Because I said so…?

Because I said so…?

Because I said so…?

Because I said so…?

Judicial Corruption – SBX-211 Cover-up by California Government update | Scanned Retina Resource

So Detective Sivgals, are you telling me as one of your employers, a person of reputation, a natural born citizen, a resident of Fountain Valley for over 40 years, that you as my employee, an employee paid to serve and protect me and all other citizens in Orange County, that you are refusing to comply with my reasonable request for a copy of a report that I was told:

  • at first did not exist,
  • a report you described as of no consequence…
  • but never-the-less a report which prompted you to contact me,
  • A report which prompted you to contact me when as you described, you did not have reason to contact me?
  • A report in which a member of the Kentucky house voiced her concern about the tone of my letter sent to about 7500 other representatives, across this nation.  And this representative was the only one expressing concern for her safety?

Did I get his right?

You don’t suppose your call was really an attempt to intimidate me?  Perhaps in response to someone in government becoming increasingly uncomfortable by the pressure being brought to bear?  Surely, as a law enforcement professional, you would not permit yourself to be coerced or even consider engaging in collusion now would you?

Or am I to believe the reason you are refusing to provide me of a report. “because you said so?”

A report which caused you to call me to inquire as to my intentions to cause a member of the Kentucky Assembly harm?  A member of the assembly which you revealed was a fellow police officer.  And a as a member of the Kentucky legislature and a committee member of the DHS…do I begin to see a connection?  Coincidence?

The fact that you justified the concern expressed by the representative of Kentucky who contacted you on this matter, without going into more details, referenced the representative in Arizona who was shot.

Now why do I get a nagging concern, that the purpose of this whole charade may all be leading up to the real reason for the call.  Yes Jason, now it is beginning to make sense.  On orders from some one higher up in your chain of command you were directed to set me up as a patsy…you know Jason…the idea was to begin to build a case for naming me as a terrorist?

Now this begins to make sense on why you would like to restrict this report.  All of this extra information makes this report sound pretty important to me.  Do I really appear to be this stupid?

Was it because you said so?

Permit me to remind you sir, your oath does not expire.  Your obligation to honor and obey your oath does not have a switch by which you can turn it on and off!

Based upon your oath I see no authority to act in such a manner.  In your oath I see no such authority at all!

If indeed you are assigned to the Orange County Anti-terrorism Task Force, which ultimately reports to Obama…and since Obama is not lawfully seated
and has usurped the office of the president, regardless of what you may have been told…regardless of what you believe, I am here to tell you that you have been lied to by your superiors.  No federal department or organization, which is part of the unlawful de facto government has any legitimate authority by which to operate outside of the jurisdiction of Washington DC.

If indeed you are working under the control of the DHS, then you have no authority by which to operate at all. Therefore, I demand to know from whom do you take your orders?

By what authority are they operating in the jurisdiction of Orange County, California?

As an American citizen, under the

, the CEO of the corporation named the United States and by the commitment of never wavering from her Constitutional duties by which Sheriff Hutchens is accountable to the people,

I demand an answer!

I am a natural born citizen…I have a birth certificate!

Show me Obama’s…

You, I and all the rest of us all know he is a fraud!  So are you telling me you are knowingly following the orders of a an unknown person?  An unknown person we all know to be a fraud?

obama birth certificate fraud demonstration | Scanned Retina – A Resource for the People!

Jason, you are aware you are operating under unlawful orders?  Are you knowingly committing treason against the people of the United States of America?

Let me repeat my question again for you Jason, by what authority are you refusing to comply with my reasonable request..?

I await your response!


Available 24/7 – Defending freedom has become a full-time job!
714-501-8247 – mobile

After no response we can only determine by default that Jason is guilty of committing treason.


So let us investigate further before passing judgement…Let us set up a meeting with some superior officers to review the matter…

While everyone is spilling their guts…is this more corruption from SARS?




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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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