You Are Fired!

Pamela, thank you for providing this document.

To:  All members of the 112th Congress

Representatives, consider this as official notice from We the people of the United States. do hereby accept your immediate voluntary resignation.

We the People of the United States give notice to our Congressmen & Senators the Abrogation of their official duties to a made up group of non – answerable parties plied into a “Super Congress”  or under any other name makes no difference. To vacate their duty as an official – is a signal of resignation upon their part.  Now that they no longer  “represent” or act on our behalf; as an elected person for the people of the True Constitution as stated in its original intent – We hereby recall our authority under their name – by recalling them from their posted office.

The dissemblance of the Legislative and Senatorial responsibilities set up to keep the Nation in balance (answerable to the people) has been forfeited with this new Un-constitutional creation of an unauthorized and non-ratified “Super-Authority”-thereby creating an autocratic or totally despotic authority via an unsanctioned route to control others and peers without any checks or balances.  These elected officials now – are in necessity or their own consequential actions, acting without any further authority from the people.   Therefore a return to their residential states of the union to meet with their electors to address the consequences they have enacted by actually talking face-to-face with the very same people that they say sent them forward to be their voice, an come into recognition with these people who are what the constitution was created for long enough to help correct the true standing of checks/balances/and representation in the lives of toiling individuals which together make a great nation – but divided are no longer are of any con-sequential power.

That means they no longer have any standing of power unto themselves – by removing the individual’s power to be able to effectively care for himself, that potency they represented no longer exists either.  Not being able to sustain ourselves means we no longer are able to sustain them also.

Their job becomes null on two counts:

  • Their abrogation is the first front.
  • Our ineffectual power under the Constitution which has been so handily ignored is the second front.

For therein lies the power of the people to be represented by the three parts currently recognized by the politically correct historians. Now we have a sovereign’s right to be recognized as the fourth side of the Constitution, and the final check for all officials under our system.

This is the PEOPLE’s side.  The final answer to all the problems we face, comes down to the people and how we handle what is divided up during wars, famines, pestilences, oppressions, shortages, disruptions, applied and non-applied taxes/fees/encumbrances, declared and non-declared emergencies and acts of God and non-gods.

I’m sending forth a recall of my elected officials who no longer act in my behalf as an elected official because they feel better served by a “Super Congress”  of men who have no checks or balances to make them answer-able to the people  in place for the protection of the constitutional rights of the people  being acted upon.

The undersigned (Symbolic Signatures will be available upon request).

Click on the following link to add your signature to this declaration.

We the People



About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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6 Responses to You Are Fired!

  1. Ajax says:

    Arnie, What are you going to do with the declaration? Did you receive a response from the letter to the sheriff?

  2. P. Barnett says:

    what document are you referring to?

  3. Ann says:

    Grammar is bad but at this point, I’ll take it. Signed this morning. Thank you!!

    • arnierosner says:

      I ain’t an educated person but I did not fall off the turnip truck.

      However, since the message must have been communicated clearly enough for you to appreciate the content, obviously the effort was successful.

      Thank you for even caring enough to respond.


  4. P. Barnett says:

    “Pamela, thank you for providing this document.” is what I am referring to.

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