Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, a retired naval officer


Dateline: McMinn County, Tennessee, June 4, 2012

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, a retired naval officer, along with Pulitzer Prize Nominee investigative journalist Sharon Rondeau of the online news e-zine The Post & Email, has exposed a real constitutional BOMBSHELL of corruption in the state of Tennessee.


voila_capture-2016-03-21_10-27-08_amLieutenant Commander Fitzpatrick, who has been imprisoned in Monroe County, Tennessee Five times from false charges, under torturous conditions, in retaliation for first attempting to forward a treason complaint against Obama and then for attempting to expose jury rigging and jury stacking by judges in Monroe and other counties in Tennessee, has just uncovered the worst fraud in recent memory which has been running in plain view for 28-years!

Tennessee county judges are secretly running a Judicial Dictatorship, a shadow criminal government operation since 1984 which has been wholly unaccountable to ‘We the People’ and The US and Tennessee Constitutions.

By continuing the unlawful use of the legislatively abolished county grand juries in Monroe and other counties, this takeover scheme has obstructed and perverted justice in the whole State of Tennessee.

In 1984 the state legislature ordered the reorganization of Tennessee’s trial court system organizing the courts into a scheme of district circuit courts. 31 judicial districts were established. Also in 1984 the Tennessee legislature created companion district grand juries. The legislature ordered, “New grand juries shall be impaneled at least twice a year at times and on such dates as the judges of each judicial district fix by rule.”

The bill passed in 1984 reorganized the grand jury system in the state of Tennessee such that grand juries were only to be seated at the district level.

However, district criminal court judges ignored the 1984 legislature’s reorganization of the trial court scheme. Instead, the judges assembled and operated county grand juries and county criminal courts throughout the entire state.

Tennessee’s county courts have never been invested with original jurisdiction in criminal cases. Tennessee county grand juries are not found in Tennessee’s statutes.

Tennessee judges are running their own government in violent outlawry.

For example, in Tennessee, district court judge picked grand jury members are reported in the same grand jury for periods for as long as 28 consecutive years so far as is presently known.

Then this: District court judges are assembling county grand juries rather than district grand juries. Tennessee’s 10th judicial district is made up of four counties: Bradley, McMinn, Monroe and Polk. There are numerous county grand juries in the 10th district, but no district grand jury in the 10th district. The county population is much smaller than that of the district population. The selection of either a grand jury or county trial jury limited to just the county has been outlawed the Tennessee’s history of Tennessee since at least 1858.

The practice of convening and operating county criminal grand juries and county criminal courts is the operation of a government neither found in the Tennessee state Constitution nor in the United States Constitution.

This silent coup occurred when the county judges refused to be corrected by the legislature, instead mutinying and continuing to exert unlawful control over the courts by hijacking the people’s grand juries for their own personal use. This practice has ensued for the last 28 years and continues today, says LCDR Fitzpatrick. The judges’ judicial excesses include jailing thousands of innocent victims and unlawfully seizing property. Fitzpatrick estimates that the innocent people of Tennessee have been defrauded out of millions of dollars annually.

This takeover scheme is also responsible for blocking and prevent the judges’ exposure at the highest levels of Tennessee government.

A call and demand for justice is being sent out far and wide. A special investigation team and special prosecutor with enforcement powers are needed to bring those criminally responsible to justice and provide lasting redress to the matter. 
Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III also know as the Jaghunter can be reached by emailing Sharon Rondeau at The Post & Email at, website:

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