The Oklihoma Legislature’s Attack on Oklahomans!

My Dear Senator,

Thank you for your response.  Of course I honor and respect those to whom we owe our freedom.  Were that sense of responsibility only shared by all of the people’s representatives in this nation.

As to your point of a reference to Pearl Harbor’s sneak attack, from your response I suspect you misread the reference.  As I read it, and I am not the author only the messenger, Obamacare was far worse than Pearl Harbor.  Certainly such a reference does nothing to minimize the personal sacrifice made on our behalf at Pearl Harbor.

But if I may touch on Obamacare a moment..the very manner in which our politicians abused the legislative process on Obama care is in question.   So tell me David, what is your position on filing criminal charges against members of Congress who violated their oath, who failed to live up to their fiduciary responsibilities and consequently failed to protect the interests of their constituents by permitting Obamacare, an Unconstitutional bill to be passed?

One basis for such a statement is that the clear requirement, as detailed below, seems to be missing from the document.  Now perhaps I have missed it but I do not think so.

Where did the responsible members of Congress comply with the requirement as detailed in the official government publication (See PDF below), “how our laws are made” (see page 17 of the actual manual) which details the process?











Notice the use of the word “MUST.”  Now admittedly David I am not too bright on these matters but even to my uneducated mind, “must” does not mean “optional.”  From my point of view David, the behavior demonstrated by members of Congress violated the public trust.  Here is a chart which defines this criminal activity by state.  Would I be correct in expecting these criminal codes to apply to those who participated in approving this unlawfully process piece of Unconstitutional legislation?

So instead of a very important piece of legislation affecting all Americans being processed in a lawful manner we are instead provided with the arrogant and insulting statement from a highly placed, publicly elected, government official…I am sorry I can’t remember her name…I am sure it will come to you.

So do I have that right so far Dave?

If I may, permit me to add this bit of political strategy, shared with me by an administrative aide of one of our very prominent elected officials and also confirmed by other legislators themselves.  I was told in no uncertain terms, that many members of Congress deliberately ignore the unconstitutional basis of passing legislation.  They know full well the legislation they are passing may be totally unconstitutional but they promote it anyway and act to pass the faulty legislation.  The idea is to enact the bill and let the courts decide as to its Constitutionality, if challenged.

Well Dave, I don’t know about how you view this practice, but to me…it is wrong as hell.  No wonder we have so many problems.  First off it puts the courts into a position to act out of their basic scope of authority. And second, the Supreme Court usually does not hear more than about 80 cases a year.  On the basis of this lawfully defective but legislatively effective strategy so much of the Unconstitutional legislation passed is never Constitutional but on the books!

Do you subscribe to this political chicanery Dave?


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On Feb 19, 2012, at 5:01 PM, Sen.David Senjem wrote:

Your note is fine but your reference to Pearl Harbor being a minor misunderstanding is unfortunate.  Many soldiers and sailors died that day.  You know that and I am sure your honor and respect for our Veterans, living and dead, is profound.


Tyranny Alive and Well in Oklahoma’s State Government

By Bob Russell on Feb 14, 2012 in Featured, featured opinion, Legislation, Opinion, Politics

The 2012 session of the Oklahoma legislature has begun where it left off in 2011, subverting the will of We the People. It seems the newly elected Republicans in the governor’s seat, and the state Senate and House either can’t read or don’t care what the citizens of the great State of Oklahoma have to say about Obamacare.

In November of 2010 Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly voted to not participate in Obamacare. Seventy percent of We the People voted in favor of State Question 756. This initiative said that the citizens of Oklahoma rejected any aspect of Obamcare and no person and no organization could be forced to participate in this unconstitutional legislation from the federal government. We recognized the bribery and back room deals that created this monster and said NO!!! in a very loud and clear voice. In spite of the 70% vote, Governor Mary Fallin, Senate Pres Pro Tem Brian Bingman, and House Speaker Kris Steele made three separate attempts to implement Obamacare in 2011. All failed, greatly due to the efforts of Amanda Teegarden and the OK-SAFE organization. We found ourselves fighting against a sneak attack that makes Pearl Harbor look like a minor misunderstanding.

Now, as the 2012 session gets started, the top priority of our Republican “leadership” is to get Obamacare shoved down the throats of We the People before they do anything else. The citizens of the State of Oklahoma swept Republicans into office in 2010 because we were tired of the double-dealing, lying, and treachery inherent in the Democrat Party. To our dismay we have found out that we have swept more double-dealing, lying, and treachery into office by electing Republicans. Mary Fallin was a RINO when in Congress but had more money than her opponent so got elected without people really knowing how she sees government.

Up for grabs is $54.5 million of “Obama money” from “Obama’s stash” and our greedy Republican politicians want this money to spread amongst their friends at the state Chamber of Commerce office and the members who give them money. The down side to this money is that to get it, the state must sign a legally binding contract to implement Obamacare. HELLO!!! 70% of us said NOOOO!!!! less than 2 years ago.

What happened to the promises to represent We the People? What happened to the promises to govern honestly and above board? What happened to the promises of “transparency”? What happened to the promises to listen to the citizens of Oklahoma? It seems we have removed one political party full of lying, cheating, back-stabbing politicians and replaced them with another party of lying, cheating, back-stabbing politicians.

Some of the issues being shoved down our throats once again are:

SB 999 – Authored by Republican Sen. Bill Brown (OK Senate 36.) This bill directs the Insurance Commissioner to “establish a comprehensive health care information system”. This bill is a rehash of SB 411 from the 2011 session and creates a system that puts all of our medical records into a federally monitored data base which is one of the provisions in Obamacare.

SB 1002 – Authored by Republican Randy McDaniel (Ok House 83) and Republican Mike Mazzei (OK House 25). This is called the Health Care Choice Act, and is a rehash of SB 57 from 2011. This is the part of Obamacare that provides information to “help” a patient make decisions on what “care” is needed, and when to end life instead of fight on.

SB 1161 – Authored by Republican Gary Stanislawski (OK Senate 35). This boondoggle expands government to the tune of more employees at a minimum of $40,000 per year each. I assume that the Obamacare money will be used to pay for this expansion since the state government is in short supply of money.

HB 2266 – Authored by Republican Doug Cox (House Ok-5) This little jewel provides for “e-care” to be provided by nurses using online “medical protocol” and “medical algorithms” to treat patients instead of seeing a doctor. The author has declared this to be an emergency situation which will make this effective upon approval by both houses and the signature of the governor.

The above are just a few of the tyrannical pieces of legislation being imposed on We the People by the very Republican party who assured citizens that they would listen to and honor the votes of the citizens of the State of Oklahoma. It seems the promises have once again taken a back seat to their own financial interests and those of their friends with campaign cash to offer. We find more politicians who see putting money in the pockets of themselves and their deep pocketed donors more important than honoring the wishes of those who voted them into office.

Once again, this isn’t the Democrat Party doing this to us. This is the “conservative” Republicans who ran on a platform of limited government; and government Of the People, By the People, and For the People. It isn’t like no one voted on SQ 756, or in the state elections. In 2010 Oklahoma saw a record turn-out of voters intent on stopping the corruption and tyranny being purposely imposed on them by Democrat politicians who cared more about an agenda espoused by Marxists than they did about the citizens of the State of Oklahoma. What we have found is changing parties doesn’t help when the other party is just as corrupt and just as tyrannical as the one we just deposed.

This is sad because so many good people have worked so hard to establish the Republican Party as a party of the people, only to be thwarted by politicians who don’t seem to appreciate the efforts of patriots. This behavior is not the behavior that is expected by the many hard working citizens who happen to be registered as Republicans. Like so many others, I am not a partisan political hack; but rather a patriot interested in seeing this state and this nation return to the greatness established by our founding fathers.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell
Claremore, Oklahoma

February 14, 2012


Sent to you as a courtesy…complements of the millions of American patriots who honor those who honor their oaths of office.




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