GET THE HELL OUT…Let’s be civil!

Foreigners go home!  You are no longer welcome!

America is for Americans…the rest of you hit the door!


There is no debate!

This is not a matter for discussion!

As a non-hyphenated American, this is our country!  It is our right to dictate the policies that govern how we chose to live.  We have permitted the progressives to infiltrate our thought process and insert guilt laden ideas as to our obligation to do as they suggest based on a warped idea of what they would like us to believe is fair!

Only their idea is anything but fair!  So buzz off Communists, Marxists and all other assorted versions of perverse progressives.

Well my friends, there is a limit to fairness.  Let those who seek a better life stay where they are and convince their rulers to change their oppressive policies as did our forefathers.

Let me put this as simply as I can…we will not change our culture to suit yours!  You got that!

To all immigrants…the policy of this country is simple and fair…because I say so!

Now, to those of you who have immigrated legally,  join us as Americans or get the hell out and go back to from where you came.  There are no locked doors keeping anyone here! Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out!

For what it is worth…I think we must take a stand!  We must draw the line in the sand!

As I see it…the question is not whether this will be our fate but is this right?  Is this the behavior under which we choose to live?

Consider the following very carefully and decide just when will you take a stand on this issue?  How long will you accept this blatant distortion of the truth and permit the Islamic fascists to dominate our part of the world?  The choice is up to us as Americans!  Not up to our politicians.

It has come time for Muslims to join the rest of the immigrants in America to either assimilate and become Americans or return to from where they came.  This includes Obama.  This would also include them denouncing Islam.  Hey look you are either an American or an Islamic.  You can not be half pregnant!  You get a choice but you have to make it!  No divided loyalties here!

America supports religious freedom but the followers of Islam, by deception, do not practice a religion; they are captives of an oppressive form of government.  Since it is clearly not a religion, Americans can no longer permit or accept this distortion of the truth.  There is no reason for we as Americans to play by our rule book based on fairness when in fact we know the Islamics are marching to a different set of rules focused on world domination at any cost.

The Mosque at ground zero is totally out of the question.  Based on the latest position raised by the Inman in charge of the project, this is the very reason this mosque cannot be built.  He contends to move the mosque to a different location at this time would be a major insult to the Muslim community abroad; that it would cause a major incident.

Perfect!  Then this is exactly why it cannot be built.   It is high time the Islamics were made to understand America we will no longer be intimidated by such threats or rhetoric.  The Islamics need to know that the days of accommodation are over in this country.

At this time it is appropriate to review the story of the “Dinner Roll.”  (

Also regardless what Homeland Security or the White House terms it, “Terrorism” is TERRORISM and in most cases it originates from Islamic influences where ever they are based.  As Americans we must demand our government agencies treat terrorist events just as terrorist events and act accordingly.


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About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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3 Responses to GET THE HELL OUT…Let’s be civil!

  1. tina says:

    I do not want muslims to assimilate-I want them out of America! there is no such thing as a peaceful muslim. They all have one goal,and we all know what that is. I suggest any bleeding hearts out there do your homework. Take the one in the whitehouse with you. Americans,study General John Pershing. Very simple solution to get these blood sucking leeches out of America. This also goes for the communists that have infiltrated our government. Get out.

  2. arnierosner says:

    Thank you for the recognition. You are obvious too stupid to understand you already have responded therefore typical of a progressive you have lied to yourself…again!

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