Now About That Unconstitutional ObamaCare…

Touching on Obamacare a moment..the very manner in which our politicians abused the legislative process on Obama care is in question.   So tell me patriots, what is your position on filing criminal charges against members of Congress who violated their oath, who failed to live up to their fiduciary responsibilities and consequently failed to protect the interests of their constituents by permitting Obamacare, an Unconstitutional bill to be passed?

One basis for such a statement is that the clear requirement, as detailed below, seems to be missing from the document.  Now perhaps I have missed it but I do not think so.

Where did the responsible members of Congress comply with the requirement as detailed in the official government publication (See PDF below), “how our laws are made” (see page 17 of the actual manual) which details the process?


Notice the use of the word “MUST.”  Now admittedly dear patriots I am not too bright on these matters but even to my uneducated mind, “must” does not mean “optional.”  From my point of view, the behavior demonstrated by members of Congress violated the public trust.  Would you expect the criminal codes to apply to those who participated in approving this unlawfully process piece of Unconstitutional legislation?

So instead of a very important piece of legislation affecting all Americans being processed in a lawful manner we are instead provided with the arrogant and insulting statement from a highly placed, publicly elected, government official…I am sorry I can’t remember her name…I am sure it will come to you.

So do I have that right so far?

If I may, permit me to add this bit of political strategy, shared with me by an administrative aide of one of our very prominent elected officials and also confirmed by other legislators themselves.

I was told in no uncertain terms, that many members of Congress deliberately ignore the unconstitutional basis of passing legislation.  They know full well the legislation they are passing may be totally unconstitutional but they promote it anyway and act to pass the faulty legislation.  The idea is to enact the bill and let the courts decide as to its Constitutionality, if challenged.

Well, I don’t know about how you view this practice, but to me…it is wrong as hell.  No wonder we have so many problems.  First off it puts the courts into a position to act out of their basic scope of authority. And second, the Supreme Court usually does not hear more than about 80 cases a year.  On the basis of this lawfully defective but legislatively effective strategy so much of the Unconstitutional legislation passed is never Constitutional but on the books!

Patriots….Do you subscribe to this political chicanery?

Please review the following with an open mind.  Here is how the deception works up front and personal. A more extensive analysis on how Americans are being manipulated by the people who they have come to trust is in the works.  Look forward to it soon.

Most Americans view Mr. Cruz as our latest hero.  A man for the people.  For those Americans capable of seeing through the fog of deception, the story has a more sinister message.  Are you one of those who can see how they are working us?

Tea Party Patriots Conference call 10-2-2013

Building rapport

Ditching caller exposing Obama

Admitting they know of the violations..Why not expose Obama as ineligible?

Pure politics…does it matter from which side it comes?

Ted Cruz – On his Filibuster…Are we dumb, too trusting or just plain Ignorant?

A solution offered by American doctors.

Do not be misled….we can not trust anyone at this point to act in the best interests of Americans.  We can not trust anyone…even as in the case above the Tea Party Patriots.

If we are truly to make things right, we must start fresh as Americans.  We must start fresh as Americans and begin to take a fresh approach to our requirements for government.

Consider taking on the responsibility that is ours.  We must implement our own system of oversight.  After all fellow Americans, governments are instituted for the people and by the people.  it is the people who are the final arbiters.

Citizen’s Oversight Committee – The Beginning

You do not deserve to be in control until you assert your authority

Why Obamacare Is Another Private Sector Rip-Off Of Americans



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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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