Sovereign citizen’ arrested after traffic stop

Thanks to Frank for this news item.

Sovereign citizen’ arrested after traffic stop


A woman who says she is not bound by any of the laws of the State of Florida was arrested in Charlotte County last month after a traffic stop.

Punta Gorda Police stopped a car with a suspicious tag in Punta Gorda at about 9 p.m.

According to police, the tag read “America DOT 1890262 Exempt” and did not appear to be registered to any state.

There were three women in the car.

When police asked the driver what her name was, she refused to say and demanded to know the reason that she was being stopped.

Police told the woman she was being stopped because she was driving a car without a legal tag.

The woman then told police she did not have to register her car according to “the DOT.”

When officers asked her for her driver’s license, the woman told them that she was not driving, she was “travelling” and did not need to have a license.

The woman then gave police several random documents stating that her name was “Linda Louise Suae Potestate Esse.”

According to police, the documents were not recognized as being issued by any U.S. State or foreign country and did not provide any verifiable information about the woman.

Police say the woman told them her name was “Linda Louise,” and the additional part of her name was the legal terms proving that she was not subject to any by-laws of the State of Florida.

Police asked the woman if she had ever had a driver’s license at any time in any of the fifty states and she said she was not required to have one and never has had one.

The woman would not give deputies any information on where she was from, and only stated that she “lived on land” and was a “free traveler.”

Police did a check on the name and birthdate they were given by the woman and found no warrants on the name.

None of the passengers in the car would identify themselves.

The passenger in the back seat got out of the car and told officers she was going to go to a meeting down the street. The officers could not hold her in custody as there was no probable cause.

After continuing to question the driver about registration, she then told officers they had no right to hold her there and that she was going to drive away.

Police warned the woman that she was being lawfully held on a traffic stop and if she left before they were finished she would be arrested.

Police say the woman then continued to yell at them about case law and U.S. codes that she said gave her the right to do what she was doing.

The woman refused to step out of the vehicle and officers were forced to remove the woman from the car by force.

Police then arrested the woman for operating a vehicle without valid driver’s license or registration.

The front seat passenger, who told officers she was driver’s daughter, gave them what she said was proof of registration.

Police say the document was a blank U.S. Department of Transportation renewal form.

They searched the VIN number on the car and found it was not registered in any state.

The woman was taken to the Charlotte County Jail.

Given the arguments the arrest report said the woman made, she may consider herself part of the ‘Sovereign Citizen Movement’.



frank p.

When someone says they want to end my existence

it cancels everything else they say.

I then do my best to cancel their existence since I was warned.

I’m just kinda funny that way…. 



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