Warning-Fountain Valley 02 April 2010

DATE: 2010/04/02 02:10:19
FROM: Arnie Rosner <arnie@arnierosner.com>
TO: Chief Paul Sorrell <Paul.Sorrell@FountainValley.org>,Arnie Rosner <arnie@arnierosner.com>

Dear Chief Sorrell,

Forgive me.  I may have caused some discomfort among members of your team earlier today.

I had stopped in today, to  seek some information has to how the oath to protect the Constitution would apply to protecting the public safety of citizens of fountain Valley. After some persistence, I was able to chat briefly with one of your officers.

The results of this interview revealed a substantial lack of understanding of some of the basics on which I touched.   Both your officer and I agreed that I should speak with his supervisor; a sergeant. This seemed like a prudent thing to do.

After waiting around the station for a while I was told I would not have the opportunity to meet with the sergeant after all.   Well don’t that just beat all?  I take time from my 24/7 schedule running and international company to perform an act of citizenry and they show me the door!

Quite annoyed and disappointed that a promise meant nothing and was easily broken, I expressed significant concern and suggested if he was tied up in the field to come visit me at my home where I could share my concerns.   Your person at the window, left the question somewhat vague and with no real answer,   In other word just blowing me off!

Detecting that my concerns were not being taken seriously I left and went home. Obviously, I resented the lack of respect displayed for me as a long time citizen and senior citizen.  It certainly directly reflects on the failed leadership you have provided to the force.  It is interesting to note of the true disdain in which you apparently view the very citizens that pretty much founded Fountain Valley,

Once at home, I contacted the station and spoke to the same police cadet I spoke with earlier to confirm the intentions of the  Sgt. to visit me at home. At that time, I was shocked to be told the Fountain Valley Police Department had done all it would In this matter.   Rather than to over-react at what I considered the ignorance and stupidity of the staff officer in charge, I decided to provide you with more courtesy than had been afforded me.

I’ve been a resident of fountain Valley for about 40 years, in fact one of the first owners of a GreenBrook home. Can you even imagine my disappointment at having my reasonable request denied? This is quite a different policy than one would be led to believe in the Fountain Valley Police Department mission statement.  Maybe to be fair the mission statement needs to be removed.  What do you think?

No doubt, the subject of what I wanted to discuss was something that required a police official with a higher level of sophistication and authority.  This was the reason I wanted to reach an officer of the appropriate authority.  However, that decision by your default process, was not available.    Don’t you feel somewhat uneasy to knowing that what might be some serious problems may be suppressed without you ever being made aware?

I find it hard to believe that a person such as yourself could possibly be elevated to a chief of police with that type of loose handling.  Unless I missed something, let’s face it chief, the process you have in place, seems to permit unqualified individuals or junior officers to make decisions that could possibly withhold serious information from reaching higher authority. Isn’t that dangerous? Isn’t that also a formula for fermenting corruption?

Chief, consider this, if your people are not already properly trained in risk assessment, how will they deal with unexpected acts of terrorism and any type of a threat to national security?  How could they possibly anticipate the full extent of the danger in the issues I was about to present?

How could the potential issues even be or classified if someone of an appropriate administrative experience was in the least bit interested in reviewing the matter.  It was so obvious the original officer to whom I spoke was so uniformed as not even have a clue about such matters.  So is it your standard operating procedure to stonewall a citizen with no regard to the potential value of the information?  Are your officers clairvoyant?  It was no secret they were totally ignorant and unprepared to deal with the potential.

So chief,  are you telling me this the type of security operations we can expect in Fountain Valley>  In this day and age?  Are you kidding me?

Look, I may be way off here.  But don’t you think that giving a serious citizen that request…demands to speak with a higher authority deserves some time to provide an experienced law enforcement officer with a vision of a potential problem?  It may be nothing…but on the other hand it may prove to be invaluable.  How would you know  Chief…how would you know…

I am confident the rest of the community would also be concerned at such a practice; how would any serious type of criminal activity involving local officials or police ever get reported within the city of Fountain Valley?

Let me share on more thing that explains why your people probably reacted as they did.  There are several issues of concern.  I will spare you any additional details until you determine if any of these issues merits your attention.

To explain a bit further, the major problem is the distinction between political classified issues and criminal issues.  Had my concerns been strictly political I would not bothered to come to the station.  To keep is simple, there are signs that implicate the entire 111th Congress and others at the washington level in what appears to be a major coverup.  This is not just my observations however there are many pieces of evidence that seems to support this notion.

I personally visited my Congressman..feints ignorance.

I set up a meeting with the FBI and 3 of us met with them

FBI Meeting

FBI Complaint Letter

..the jury is still out

Congressman Rohrabacher Letter #1

Congressman Rohrabacher Letter #2

Supreme Court

US Army

Joint Chiefs of Staff – Spade

Joint Chiefs of Staff – Domestic Enemy

I personally visited the OC DA’s office and they took a report.  Who knows what that means.

You know Chief Sorrel, I could even understand the reluctance. But to be fair, before I take this matter further, I felt it only appropriate to provide you, as the chief, an opportunity to respond.  If you choose to blow this matter off then at least my conscience is clear I reported my concerns to the highest authority police in Fountain Valley.

To give you a little hint at my concern, perhaps you can explain why the following Executive Order 12425 is not of concern to you?

Executive Order 12425

Of what possible reason would justification giving a foreign International police agency (Believed under UN Authority) total authority over all American Citizen.  Even at a higher authority than the CIA or the FBI.   Can you explain this chief?

On top of that Chief, no requirement to provide any documentation under the freedom of information act.  Now what would that be?

What is the security impact on the citizens of Fountain Valley?  What does it mean when UN soldiers and tanks surround Fountain Valley?


I look forward to your response,

714-964-4056  we are available most of 24/7

Could the warning be any more distinct?

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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