Hey!  My Response to Karen…

Hold on one dam moment!

What you say may seem to be true.  However, Larry is one of the most well versed attorneys in this area of the law.  Plus he is determined and committed.  If you have any further doubts I suggest you listen to the rest of his call to Florida at the following link.

As to the point raised about not all states permitting the Common Law Grand Jury… I say it is that narrow minded notion that is a big part of our problem.  We need no permission Karen!

We are the masters!

But in order to be respected as the masters, we must act the role of master.

It is ludicrous for any “Constitutional Expert” to make such an assertion.  It is not up to the states to make such a determination.  The common law grand jury is protected by the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution.

The Constitution
any other laws or authority at all levels.

We have far too many people who fail to recognize and act in their lawful capacity as the “people;” as the masters of our society.
•    We are the authority for whom and by which all laws are made.
•    We are the only authority that is higher than the Constitution.
•    For it is the People who are the final arbiters of the Constitution.

•    And we all know,
the Constitution is the supreme law, the highest law of the land!

In this case Karen, this is all about, We the People; not what our servants and detractors would have us believe.  However, We the People, are only in charge when, We the People act the part.  Our rights came from our creator; not from any group of individuals who have systematically brainwashed and deliberately deceived us into accepting they were our masters.

Now as to our chances of success, certainly there are risks involved but from my understanding, Larry has some longer term strategies designed to take this farther than any action has been taken before.  For those who join in, more detailed information and opportunities will become available.

Keep in mind Karen, that at the moment we hopeless outnumber our enemies.  Until we permit them to kill us off or begin to put us in interment camps we have the power to crush them at any time of our choosing.  Based on the rapid acceleration of the steps being executed by this rogue administration and equally complicit Congress, it appears to me their plan is rapidly approaching the execution of some of the options mentioned above.

Even though there are tyrannical rules being put in place, all of these rules/laws are unlawful.  But if we do nothing to object and to demand their repeal, they will be accepted as our acceptance and viewed as lawful.  This is where our new role of activists must come into play.  Unless we rise up in such a great force to dispute them, we will be accepting them and sealing our own fate.

Reagan said it best in my view.  do you agree?
U.S Armed Forces – We Must Fight – President Reagan (HD) – YouTube

Like you and many others who have also been in this for several years, I see this as our best equipped effort so far.  In the three years I have been working for a victory, I have not ever suggested anyone put any financial support into any project.  This project is different.  I have confidence in this effort that we know what we are doing.

Like many others, I have personally invested pretty heavily in many individuals and their efforts.  Individuals, like John Dummett and Orly and Sheriff Mack, and the ability to address Congress directly so all citizens could speak their minds directly at no cost to them.  In these campaigns, we have reached many and made some friends but so far our best efforts to date has not been enough.

I had even gone so far as to lease 5 electronic conference rooms, each able to accommodate up to 250 people in a session.  They were provided with no restrictions, at no cost to any individuals or for groups to meet via the web, at their convenience. The rooms were made available 24/7.

The idea was to provide a cost free environment to permit and to encourage people to get together to plan and devise plans to combat our common threats.  At the end of 7 straight months there were a total of about 5 meetings conducted.  Most folks were content to just exchange emails and felt somehow that was good enough or the extent of their effort.

Karen, it seems Americans have had it so good, they have no idea as to how to fight this terrible threat we are under. Many still do not even accept the threat exists.

They have not had to fight for anything important in their whole lives.  They are so ingrained with permitting the folks behind running the boob tube network to indoctrinate them that they see no need or have no will to fight.

Those experienced in studying animal behavior, will see the situation the same as if wild animals which, from birth, were raised in captivity, and taken care of completely, were to be suddenly released into the wild.  In most cases these animals would really struggle to survive and have to learn to fend for themselves.   And so it is with Americans today, they must learn survival skills in order to live.

Looking back, I see this as also being part of the diabolical plan our attackers, the architects, behind the New World Order, who have infiltrated our society, our infrastructure and all levels of government, had deliberately planned and discretely executed mostly under our radar, over the years with this day in mind. It has been stated that Americans must awaken.  I don’t agree…we were not asleep we were deliberately deceived.  To me, there is a big difference.
Americans Asleep? No, I don’t think so! | Scanned Retina Blog

Just look at Agenda 21 to see their methods of deception deployed.  We are at war except most Americans not only had no idea of this battle being waged right in front of us, they still fail to grasp the danger we face.

So it comes down to this…

As I see it, it is up to leaders like you and many of the others super individuals too numerous to even list, to shift modes.  It is time we change modes from simply participating in the various groups and organizations and exchanging e-mails in a passive manner, to shift gears and to begin to put to use, the months of education and information we have gained by being members of the various groups and receiving the thousands of valuable e-mails.  OK..we are now knowledgeable enough to know what must be done.

It is time we graduate.  Class is over.  We all passed with flying colors.

Now on to the role in society for which we have been training…the role to become activists and to physically begin to demonstrate our true patriotism, purpose and leadership.  The time has come to directly engage the enemy.

Graduation time is here.  We are at that point, where, as many have put it better than I, we are at that point where we must all bond together, for the common purpose of the protection of the republic and to put forth this great coordinated effort to make this great stand for the benefit of future generations.

Many may cite the times this has been tried before, However, I submit to all that this time is different.   There are greater more extensive plans to implement.  We are speaking of a much broader effort.  Various opportunities involving many areas of strategic initiatives.  From what I can see we are better organized and better equipped to deal with our enemies.  Every previous encounter, regardless of outcome, was a leaning experience.  So we are down to the point where the rest of the solution is up to us; We the People.

We must commit ourselves to do what is required.  I see things in a light where we either invest in our future to have the outcome work in our favor, or all of the fruits of our years of labor will be taken from us and given to others to further work against us. This mechanism is already in place; just look around.

In my view, we are at our last position to make this work.  I am confident in Larry’s ability to direct our efforts. There are others similarly motivated who have already shared this view and acted to join in this effort.  To those who also see the situation in the same way, I urge them to simply jump in with the rest us who are already committed.

Larry Klayman…a man who has made history!  And a man who I believe has risen for the occasion as our “George Washington.”

Join Larry, (AKA George Washington) in this exciting and historic battle.

You can register here to begin to participate in this process.

Feel free to distribute as you see fit.

Your thoughts and reactions are solicited and regardless of position, encouraged.


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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