Sharing thoughts with Lynn.

Sharing thoughts with Lynn.

Thank you Lynn…

And thank you for adding your wise council.  Many people continue to mill around, knowing something is wrong but failing to understand the nature of the problem and how to deal with the issues.

Perhaps I am over simplifying the issue and I certainly do not intend to gloss over the amount of hard work, courage and intestinal fortitude required to resolve our dilemma but I do believe the solution to at least begin to make headway is more simple than folks realize.

As in the case of the great world magicians, the CFR has been successfully manipulating the focus of the pubic audience on Obama, the Congress and the Supreme Court.  This same slight of hand leads folks to believe the action is in the center ring of this three ring circus.  However, may I draw your attention backstage…Backstage to where the action is really taking place…Your local seat of government.

In the incorporated areas, the local city council; the unincorporated areas, the county supervisors (or what ever other name that may be given to the county administration).

What is this guy talking about?  Local government?  The threat is coming from the federal government not our local officials….?

Well my friends…not so fast.  Think about it.  Think about it very carefully.

Then contact me for more…


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On Jun 26, 2012, at 10:01 PM, Lynn & Judy DeSpain wrote:

Hi Arnie,
You are correct once again, in reference to our Constitution. Black’s Law definition:
“CONSTITUTION.  In American law. The written instrument agreed upon by the people of the Union or of a particular state, as the absolute rule of action and decision for all departments and officers of the government in respect to all the points covered by it, which must control until is shall be changed by the authority which established it, and in opposition to which any act or ordinance of any such department or officer is null and void.”
As to “Judges”, well that is quite another matter. One must remember, from the seedlings of lawyers, judges sprout. Has anyone ever met an attorney worth their salt that could NOT argue both sides of any Case with equal effectiveness?
At one time in our history, both lawyers and judges were held to “Canons.” Canons were a Law, Rule, etc. Back to Black’s, “A rule of doctrine and discipline.” However, as typical with our Nation’s largest Union, that being attornies, there are no more Canons under that definition. These have been replaced by by “Canons created by “The American Bar of Judicial Conduct.”
You will find no,”Shalls” in any of these Canons. all Shalls have been replaced by “Shoulds”, meaning choice on the better part of discretion. Imagine if you will an ordinary “STOP” sign. The Universal Traffic Code says a “Stop sign means you SHALL Stop. Now picture changing this with You SHOULD Stop. Is it possible to break any law, rule, ordinance, revision, or code, when given a choice? Certainly not.
At one time in our history, any self taught person could take any State Bar exam, and if passed, they became a Lawyer. Look at Lincoln. Now there is no State in this Union, that allows anyone to become an attorney without, at a minimum, a Degree from a Law School, plus months of study or training under another lawyer. Most require a B.A prior to Law School, followed by working with a lawyers office to take the, holy of holys, the “Bar Exam.”
So, where we are today, seems at best to be a fine example of the foxes running the chicken farm. Shakespeare had a point, did he not? Ask the fox where all the chickens went and then expect the truth, and you have a perfect example of a Liberal, Entitled, Fool. Blind, deaf and dumb, to boot.
Yes, a Judge’s role is to assure proceedings are conducted properly and equitably, and impartially, but what happens if they do not? Nothing. Oh, Lower Court Judges can be pressured to remove themselves from office, through peer review, however, that judge can refuse, and at best, he collects his pay, and has no trials before his court, and if in a State where that position is elected, he can just wait. If appointed by a governor, it is still nigh on impossible to remove anyone sitting on the bench, except for a “Capital Crime.”
And all the animals in the Zoo, are jumping up and down for you! Silly us, we have our Constitution, the absolute Law of the Land, but no way to enforce it through the Courts, for now they are entitled opinions, other than what is written in that Document and all writings pertaining to it.
You friend in battle and hope,
p.s. Whomever you vote for, make damn sure they are not an attorney, nor that they hold a “Law Degree.”

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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