Benghazi: Was it Clinton or Obama?


Update: Facts, Falsehood, Questions About Benghazi Now That We have the Official State Department Statement

Trey Gowdy – in Congressional Investigation


Also consider this recent revelation by journalist Lara Logan at 2012 BGA


by sundancecracker

The State Department has released its phone transcript with reporters explaining the Benghazi attack.  The transcript was between Officials in the State Dept. and Reporters on a conference call.  We are sharing the call content and inserting points, links and questions from our research.  It is a long read. 

by sundancecracker

Now that we have the Official State Department moment by moment statement of what took place in Benghazi, Libya, there are SERIOUS issues with the divergent stories.

For the sake of this discussion thread lets focus on clarity and try to cut through the spin.

First, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was elevated to a cabinet level position by President Obama.  Susan Rice works for the White House, not the State Dept.   For the sake of understanding the difference, it’s easiest to say that Ambassador Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton are equals in the eyes of the administration.   Ambassador Rice does not report to Secretary Clinton, she reports to President Obama directly as a member of his cabinet.  Period.

So when Susan Rice was selling the Muhammed Movie protest narrative, she was doing so on behalf of the President, not the State Dept.   Someone in the media needs to call out this distinction and stop allowing the White House to obfuscate.

Second, if the “Official State Dept” version of events is to be believed, which at this point is still uncertain, there are multiple flaws in fact which need to be corrected to gain a better understanding:

The original story was an attack on the Consulate with reinforcements arriving from the Annex to rescue 20 personell from the consulate compound.   This cannot be factual against the State Dept. explanation.   Only one armored vehicle, an suv, was used to evacuate the consulate people, along with Sean Smiths body.   Only 5 to 7 persons were in the vehicle.

The original story was over 200 al-Qaeda terrorists attacked the compound.   Yet, four security officials were able to navigate their way around the complex during the firefight?  Again, this seems implausible.

The State Dept. says no “Top Secret” paper intel was located within the consulate compound, and no electronic data stored “on site”.   But what was in the safe?   Previous intelligence officials said there was a safe with significant cash that would have required thermite grenades to compromise.   What else was in it?

Where are the bodies of the dead “bad guys”?   Reporters were in the compound during the latter stages of the attack, and pictures and video was taken at the time.   Yet, no bad guys were reported to have been killed by the five U.S. security agents returning fire?   Doesn’t make sense.

According to the same official report, in addition to the quick reaction team consisting of Doherty and Woods which arrived from the Annex there were 16 members of the 17th February Brigade who arrived with them to “help”.    What happened to them?   Only one armored SUV containing “our guys” exited the consulate in retreat back to the Annex.   What happened to the Libyan security guys?

Again, according to the State Dept., the agent inside the TOC (Tactical Operations Command) in the compound was on the phone immediately with Washington DC.   Who was he talking to?   Who took the call?   Given the time zone difference the attack started at 3:40pm Washington DC time (9:40pm Libya time) and lasted until  11pm or midnight DC time (5 to 6am Libya).

Senior Director for Multilateral Affairs Samantha Power, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, President Barack Obama

Lastly, again per Obama – Cabinet Member, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, works for the White House not the State Dept. so who told her to talk about “A Movie” as the motive for the attack?   A movie the state department in Cairo had never heard of on September 9th.

The U.S. Cairo Embassy knew the protest outside was organized by Ayman Al Zawahiri in Egypt to demand the release of the Blind Shiek – Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman. They knew this with certainty on 9/11/12.

The more we read about the “official versions”, and watch the spin, the more we are convinced this was a botched kidnapping attempt by al-Qaeda.   What they intended was to kidnap Ambassador Stevens and ransom him back to the U.S. in exchange for  the Blind Shiek – Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman who is being held in Gitmo.

Al-Qaeda is not any where close to diminished.   In truth they are resurgent right now.

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3 Responses to Benghazi: Was it Clinton or Obama?

  1. deb says:

    Don’t know how much more this country can be expected to swallow from this adminisration.

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  3. Find out what Amb Stevens was doing there without security and you will get to the bottom of the truth.

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