Allan Mansoor; Your Answer Please?

From: “Taylor, David” <>

Subject: RE: It’s 3 minutes to the midnight hour for our Constitution and our Republic. Where is YOUR Tea Party when the chips are down and the ante is up?

Date: May 2, 2012 12:04:36 PM PDT

To: Arnie Rosner <>

Good morning, Arnie,

Yeah, we may not always agree, but you are always fun to talk to.  No reason to apologize and I’m sorry if you were offended, too.  Let me look this over and I’ll get back to you.  Thanks again,

David J. Taylor

Field Representative, Assemblyman Allan R. Mansoor
1503 South Coast Drive, Suite 205
Costa Mesa, CA  92626
Phone:  (714) 668-2100
Fax:  (714) 668-2104
From: Arnie Rosner []
Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2012 3:45 AM
To: Taylor, David
Cc: Roland Clark; Alicia Lutz
Subject: Fwd: It’s 3 minutes to the midnight hour for our Constitution and our Republic. Where is YOUR Tea Party when the chips are down and the ante is up?

 Good morning David,

Thank you so much for calling me yesterday. Your continued interest is appreciated.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed testing our friendship and raising it to a new level. I must apologize that you were insulted by my reference to you being, “full of crap.” <LOL> While I meant no offense, your response, indicated you were offended. However David, taking you at your word that we were friends, I just took liberties and addressed you as I would any friend when you responded in such an outrageous manner to the facts I delivered to you in the form of many hours of detailed research.  In fact David looking back at our conversation, it was I who should have been insulted by your lack of confidence in the accuracy of the information I provided. As I recall, you did acknowledge that everything I provided was accurate.  However, David, being a charitable person, like you, I overlooked your indiscretion.

And to that point, permit me to take issue with the fact that not many of any constituents would be going to the trouble to provide you, at your request mind you, with information about which you claimed to have no knowledge. Taking this to an even greater height, certainly not many constituents would go to the extreme of providing you the historical documentation, in the form of the originally published history books, behind the extensive research that was provided by one of America’s most highly regarded historians and researchers,  G. Edward Griffin;  when you expressed the fact that you did not believe the information that was presented here.

To be fair and add clarification to my impressions of your comments, while it is true, some of the information provided were in the format of a blog, the documentation provided within the blogs almost always referred back to a solid piece of information; in most cases, where appropriate, a government generated document.  An example of this type of a situation would be to reference the list of executive orders issued by the usurper Obama as compiled and notated in a blog. Any reasonable person would understand that it was the references that were germane and not the blog which contained them; here are just 3 examples:

Extremely Successful Indeed…

Obama’s Plan To Seize Control Of Our Economy & Our Lives – by Jack Powell, Forbes Magazine:

21 Unanswered Questions That They Don’t Want You To Look Into

Not wishing to waste any more of your valuable time, getting down to the brass tacks, there’s an election coming… Allan Mansoor,  “the candidate,” is running for office. The question in my mind and in the mind of many as demonstrated below in Mr. Neil Turner’s document, is on which side of the issue of Mr. Obama’s in eligibility does Alan stand? The required response is not complicated.

However, I must take exception to the strategy by which the Republican Party, a strategy to which you briefly alluded, but did not specifically state, appears to have disseminated to all Republicans as an overall policy.  David, I am sorry, but this is not an acceptable solution!  Waiting until the election and hoping to remove Obama in this process is fraught with illogical and unlawful consequences, and I suspect you are well aware of this fact.

As we have discussed, with your background in military intelligence, I know I need not remind you, that we face a very serious constitutional crisis—Obama left to complete his unlawful term, creates a dangerous precedent—one that I believe the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are attempting to create so as to undermine the constitution in a way from which we will be unable to recover as a republic.

What is so serious about this last three years of denial by Congress is that in addition to the treason to the Constitution, all members of Congress have compromised the security of this nation and by their deliberated actions exposed Americans to the clear and present danger of the domestic enemy currently sitting in our oval office!

In my mind, this is further evidence of more conspiratorial acts of treason. In this case, on the part of the 112 Congress and all members within that body. No David, this strategy of hoping the situation will resolve itself without exposing all members of Congress to charges of treason is simply not acceptable.

Granted, the solution to this problem is not an easy one. To my knowledge, we have never been in this type of a constitutional crisis before in the history of this country. Hoping it will go away and resolve itself is not the solution.

The reason we face this problem, in the first place, is because those responsible to prevent this type of the situation deliberately ignored the seriousness of this crisis and attempted to deceive the American public one more time. One more time as they have done so over the last 140 years of the history of this de facto government.

David… may I remind you, you have stated that you stand by the Constitution. If that indeed is the case, then you must certainly face the facts that had those members of Congress done the job in the manner prescribed and in accordance with their oath of office, we would not be faced with this crisis.  This is a crisis that was all their own doing. Congress has created this problem and Congress must resolve this problem!

Congress must resolve this problem or in my view, we the people must remove the Congress!  This situation is not going away. The people will not give up on the ineligibility of Mr. Obama.  I predict the people will not accept the current attitude of Congress to ignore the situation in hopes it will go away; it won’t!  And we will not permit it to go on unresolved indefinitely.  

While I can only speak for myself, my sense of the situation would indicate that as the people, our patience has been worn thin and we are about at the end of our limit of tolerance.  Less you believe I am just expressing only my own views here, I am delighted to encourage others to also write you and share their respective positions.

During our active discourse, when I insisted  the only acceptable option is that Obama must go, you continued to press me for a solution once Obama was removed.  I found your behavior curious, as if to acknowledge your acceptance of this fact.   Then, as if in defense of your acceptance, it appeared you attempted to marginalize my statement, by raising questions like who would I accept as president.  You asked, would I except Biden, or perhaps Boehner,  I  specifically explained to you the replacement was not the issue; dealing with the crime of usurpation was, along with the fact that every member of Congress, all 545 has committed treason.

I know you had a hard time acknowledging such an idea (even though I suspect you realize this conclusion is inevitable). However it’s pretty simple based upon all of the individual efforts made by all of, “We the People,” over this last 3 years to bring this matter to focus. Additionally, this should be no secret as there have been numerous ballot challenges that have been dealt with in such unscrupulous and unlawful manners, we are now aware that the corruption extends to the judiciary. Based on the performance we have been permitted to witness so far, it appears we are speaking of a corrupt judiciary on a nationwide scale.  Now, by this letter I am testing the level of corruption that may exist at the state level.

So now we arrived at the crux of this letter;  based on the evidence of probable cause that a criminal forgery was committed, as reported in the the Maricopa County Sheriff ’s Cold Case Posse investigation report below, we both know, this in itself is a serious crime. On that basis alone, from my point of view, no further discussion is required. A congressional investigation must be called for and this matter must be settled to a constitutional certainty.


Therefore, I am asking that, Allan Mansoor, as my my state assemblyman, disseminate this information along with a copy of the report to all members of the California legislature along with the demand that the Congress of the United States begin to immediately investigate the probable cause conclusion.

Thank you again for your cooperation and your desire to see that justice is done; and that the Constitution and our Republic is protected and preserved.  I am looking forward to a quick response as you have always demonstrated is customary in the manner in which you conduct state affairs.

Due to the nature and the seriousness of this matter this document is being widely circulated.


Available 24/7 – Defending freedom has become a full-time job!

714-501-8247 – mobile

 Begin forwarded message:

From: “Neil Turner” <>

Subject: It’s 3 minutes to the midnight hour for our Constitution and our Republic. Where is YOUR Tea Party when the chips are down and the ante is up?

Date: May 1, 2012 11:26:45 PM PDT

To: “Neil Turner” <>

Reply-To: <>

Citizens for the Constitution;

May 1, 2012

It’s 3 minutes to the midnight hour for our Constitution and our Republic. Where is YOUR Tea Party when the chips are down and the ante is up?

Is your Tea(m) of so-called ‘Constitution upholding and defending Patriots’ ready to face the fact that every time we say ‘we will defeat Obama at the polls in November, 2012’we are giving legitimacy to his illegal and unconstitutional holding of the Office of President and Commander in Chief! That is TREASON!

 ‘Accepting and legitimizing TREASON is itself an act of Treason’

This means that:

  • every one of the 9 members of the SCOTUS is committing Treason;
  •  every one of the 535 members of the 112th Congress is committing Treason;
  •  every candidate for public office who continues to legitimize Obama is committing


  • every judge and attorney and Secretary of State who argues for the placement of ineligible candidates (such as Obama/Soetoro/AKA???) on the ballot is committing Treason;
  •  every member of the media who continues to legitimize Obama and who obfuscates the true meaning of natural born Citizen is committing Treason;
  •  every Citizen who has the honor and privilege if living under the Constitution has the duty to uphold and defend it against all violations of its terms and conditions (including Article II, Section 1), lest they themselves be chargeable with committing Treason.

It was the Surprise, AZ Tea Party that charged their County Sheriff with the task of defending their rights to a fair and Constitutional vote – for only constitutionally eligible candidates – in the elections of 2012. Sheriff Joe Arpaio stepped up to the plate and investigated the matter relative to Obama, and has found that candidate Obama/Soetoro/AKA??? has not shown proof of his eligibility, but has instead shown proof that all the documents he has proffered are abject forgeries.

Therefore, we can only conclude that candidate Obama/Soetoro/AKA??? is not only not eligible, but is committing Treason. Over 1.1 million people worldwide have also seen that proof in this 5 minute CBS News report of March 1, 2012:

And now we find that the Ventura County (CA) Tea Party is joining in and stepping up to the plate. A poll of 53 members showed that:

Should the Ventura County Tea Party adopt a resolution supporting:

a. Investigation by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Dept.? yes or no? Yes- 79%

b. Congressional action?  yes or no? Yes- 79%

c. (Ventura) County Sheriff investigation? yes or no? Yes- 64%

d. Court action? yes or no? Yes-82%

(2 members now have court cases in process)

Their full report follows below.

I repeat the question: It’s 3 minutes to the midnight hour for our Constitution and our Republic. Where is YOUR Tea Party when the chips are down and the ante is up?

Where are YOU when the chips are down and the ante is up?  “Wait ‘til November” is not an option. Removing him from the ballot is the only option if we are to have fair and Constitutional elections. Tea Party member or not, we must all get behind the efforts to remove Obama/Soetoro/AKA???’s name from the ballot in November, 2012 … or these elections will be meaningless … and we will all become Traitors to our Constitutional Republic.

In Liberty and In Truth.

Neil B. Turner

Citizens for the Constitution


Encl: Ventura County Tea Party RESOLUTION:

Resolution: Surprise AZ Tea Party and Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department Cold Case Posse investigating “Obama” eligibility

The Ventura County Tea Party conducted a poll of member views on the “Obama” eligibility issue, in April, 2012. By a vote of the membership and approval by the Steering Committee, we overwhelmingly approved the following resolution.

Whereas, many of our members have pursued or supported the efforts to investigate the eligibility for office of the presumed President of the United States and whereas, the Steering Committee responded to a membership survey expressing their views on the matter authorizing supportive action ……

It is resolved that The Ventura County Tea Party (VCTP) does hereby officially endorse and support the efforts of the Surprise, AZ Tea Party in initiating this Investigation. VCTP also supports Sheriff Joe Arpaio in his organizing, commencing, and supporting this Investigation and the “Cold Case Posse” and its Chief Investigator Mike Zullo

VCTP recognizes and highly commends the efforts expended and the courage shown by those involved who, in doing so have, and continue to incur explicit and implicit threats, scorn, demonization, and ostracism directed at them. No other official investigation has been undertaken- so this is a totally unique accomplishment.

By helping to remove any remaining doubts that eligibility has not been proven by the representatives of the presumed President, challengers are better supported in their allegations that he is ineligible and as such should be disqualified.

VCTP calls upon all American institutions to seriously consider the merits of the Investigation and act responsibly to pursue proper and full reinstatement of the Constitution of the United States in protecting the sanctity of the Office of the President of the United States. Said institutions include all government officials at all levels, Democratic Party, Republican Party, news media, NGO’s, churches and civic organizations, other Tea Parties and liberty organizations.  VCTP calls upon all of its supporters to educate, recruit allies and challenge leaders in these institutions to act.

VCTP urges the Cold Case Posse to fully cooperate with legal initiatives; lawsuits, procedural, and prosecutorial efforts to act upon the evidence being presented, as well as judicial organizations which have rendered decisions rife with errors in fact and law needing rectification, as well as those Secretaries of State who have intentionally or unintentionally obfuscated, delayed and redefined the interpretation and enforcement of the Constitution and statutory law.

Ventura County Tea Party Steering Committee, 20 April, 2012,

Attachment: Results of Ventura County Tea Party survey, compiled April 9, 2012:



We asked members their opinions, in a poll on Obama eligibility and what to do about it. We were a bit surprised about how strong the opinions were.

Questions: (multiple answers to questions were permitted)

1. Do you believe that “Barack Hussein Obama” is eligible and legally President?

a. Yes 0%

b. Not sure 6%

c. Probably not 9%

d. Definitely not 85%

2. Do you believe an eligible candidate is (see: ):

a. A citizen 0%

b. Born in USA 12%

c. Born of citizen parents 15%

d. Born in the USA of American citizen parents 73%

3. Should the Ventura County Tea Party adopt a resolution supporting:

a. Investigation by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Dept.? yes or no? Yes- 79%

b. Congressional action?  yes or no? Yes- 79%

c. County Sheriff investigation? yes or no? Yes- 64%

d. Court action? yes or no? Yes-82%

(2 members now have court cases)

4. Should we ignore the issue and just rely upon the election, even though bad precedents might be set, illegal court appointees will remain and toxic laws remain on the books?

a. Just work on election 6%

b. Work on election, but use eligibility problems to discredit him 55%

c. Try to get him out. 76%

5. Should we have a special meeting to deal with this and present evidence to members and the public?

yes or no? Yes-73%, No- 18%, no answer- 6%

6. Your additional comments: (some people sent comments)

  • do for ALL candidates
  • support others doing heavy lifting
  • Your call, but purely local efforts may not generate much media ‘juice”
  • no meeting yet
  • Thank you
  • Outrageous that “Obama” was elected and still enabled. He needs to go now and be disqualified and convicted on eligibility grounds to void all his decisions. Letting him off with an election is not good enough.
  • Encourage other tea parties. Do whatever it takes
  • (oust him) sooner the better. “Latest votes are now counted in Spain” has me worried.
  • No support from thse who should be doing it to get him out
  • All-out effort to oust him now or in election, if that fails.
  • We encourage other Tea Parties/Liberty organizations to conduct similar polls.
  • meeting up to you.
  • We absolutely have to get BHO out of office as soon as possible and immediately undo all of the unconstitutional and illegal harm he has done to America.
  • VC Sheriff will not investigate
  • “Our government is not of the political elite, by the political elite and for the political elite. It is of the people, by the people and for the people.”
  • Paradoxical Quote of the Decade – by Ben Stein “Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured……. but not everyone must prove they are a citizen. Now, let that settle in awhile……..
  • I continue to push the Article II, Section1, Clause 5 ineligibility issue in our group, and in all my social networking.  Beyond that it will take a committment of sorts from any or all that are working on this.
  • I will not support or endorse any future attempts that mix the Constitutional issue with the Criminal issues (i.e. document fraud, LFBC, SSN, Passport, Selective Service AP, et al), because all destroys the credibility of its individual parts, and it is just poor legal strategy.  Of course what would escalate and solidify this would be even one state victory at keeping Barry Soetoro off the 2012 ballot.

Event REPORT of 3/31 Sheriff Joe Arpaio press conference

We encourage other Tea Parties/Liberty organizations to take similar actions.



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