“Hope;” Gifts of life from a 2 year old girl in Mongolia, China

From our dear friend LZW in China.

Moving true story of Chinese 2 year old named “Hope.”

Inner Mongolia a great girl age of two to donate organs to save two children

 Seventeen thirty on June 9th, father’s last kiss on her forehead, life has come to the end of the small” Hope” was sent into the operation room of Chifeng Hospital, this operation is to save another two in Tianjin organ failure in children, her kidney and liver to the two little friends. ” Hope” is a resident of Inner Mongolia in Chifeng City, a two year old girl, was born was diagnosed with hypoxic ischemic cerebral palsy, a little body and therefore bear the pain of torture. Also the daughter babble out one’s first speech sounds the most familiar not a kindergarten, but the hospital smell of disinfectant. Look at their children’s life slip, parents in agony. ” And let the children finally left the ashes, still be inferior to donate their organs, help other children.” Mother Wang Xiaofei tells a reporter, this is her daughter named” Hope ” reason, let those who need to rescue children has a wish to live

  The” Hope” aunt last touch niece’s forehead. Chifeng Hospital, donor small” Hope” in care outside, so Grandpa, Grandpa, grandma, aunt has been waiting here for hours, everyone’s expression was very sad. ” Arrived at the scene, we can truly feel, this one family is depending on how powerful the faith to support, will let their beloved children to donate their organs.” A coordinator told reporters. ” Hope” grandpa has stood in the care of outdoor, one’s pupils do not turn. At the house

   All the medical workers pay tribute. The reporter understands, in order to treat their children, this is more than a year” Hope” Mom and dad have spent more than 280000yuan, indebted70000 yuan now. Therefore, local media offered to help” Hope” parents, appeal society kind donations or to find a stable job. But did not think of is, the proposal was” Hope” parental refusal,” we are still young, and can feed themselves. If the received donations from others, we will feel in the ‘ sell children ‘. We don’t want to do that.”

 Operation completion, small” Hope” was launched in operation room


  After more than an hour of organ harvesting operation, Inner Mongolia Chifeng Hospital of human organ donation and pilot unit staff and Tianjin First Center Hospital experts have conducted organ handover, and quickly sent to tianjin. As of press time, Tianjin first center hospital news,” Hope” small donor organs has been successfully transplanted to the two Tianjin children, present postoperatively in good condition.


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