The Heart of the Matter

How Agenda 21 uses stealth implementation to over-throw your government.

It is all in the codes:

  • Municipal
  • Building

Introduction to the formation of the new scam

The Sheriff Who Sold His County – YouTube

The private company (NGO) who makes up the policies.  All appointed executives.


NBS GOV | Special Finance District Consulting for Local Governements

The manual


Code Enforcement…the key to Agenda 21 implementation!


Code used by the City Of Fountain Valley.

Published by:

Quality Code Publishing
Seattle, WA


Comprehensive Annual Financial Report  (CAFR)  2011



Check out the City Manager’s B U D G E T concerns versus the actual state of the city’s financials posted above.  $221,936,206 net assets with over $40,000,000 discretionary funds available to be used as seen fit by the city officials.

CITY MANAGER’s budget update


As we near the end of fiscal year 2011/2012, we find ourselves in familiar territory – facing yet another revenue shortfall due to State of California raids on local revenue.  This time the raid is to the City’s Redevelopment Agency funds and will impact our revenues significantly for years to come.  To meet the approximate $1 million ongoing reduction in annual funds, staff has once again been critically looking at all of the City’s expenditures to find ways to meet this shortfall with the least impact to services we provide.  If you have been following my budget updates here over the last few years you know that we have already reduced our spending by $5.5 million, so this round of cuts is especially difficult.

Shortly, staff will be presenting the draft 2012/2013 budget to the City Council.  Some positives that staff has to report going into this next fiscal year is that our Sales Tax has risen 10% over last year and in the coming year the City will see three large new developments that will further add to our Sales Tax base as new residents and employees spend money at our local establishments, and added Property Tax as properties are redeveloped.  These projects include: Hyundai Motor America’s six story new office building that will hold up to 1,300 employees; Olson Company/Ayres Hotel project that will include a 127-room hotel and 88 new dwelling units; and Yakult USA Manufacturing facility that will include a 100,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility with 150 new employees.

While we are excited to report some positive financial aspects for the coming year we must still deal with the new $1 million shortfall imposed by the State.  We are committed to once again working through funding challenges and doing everything we can to maintain our levels of service.


Raymond H. Kromer
City Manager

From 2010 CAFR financial Highlights.


Definition of job responsibility.

Fountain Valley City Administration

The City Manager and the City Attorney are appointed and report directly to the City Council. Please visit the City Council’s pages to meet your Council Members and learn more about their role in governoring the community.

The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the City and is responsible for the day-to-day activities of all City departments. He interacts with the City Council on matters of policy and procedure, and responds to local issues concerning public safety, community service, transportation, economic development, and other issues that affect quality of life for the citizens of Fountain Valley.

The City Manager is also the appointed Executive Director of the Successor Agency to the Fountain Valley Agency for Community Development. As director, he administers the housing and economic development policies set forth by the Agency’s Board.

The City Attorney is responsible for the disposition of civil matters related to land use, contracts, agreements and ordinances, as well as the prosecution of misdemeanor criminal offenses committed within the City.

The City Council and City Manager are supported by the Administrative staff. Administrative staff are responsible for: Intergovernmental Relations, which involves the tracking of legislation impacting Fountain Valley at the Federal, State, and County levels; Public Information, which includes communication of City policies and programs to the media and various other audiences; and risk Management, which targets minimization of loss of City assets due to accidents, employee injuries, and third-party injuries.

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