of character and moral integrity required, to serve as the president and commander in chief of our military.  And you also acknowledge by so affirming and doing so willingly and with all deliberation, even being given this notice in advance, commit treason against the people of Orange County, California and the American people.


Available 24/7 – Defending freedom has become a full-time job!
714-501-8247 – mobile

Additional evidence



McMinn County Tennessee Grand Jury submission – formal criminal complaint (20 November 2012 term)

Second cause of action:

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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7 Responses to Updated -County Counsel fails to deflect legal exposure! Obama Criminally unfit to hold office!

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  2. Carl says:

    Well done .. Mike .. IF these County effeminate ‘sheep’: 1). are contractually bond by an ‘Oath’ n .. 2). legal standing a U.S. citizens SUBJECT status .. ‘public servant’ .. thus legal status ‘SUB SERVANTS’ (thus OBVIOUSLY no protection pursuant to either fed. or State Constitution), 3). disregard this ‘Oath’ and FAILURE to act in this matter though their respective SILENCE Is not this SILENCE a ‘misdemeanor?’ .. 4). their violation of ‘oath’ an act of ‘perjury? .. FELONY 5). as well as acting in COLLUSION amongst each other a FELONY .. and 6). giving ‘aid and comfort’ to a ‘foreign corporation’ (e.g the ‘United States’) an overt act/action of TREASON.

    These slight detail(s) should be placed into their ‘respective personal files’ ACCUSING them
    of these acts BUT giving them 10 days written notice to amend (via a signed under ‘oath’ affidavit) their ways OR they will be held liable under above as well as malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance. IF ‘liaryers’ (whoops ‘lawyers’) place a claim against their bond with the respective ‘State Bar’ (here NOT associated with the ‘State of California’). humble views ..

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  4. Pingback: Updated -Orange County, CA Counsel fails to deflect legal exposure! Obama Criminally unfit to hold office!

  5. havocovah says:


    What a loon.

  6. It is my prayer that their are enough people left with a spine that have the power to make this happen. If not it is going to get very nasty very soon.

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