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Sign Online Petition – Congress is NOT Above the Law

To All of My Fellow American Patriots, Please share this with your friends, family and fellow American Patriots. Thank you for taking the time to get involved and for being willing to take action against the unconstitutional and corrupt actions … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Wins Tampa…?

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It is the CAFR’s STUPID!!!! Less you believe you already know about the CAFR’s and are just MOVING  ALONG….there is nothing to see here…WRONG! By the way…CAFR equivalent in Australia discovered. Of special note:  We are assuming the CAFR is a NWO instrument.  It … Continue reading


Enabling you to fight the system

Updated:  August 28, 2008 – 05:32 AM PDT The opportunity exists for those of us who choose to make a difference.  All it will take is for you to send a hard copy letter indicating your desire to join the … Continue reading


And from Debbie Warren….

  From: Debbie Warren [] Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 4:25 PM To: ‘Arnie’; ‘Richard Mack’ Subject: RE: Be part of history with hero sheriffs Thanks Arnie for your vigilance and honest assessments. Richard…what you said ‘sounds’ real good, but … Continue reading

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Sorry Richard…No! In fact HELL NO!!!

  On Aug 21, 2012, at 11:22 AM, Richard Mack <> wrote: Well, Sheriff Arpaio changed his mind and ahs agreed to present his case against Obama at our convention. We are supporting him and will have other sheriffs get … Continue reading

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Judy Chambers has something to say…

As a member of Arnie’s List, I want to tell you that I am one angry and saddened Natural Born American.  It has only been the last four years that I have become aware of the extreme corruption in Washington … Continue reading

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