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Cover-Up At 1600 Penn Avenue, Petraeus and Lockheed Martin

    Cover-Up At 1600 Penn Avenue, Petraeus and Lockheed Martin  

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End run around Constitution…Indiana Codeifies 4th Amendment; this is a blatant set-up.

Thanks to Alan Horton for exposing this important criminal strategy used to deceive Americans. I don’t think so…. What looked like a traditional judicial ruling gone wild was anything but.  Yes…one more judge exceeding his authority and legislating from the … Continue reading

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Smells Worse than Limburger: Obama Installed…not elected

If this chain of events doesn’t smell worse than Limburger you must be dead! It all fits…doesn’t it. In my humble opinion, for what it is worth….. This now explains the hundreds of voter registration challenges all denied by crooked judges on the take. … Continue reading

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Letter to two patriots…

  Letter to two patriots… Both of you are smart people.  I highly respect your views.  But if you think Romney will take America in any other direction than if Obama is re-elected I believe your thoughts are wishful thinking. … Continue reading

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