Zack Hudgins…you can run but you can’t hide!

Subject: Re: Third Response from Washington State Rep. Zack Hudgins


I’m quite disappointed in your words. Do you truly understand Mr, LaRocque’s words and the implications of what you are doing– or more importantly- NOT doing?  Mr. LaRocque has sent you evidence that:

– “Obama” is positively linked to more than 16 stolen Social Security numbers, including 042-68-4425, also used to obtain a fraudulent draft card, applied for using a form developed years after his purported application date.  This is not “birther conspiracy theory”– it’s hard fact, obtained from commercial databases, via accepted techniques, by multiple, professional investigators. It is incredible how you merely attempt to cavalierly dismiss their work. You know what?– we won’t let you this time.

– “Obama” has released multiple fraudulent “birth certificates.” There is now proof that the 4-27-11 release was forged.   Dozens of document experts have now declared it a fraud. Yes, we know its not in the headlines.  Neither was John Edwards, neither was Bill Clinton, until patriots chose to make it an issue and persisted, in spite of opposition. This issue is far, far more serious than theirs.

– “Obama” was, by his own admission, born to an alien father, therefore he is not a natural born citizen and not eligible for the Presidency, no matter where he was born. The 1875 Minor vs. Happersett ruling sets the precedent, which has been upheld and cited numerous times. There isn’t even any legal proof that he was born in the USA or is even a citizen, although he has lived here. He appears to have British/Kenyan and Indonesian citizenship, based on what we have found so far.

You have committed misprision of felony by NOT acting on this after being put on notice. It may be a while before we get around to you on this, since you are an obscure state official, but we will. We will remember who obstructed justice and committed treason.  You can avoid this by acting now, but it would be preferable if you would act out of duty and patriotism.

As far as Obama” “doing a pretty good job”– I would ask-  “at what?”  If you refer to demolishing our constitution, rights, economy and finances much faster than even Bush, then yes, he is certainly doing a good job at that. He is merely proving the wisdom of the founders who insisted on a natural born citizen in the Presidency, whose loyalties were not divided, who believed and identified with the culture, traditions and interests of America.


One of millions of Americans!

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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