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Coming soon to America?

With all of the recent earmarks of the evolution of tyranny in America is it any surprise to witness significant historical events reminiscent of Hitler’s rise to power? Why would he do it? Benghazi…just the tip of the deceptions

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Katy, Texas…Texas Moms in action

What in the world are they teaching our kids? Texas Mom Exposes ‘CRIMINAL’ operation of ‘Common Core’ January 21, 2014 17 June 2013 A Traitor to America? – Who Is David Coleman April 29, 2013 Parent Alleges Criminal Misconduct by Katy ISD … Continue reading

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Why would he do it?

The Answer? More…. Breaking news…..Obama and Biden Indicted – Reuters benghazi-just-the-tip-of-the-deceptions Annie Woods Speaks from the heart