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Do unto others before they do unto you!

Please find the excellent work of  “Sally Baptiste” <> We must regain a free press before the Republic has a chance to stand on its own.  Sally has laid out strategies to accomplish this objective. Saul Alinsky Rule #4 “Make … Continue reading

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Sovereign…A dirty word? The FBI created the term.

SOVEREIGN sov·er·eign/ˈsäv(ə)rən/ Noun: A supreme ruler, esp. a monarch. Adjective: Possessing supreme or ultimate power: “the people’s will is in theory sovereign”. Synonyms: noun.  monarch – ruler – king – lord – potentate adjective.  paramount – supreme – independent   Well yeah….given … Continue reading

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Any self-respecting person would be appalled…

  Any self-respecting person would be appalled to willingly identify with this hypocritical criminal. Evidently that does not apply to any members of the 112th Congress. Some Americans take offense.  If that fits you, go here for more information.

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The most important event so far…Earthshaking potential

  Imagine…an election campaign without the need of the parties. Better yet…. Imagine politics with no parties…no CFR…No lobbyists I think you can see the unique opportunity that exists for all of us. Let’s make this happen…just on principle! Arnie … Continue reading

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Winds of Change…. The gravy train is over.

  Winds of Change…. Or The gravy train is over. Warren Buffet is asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise. In … Continue reading

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What is that awful Stench?

  Everyone needs to read this and the link, understand what is going on, and pass it to your email list! There’s an issue out there that can ensure Barack Obama is defeated in 2012. It’s not Obamacare. It’s not … Continue reading

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Reclaiming the keys to the Kingdom!

California’s State Constitution Yields Gold Nuggets Find and Read your State’s Constitution  An increasing number of people have come to the conclusion the States may provide the only solution to an out-of-control Federal Government. The Federal Government today acts more … Continue reading


The Game is over. The fat lady will soon sing…who among us will swing?

Arizonians Call for action! Thank you Denise Reilly from the Surprise, AZ Tea Party. Thank you Sheriff Joe. Thank you SOS Benet. Thank you Dr. Jerome Corsi Thank you John Dummett, candidate for president 2012 Thank you Obama State Ballot … Continue reading

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Judicial Accountability & Integrity Legislation – Ron Branson

  From: “Clare Subject: RE: What do you think of this? Date: May 8, 2012 5:41:10 PM PDT To: “‘Arnie Rosner’” <>   A. ~ The Arizona Constitution acknowledges that the US Constitution is the supreme law of the land. … Continue reading

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The case for taking back our legal system. Leave No Incumbent Judge Standing

  The case for taking back our legal system. Yes mam; I’m a 67 year old attorney who was ordered by the State Bar inactive because they did not like the way I practiced law against the government. The government, … Continue reading

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