The National Disgrace…The National Debt!

The National Disgrace…The National Debt!

By Paul Guthrie

We don’t owe any national debt to anyone.  It is a bogus, illegally created debt.

If you want to accept that there is any debt, then we would owe it to the Federal Reserve (a private non-governmental corporation of bankers) since that is who creates and lends the federal reserve notes into circulation that you and others voluntarily use as “money.”

Although it is not actually money.  It is just “legal tender” debt instruments that convey no value or substance (you can’t pay a debt with a debt) that is in violation of what the Constitution permits to be legal tender for debts (money).

Look at Article 1, section 10, clause 1, and Article 1, section 8, clause 5.  Together these two areas of the Constitution make it clear that only gold and silver must be used for a tender of the payment of debts.  Furthermore, the Constitution says that direct taxes must be apportioned.

Together, the gold and silver as money requirement, along with the power to lay direct apportioned taxes, proves that the government is the only one who is authorized to create “money” and regulate its value (purity and quantity and assign a dollar amount) and it must be gold and silver coin.

Any debt or borrowing must be from the People of the States.  There is no lawful authority in the Constitution for the federal government to print private federal reserve notes that are just debt instruments that are borrowed from a private banking cartel and use them as money.

This was the framer’s worst nightmare that was supposed to be prevented by the Constitution.

In the sections enumerated above, any President or Congress can at any time shut down the federal reserve and put us back under a Constitutional money system.

All we need is Congress or the President to declare the federal reserve to be a fraudulent scam operation, and not only declare that there is no debt owed to the federal reserve, but they could declare that all the federal reserve assets (hidden gold and silver, real estate, etc.) are to be confiscated for the United States, and the owners arrested and imprisoned.

Overnight the debt would be gone and we would have gold and silver holdings to back a constitutional money system.  That is the reality of the situation.

There is only a debt owed to the federal reserve as long as people want to continue using and believing that pieces of paper and ink (fiat currency) is money, or has any intrinsic value, which they don’t.

There is only a “debt” owed as long as those in government are agents of the power elite (federal reserve).  It is a massive illusion.  There is no real debt owed to anyone.  The real debt is what is owed to the People that has been stolen from us by the federal reserve.  They are the ones that owe a debt to us (the stolen gold and silver that belongs to the People).  We the People owe nothing!

It is with this illusion they deliberately deceive the citizens of this great nation and use this ruse to insinuate we need the government to manage this crisis. The point here is the government is the crisis.

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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9 Responses to The National Disgrace…The National Debt!

  1. Suzanne Short says:

    This article ought to be sent to all. I will definitely send it out to some of our illustrious media and elected officials. Do you think any one of them will ponder upon it? God Bless and help America.

  2. Just Denise says:

    Spreading far and wide :0) God Bless America!

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  4. Tony N says:

    The way to create SERFDOM is with DEBT and no DEBT would Mean No need for Taxes right ???

    • Jack Feld says:

      Not exactly, Tony N., Government needs some form of revenue to pay the elected representitives, the Armed Forces, and a few Bureaucrats who run things. That revenue has come to governments of old by levying tarriffs on trade. If they don’t do that, then, they have the power to tax the people they govern. That’s us. But, I would not mind, terribly, if it just stopped at 2% of working years income.

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  8. 100% agree. The National debt s a stone cold scam its a flim flam lie.

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