It ain’t this way by accident! Continuing to be stupid is a matter of choice!

A response to our dear friend in Arizona…

A person does not know just where the correct information is on any one candidate?
Beej in AZ


It is meant that way…By design.

You see, in my opinion, any candidate promoted by either party is more of the same…the criminal cabal run government.  They only put  candidates on the ballot they control.  Whom ever wins assures them continued control.  That is why the national party members are so upset when a person outside of the cabal influenced control wins election.  This is why Republicans and Democrats alike attack the tea party favorite.

This is why I see can be so useful at this time.  It is the perfect tool to sever the control of the cabal.

To be free of the cabal we must not elect candidates from the party system regardless of how good they may appear.  The cabal cleverly sets up battles to make one look better than another but in reality they are all bad.  This is how I see the Perry thing going.  Bachmann…Ron Paul…  In their unique way they offer different points of view but each still seems to beholden to the cabal.

We can take a lesson from Greenland.  They did manage to sever their connection to the UK Banker cabal.

While it is not too practical, unless folks wake up to this scenario, we will have more of the same lies for the next 140 years.  Everyone will tell you voting for a third party will throw away your vote.  So you think voting for the criminals they put up for election is any different.  And who is it that is telling you this?  Like the same folks who tell you not to discuss politics?

Some of us believe we have figured out what is really going on.  We are doing our best to provide answers.  We don’t know everything but that that we do know is certainly bad enough.  It will only get worse.

We are providing people with the information.  However you in your area will have to organize your own friends and neighbors and dig in.  It starts in your own city council.  It starts in your own board of education.  It is right under your nose.  Right in front of you.

Create your own local city investigation committee.  Form one for the state.  Coordinate your efforts and exchange information.

Each state has their own laws regarding access to financial data.  Get familiar with them.  Then use this information to obtain the financial details of your local administrative unit.  Review the check registers and the details of expenditures.  Review the bond details.

For those who are serious about doing things then the time is now.  You see as long as folks take the position it does not bother them and they don’t want to get involved then these crooks win.  For the way they work, is over a long period of time.  This is where the term, “kicking the can down the road” comes in.

Look around and you will see those who have benefited directly, have successfully managed to cash-in immediately on  opportunities while delaying paying the piper until after they are no longer around to suffer the consequences.

The Magnificent Deception! The Basis for Agenda 21? | Scanned Retina Blog
The most revealing information that explains the mysterious behavior of members of Government.

We are already owned by the Government!

Our many thanks to Walter.

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
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St. Johns, Arizona 85963

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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3 Responses to It ain’t this way by accident! Continuing to be stupid is a matter of choice!

  1. Barbi Dee says:

    Dear Arnie: Have admired your great letters and petiition to the FBI, etc. etc.Have a suggestion that would create alot of attention for the cause if U would consider handling it! —-A massive petition to the pentagon signed by military personnel! — We the undersigned, rank, serial #, address, etc will refuse all military orders after Sept 14, 2011 if pRESIDENT Obama does not request permission to the HDOH to allow Orly Taitz forgery experts, government experts,etc to examine 1961 BC on file in Hawaii at scheduled court date or RESIGN! etc. etc, etc. Your creative writing would enhance this note tremendously! TY BD

  2. Barbi Dee says:

    P.S This method does not allow much time to concoct various strategies,etc. etc. There are hopefully many thousands in the military who will honor their oath to defend the constitution!!

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