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Lies…Lies….Lies….as of 10/14/2012 09:15 PM PDT

The lies we are being told   “Soldiers join the military today to protect the United States, yet they are told once in Afghanistan that we are fighting for the Afghan people Biden lies More….. EPA lies EU Commission Lies EU … Continue reading

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Nobel Awards Compromised? Peace Award to EU?

Speaking for the people of the free world. Nigel Farage:  World Class Leader! UKIP’s Nigel Farage: ‘EU’s Nobel Peace Prize baffling’ Full Announcement Nobel Peace Prize awarded to European Union


Facts are Facts-Numbered

Inquisitive minds need food for thought! Let it sink in.  Then think about this…. Are you prepared to go forward and continue to accept the tyranny under which we find ourselves?  A tyranny imposed upon us by a corporation? A … Continue reading