Trump Stomps Stephanopoulos

Progressives are really desperate to keep Trump from blowing their 100 years or more, maybe closer to 150 of long range planning and finally putting a Stepford president in a position to orchestrate a financial failure and force the US to capitulate to their one world order designs.

The George Stephanopoulos interview was very telling; Trump wasted him.  And today as predicted, they threw more nonsense at us, which proves just how stupid they think we are…

Just like they did when O’Numnuts, crashed and burned and failed to persuade Trump to give up the BC…they brought in Beck so O’Numnuts and Beck could try to roast and discredit Trump in absentia.
In my view, that ruse also failed and exposed O’Reilly and Beck as the real traitors they are to Constitutional America…

So now after Trump stomped George and left him in a shallow grave, now they bring in one more failed, traitorous  American, Michelle Bachmann, to commiserate with Stephanopoulos, (again with Trump being conspicuous by his absence),  and once more attempt to fool the American people to accept the BC issue has been put to rest.  But of course this is one more blatant lie, How so?

Well this time, ostensibly because of the language introduced in the Arizona bill to deal with a case where alternative authentication could be provided in a case of a missing Birth Certificate, now George makes a miraculous connection, using the language of the failed Arizona bill, that somehow provides justification to accept one of Obama’s many forged documents as settling the issue of they BC.

So now we must question the intent those introducing the Arizona legislation and included language to offer alternative documentation, “Suitable for framing” in a case where no BC might exist.  Isn’t it interesting that this particular language should be included in a bill to insure the authenticity of the loyalty of the president where the chance of such an occurrence is remote except,,,as Ms Cao raised the point in Congress…”Except Obama.”  Then further, it is apparent to me the whole Arizona bill was designed to provide George his one moment to attempt to recoup the ground the Obama’s handlers lost when he was  trounced by Trump.

So in summary let’s look at what has happened…As an overview, in my opinion, we have successfully exposed as traitors the following:
The Republican Party
ABC television
We have also established some of the extremes to which Obama’s handlers will go to save their rapidly failing deception.   Look at the following steps and see if you also agree:

  • Trump trounces O’Reilly
  • O’Reilly and Beck join forces  but fail in their attempt to discredit Trump (Trump, conspicuous by his absence)
  • Stephanopoulos, (the big gun from ABC) is  soundly trounced by Trump
  • Stephanopoulos, in desperation, brings in Bachmann in an attempt to discredit Trump (again Trump, conspicuous by his absence)
  • The deceit behind the  obviously flawed design of the Arizona legislation is revealed
  • Exposes questions regarding the loyalty  of the authors  of the Arizona legislation
  • Stephanopoulos using Bachmann as a willing co-opted (using Trump’s terms) shill,  attempts to convince those members of the public  (the ones still drinking Kool-Aid) that the birth issue is resolved.

Also exposed is the extent to which Obama’s handlers will go to distort the truth and manufacture false evidence at the drop of a hat in an attempt to marginalize the importance of the eligibility issue. This confirms that the eligibility issue without a doubt is the Achilles’ heel. This also confirms that maximum effort must be applied to increase   and retain  public focus on this critical aspect of the fraudulent usurpation perpetrated by Obama and his handlers against the citizens of this country.


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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2 Responses to Trump Stomps Stephanopoulos

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  2. Jack Feld says:

    Forget about Fraud, The validity of the announced birth document, O’Reilly, Beck, Bachmann, Stephanopoulos, The Republican Party, and ABC television. I could care less WHERE Obama was born. He could have been born on The Capital steps; On the floor of the Oval Office, or on a log cabin farm in Ill. Where he was born is irrelevent!

    The question is: Does he meet the requirements to even be a candidate for President of The Rebuplic of The United States of America, according to its Constitution? Does he meet the only three conditions there are? I do, and I don’t have a law degree, communist friends, hate monger pastor, or was ever a Senator.

    Only these conditions must be met:
    1). Natural born Citizen.
    2). Be 35 years of age.
    3). Be inside the country 14 years prior to being president.
    I qualify on all 3 counts. (It’s not that hard if you are an American)
    Ron Paul qualifies.
    Obama DOES NOT!
    Need I go any further?
    Case closed, REMOVE him! Arrest him for Election fraud. Try him. Any other crimes shall come to light during the trial.

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