And from Debbie Warren….


From: Debbie Warren []
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 4:25 PM
To: ‘Arnie’; ‘Richard Mack’
Subject: RE: Be part of history with hero sheriffs

Thanks Arnie for your vigilance and honest assessments.

Richard…what you said ‘sounds’ real good, but who else is working with Joe?  The information Joe has is out there and has been for quite a long time.  These things don’t take this long…they don’t NEED to take this long.  This is all a load of horse manure … smoke and mirrors … and geared for election time…and the game just repeats for each election.

This has notthing to do with protecting our country, our people, our borders and our Cosnsitution.  If there were any real interest in that; we would not have a Muslim, America hating scumbag illegally occupying our White House.  We would not have a Chicago thug running the DOJ.  We would not have a Muslim running the show (Jarrett) in plain sight.  We would not have a lying, freedom killing Lesbian running the DHS and targeting American patriots who only wish to see the rule of law exercised for ALL.

Why aren’t you all standing shoulder to shoulder with Joe for all the world to see?  WE are and we don’t get paid for it…we aren’t running for office….  AND why haven’t the arrests and prosecutions of known criminals begun?  Where is the justice for those of us who have been vicitmized, attacked and harmed?  Where is the justice for all Americans who are paying for massive corruption and known crimes?

Our Fiduciaries…including police, Sheriffs, FBI and all the rest are not working for the American people.  They are not protecting the honest, law abiding public.  They are providing cover for a gang that is running this country and stealing us all blind.  They are providing cover for illegal aliens and all manner of criminals and leveling horrific abuse upon citizens and charging them for the inequity.

Want examples?  How much time have you got?  I can personally tell you about the courts, judges, attorneys, court employees, police, FBI, various agencies and what various experiences have done to my life, family members, friends, associates and co-patriots all over this nation….and many innocent associates of other individual I have come to know well.  I can speak from absolute experience…up close and personal.

I don’t speak of isolated incidents or theories.  I live in the REAL WORLD AND TRADE IN FACTS.  It’s all talk and no action.  We can’t afford to pay the salaries and benefits of a bunch of do nothings and then keep reaching into our pockets for more money to fund campaigns and free trips to Vegas so our public servants can party some more on our dime.  We are on to the game and we are tired of worrying about whether we will have a roof over our head or what will become of our children while a bunch of lying, useless jerks live well and enjoy security because of the power they hold and their inside track.

You ask for money and you give an address for us to send it to; but I have yet to get a single answer to my questions.  So…sorry for being so blunt:  SCREW YOU and the rest of the public servants who refuse to answer the hard questions and do their damn jobs.  I NEED MONEY desperately because of many crimes committed directly against me that were not prosecuted….shall I send you MY address???????

Debbie Warren

From: Richard Mack []
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 6:25 PM
Subject: RE: Be part of history with hero sheriffs

It’s no party and if you were at the last one you’d know it. We ask not your help or involvement.  We have a soltution that is working and you want to bitch and moan about it. Little wonder!
You want me to help with Walt’s plight that I did not even know about. We plan something that Arnie and his friends asked us to get involved with, we bust our butts to do it and you gripe!

My ranks?  Maybe your ranks are the problem.   The complainers and whiners!


From: “Debbie Warren”
Subject: RE: Be part of history with hero sheriffs
Date: August 21, 2012 8:08:50 PM PDT
To: “‘Richard Mack'”
Cc: “‘Arnie'”


Your response sounds like a drunk, angry redneck on steroids.  Not that of a public servant.  If you can’t take the heat, you should not be in the position you are nor the one you are seeking.

I have written a number of times and asked questions which went unaswered   You have no idea who you’re talking to or what I have invested or lost in the past nearly eight years.  My anger and frustration is more than justified personally and on a larger scale.  At 58 (this week), it is very hard to see where we have come from vs. where we are today.  I’ve been subjected to betrayals from everyone:  from Municipal employees to judges, local Sheriffs, police and all the way up to Federal agencies and Congressional idiots.  It has been an education I would prefer not to have or feel compelled to share while so many refused to see it until recently.

All I want to do is whine and gripe?  Once again, you have no idea.  But I can tell you this; the citizens of our country have every right to be very angry at the betrayal we are all suffering from and we hold all of our public servants accountable.  Particularly those who have held office over a period of years.  We have every right to scream from the rooftops and make demands.  We asked and were ignored…now we demand.

It is insulting and reprehensible to see the massive probable cause that has existed along with the massive evidence that should already have been utilized to arrest a boatload of crooks in our government and their cronies…and know how little (and even the complete absence of it) of that it takes for the average person to be hauled off and subjected to corrupt ‘peace officers’.  I don’t have a criminal background of any kind, so my issues have nothing to do with that.  But, all of us are now in the position of being put in that environment for nothing more than fighting for our country and our Constitution.  My son was nearly killed (intentionally) by the worst kind of cop…his crime? Using his phone to look for advice on because of a  flat tire in the middle of the night!

We have just had it up to our eyeballs with rhetoric and campaigns.  We have trusted and donated and worked for candidates who either participate in or cover for the crimes that have devastated so many of us.  We watch the conventions and parties and retreats and see how our money is used and wasted while services are cut and we sink deeper into a hole we did not dig.

My life and health are destroyed by it and I have no patience left.  I always held a serious respect for law enforcement until the past few years.  Too many lawful citizens have been subjected to horrific oppression at the hands of police and others entrusted to protect and defend.  We have been subjected to a level of oppression that is unimaginable to people like me.

You should be ashamed of your response and at the level you have been employed…and hope to be elected; you should have more intuition, compassion and understanding of that if you wish to lead.  You need to ask the right questions and listen to the answers from real people…your employers.

Little Wonder, you say?  I am not the least bit surprised at your nasty and selfish reaction without asking a single question about why I’m so angry.  A plan you say?  We don’t have time for plans and have yet to see any action.

Your ambitions should be tempered with a real desire to get to know the people from whom you request assistance and donations and whom you say you want to represent.

The most active of us…the ones who have sacrificed and donated so much of our lives to this with no assistance and no public paycheck and with no personal ambitions…the ones who have actually put themselves in harm’s way for nothing but the opportunity to do some good are the ones who get the daily onslaught of emails and requests for donations from every group/candidate/political organization and we DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY.  We have been stolen from and harmed so badly there is hardly enough to get through each week without fear.  And I am talking about real threats and real harm, pal….including a bullet in my car that came within an inch of my head because of whom I was exposing.  Nothing I have to say comes from a mere desire to complain and you can pound sand if you don’t like it.

I suggest you take a step back and think about your reaction and try to grasp the real hardship in play.  Your assumptions and accusations are way out of line, buddy and any respect I had for you is GONE.  This is what I would expect from many in your ranks and what I’ve seen up close in situations where I needed real law enforcement and got nothing but corruption on top of corruption.  Are these your true colors?

Again…I ask….what have our oathkeepers actually done besides talk and plan?  Who will stand up for us and our nation when the orders come to start blowing us away…when the tanks come rolling down our streets at the orders of a scumbag who should never have made it as far as Senator, much less the Oval Office!?

Bust your butts?  I’ve seen more butt busting from citizens than public servants and we deserve far more than insults and accusations.  Instead of going on the defense and attacking…maybe the first thing you should do is acknowledge the abuse of power being exhibited daily by law enforcement and actively attempt to curtail it instead of defending it.

As far as I’m concerned, I’d be more impressed if the lot of you said Screw You and lined up on our border and started shooting every invader that set foot over the line…started arresting the criminals in government every time they set foot in your counties…locked arms with Arpaio and said Hell No…we aren’t releasing invaders and criminals back onto our streets…GET THE PICTURE NOW?

You think this is long….it would take many more of these or hours of presentations to tell the story.  But you guys don’t want to hear it or do anything about it.  The local Sheriff asked the same stupid useless question:  “Do you have an attorney?”  HUH?????  We are dealing with CRIMES and we are supposed to expend MORE MONEY to fight the criminals in crooked civil courts because our Fiduciaries don’t want to do their job…are afraid to buck the power structure…or have been bought by the criminals?

You already swore the oath.  Why do you all need to talk about it and convince each other to uphold it?  JUST DO IT.

Debbie Warren

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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1 Response to And from Debbie Warren….

  1. Ken Osborn says:

    Debbie, that’s a real big toilet we True Patriots would have to flush and it seems as though this take over by OUR government has been in the planning for many years. I’m not seeing how the average American having their rights chipped away cannot be ultra pissed off. I for one am ready to do whatever it takes to keep this great country GREAT! I keep insisting that the longer we wait the more rights will be taken. I am PRO 2ND AMENDMENT, it’s our God given right to protect us from this commie/marxist left because I pledge allegiance to OUR Flag of the USA!
    I do live in Maricopa County and I’m proud of what our Sheriff is doing and will back him 100%

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