Press Release: John Dummett, Presidential Candidate for 2012, Sues California SOS Bowen

Press Release

March 24, 2012

John Dummett, Presidential Candidate for 2012, Sues California SOS Bowen

John Dummett of CA, one of five Presidential candidates openly challenging “Obama’s” eligibility, filed still another case this week, this time against the corrupt (“I don’t vet candidates”) Secretary of State Debra Bowen.

Gary Kreep of USJF is counsel. Larry Lecamp, Gil Houston, Milo Johnson, Joe Ott, Markam Robinson and the Constitution Party are also plaintiffs.

They are also suing members of the Democrat party, who are illegally perpetrating the usurper’s candidacy, but plaintiffs are not even bothering to sue “Obama.” Hopefully, Sheriff Arpiao’s Posse will find out who he really is, so we can ensure that we are suing the right guy.

In other news, the CA Noonan (another Presidential candidate) et al v Bowen et al case Friday hearing might  be postponed, due to counsel signing on, amended complaint, with Arpaio findings and some legal fine points incorporated.  Our own OBC Director Pamela Barnett is also a plaintiff, acting as citizen-lawyer until counsel could be engaged.

Flash: Reader CBA points out that attack-dog LA Times is already, 

well, attacking over this, with an unhinged, slanted article, full of pejoratives:,0,7207839.story

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