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Who is Jonathan Blyth?

So the phone rings and just imagine who’s at the other end? Would you believe it was none other than Jonathan Blyth. So who is Jonathan Blyth? It turns out, that Jonathan is the new chief of staff for Congressman-elect … Continue reading

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The Truth is the Truth

The truth is what we choose to accept as the truth. The truth is we have failed to correct these problems in the past, as they occurred.  Our failure to act has emboldened those less than honorable individuals within our … Continue reading

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We have been had!

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It’s the Father Stupid!

It’s the Father Stupid! Not the birth certificate. Constitutional Eligibility Defined Qualifications To hold Office as the President of the United States (Authoritative Factual Documentation – 12/13/2010) Researched and Published by:  J.B. Williams, World renown historian and author, 12/13/2010  All … Continue reading


Congress: It will be on your heads!

Notice to Congress: This is your crisis of the making! DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL Col Terry Lakin Deprived of voting rights Unjust persecution of military personnel on duty Deprived of protection under the Geneva convention It is hard to believe … Continue reading


A mystery! It is about qualification!

Many Hollywood movie stars have achieved critical acclaim and world-wide recognition as a result of delivering some impressive and unique acting performance.  In these particular roles they have successfully been able to project or transform themselves from their normal real-life … Continue reading


Vote your conscience!

Dealing with the international bankers. Continue reading

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