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Independence Day 2012 – June 5 – Celebrate early…Updated 03-21-2012

The following opinions are offered for consideration.  Each patriot must make their own decisions as to their course of action. Strike One! Many have expressed the arrogance and disdain Obama has demonstrated towards the American people as Strike One!  I submit … Continue reading

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They Doth Protest too Much!

They Doth Protest too Much!  RON PAUL for president 2012? Not on your life. Was this Ron Paul’s lifetime assignment? Was this Ron Paul’s ultimate objective for the globalists?   Oh… Oh… Oh…  Cannot access the video.  That’s funny…it used … Continue reading

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Congressman Rohrabacher… Guilty of treason? Guilty of fraud?

rohrabacher-dist-48-ca rohrabacher-dist-48-personnel-compensation You are totally responsible! “Had you paid the least bit of attention to any of the concerns I registered with you over the last several years none of this would have happened.  You have been derelict in carrying … Continue reading

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PROPOSED: Congressional Termination Notice!

Patriots: Based on my contentions that… Congress has violated the terms of the compact; the terms for which they were elected to execute on behalf of the will of the people. Therefore I am proposing we develop a termination notice … Continue reading


When in the Course of Human Events!

  Here is what we must do!  But before you click on the link, may I suggest you consider the comments below first. Tuesday, June 5, 2012 sound convenient? | Scanned Retina Blog So tell me…. Why is it so … Continue reading


Tuesday, June 5, 2012 sound convenient?

  Patriots… Please tell me what is the point?   I don’t know about you, but now that we pretty much know about the rampant corruption and unlawful actions of this de facto government, what is the point of continuing this … Continue reading


Hayin Solomon! Hayin Solomon…Who?

    We should all know about this bit of history. Please have your Email list read this, I’ll bet they did not learn this in school. Yet we ALL should know these facts as an integral and important part … Continue reading

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Emerging Totalitarianism – by Bob Serrao

  Bob Serrao Subject: Emerging Totalitarianism Being over 70 years old and having lived through WWII in Europe and lived in Mexico, I have an excellent understanding of what dictatorships are and how they function. The fact that America is … Continue reading

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objection to the inclusion of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama’s name on the Primary Ballot

I have done this – anyone who wants to use any or all of it welcome to. WILLIAM F. READE, Jr. LTC USAR (Ret) Secretary of the Commonwealth                                                                                        05 January 2012 The Honorable William Francis Galvin State House, Room 340 … Continue reading

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Protected: NH Ballot Commission

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.