Reporting Treason – FBI

Contacting the FBI – Reporting Treason
By Neil B. Turner
On Friday, Feb. 12, 2010, 3 concerned citizens: ‘A’, ‘B’, & ‘Me’ – met over lunch, with two FBI agents: ‘1’ & ‘2’ (they paid for their own lunch), for a non-confrontational chat, arranged by ‘A’, to try to determine what they, the FBI, need from We The People to ease some of our concerns, while addressing the perceived destruction of our Constitution that we see happening around us on a daily basis.


Q: What is the difference in the roles of the CIA & the FBI?

A (1): The CIA gathers and acts on intelligence internationally, while the FBI operates domestically – on criminal acts by elected and appointed public servants, and others.

Q: Judge Napolitano has stated that the FBI (any agent, anywhere) must act on any reasonably evidenced criminal act reported to them. Is that true?

A (1): Yes. Anything specific?

Me: As an elector for the Constitution Party in the last election, I was
criminally defrauded of my vote when the CA Secretary of State placed the name of an ineligible candidate for President (BHO) on the ballot, thereby defrauding myself – plus millions of other citizens – of a fair and impartial vote, as guaranteed by our Constitution and laws that you, and I, are sworn to uphold.

Response: Did you report it to the Attorney General?

Me: Yes. The Federal A/G, plus all 50 State A/G’s. They all have
failed in their duty to take action as required by our laws. That’s one of the reasons we are here to see you folks with the FBI.

Q: The Military, all sworn as are you and I, cannot obey an unlawful
order, and some military officers, ready to follow their orders into a combat zone, have demanded that the de facto Commander in Chief prove that he is eligible for the Office of President and CinC, so that they do not obey unlawful orders. Instead of proving his eligibility for the Office and position, Obama instead rescinded their orders to deploy, thereby confirming that their orders were in fact illegitimate and illegal. Do you, as FBI agents, answer to Obama’s orders (you did already say that all your orders and directives originate from him) through the Commander in Chief military chain or the Presidential civilian chain, and, if civilian, do you consider yourself sworn to not obey illegal civilian orders?

A (1): We answer through the Presidential civilian chain, and YES, we would not obey known illegal orders.

Q: Do you have to have a crime reported to you to act on it, or can you
act on your own if you are aware of one taking place before you?

A (1): We can act without a complaint. For example, one agent pulled over a drunk driver, then held him there until the police came.

Q: Nancy Pelosi and the DNC have committed massive election fraud – as can be seen here (we presented the 2 different notarized statements on the DNC’s candidates for President and VP in 2008: the one without the ‘certification of Constitutional eligibility’ went to 49 of the state’s Secretary of State, and the one with the ‘certification of Constitutional eligibility’ went to only one state: Hawaii, thereby providing for Hawaiian authorities to issue statements saying that: ‘we can confirm that Obama is certified to be a Constitutionally eligible candidate, and is, in fact, a ‘Natural Born’ U.S. Citizen’. They have since refused to repeat the ‘natural born’ part of that statement.
We’re not asking what you are going to do about this obvious crime, only that you review this publicly available evidence, and take whatever action you deem appropriate.

At this time, agents ‘1’ & ‘2’ were given a copy of the Certification of Live Birth (COLB), offered by White House spokes-mouth (Bagdad Bob) Gibbs, as proof of Obama’s eligibility.

Q by agent ‘2’: Isn’t this proof that he was born in Hawaii, and that he’s a U.S. Citizen?

Me: That COLB is a forensically proven photo-shopped forgery, that
proves nothing, and is a reportable and actionable crime in itself. Hawaii issued COLB’s to anyone born anywhere in the world, if reported someone, anyone, ostensibly in Hawaii. Whoever reported Obama’s birth gave an address that they never lived at, but the reported birth was picked up by 2 different local newspapers automatically from public records files!

Look around at all these educated, intelligent, and financially
comfortable Americans (the upscale restaurant was full by this time) –
completely unaware that they have been bamboozled by the biggest hoax perpetrated on America in 230 years!

The entire 111th Congress, the Judiciary, including the Supreme
Court, and the Executive (for whom you work directly) are complicit in this conspiracy to deprive us of our Constitutional rights!

So we have no one left to report this crime of the centuries to except
you, our FBI.  Over 15 Citizens Grand Juries have been seated and deliberated, and have served presentment/indictments of Election Fraud and Treason to over 400 jurisdictions – sheriffs, judges, courts, A/G’s and FBI offices. Here is yours in one complete package.

AGENTS BACKS STIFFEN: All ‘serves’ must be done to the FBI’s attorneys at HQ in LA.

Me: No. I’m not ‘serving’ these papers on you, just giving you more of
the evidence on which to reflect to see if you can and should take action on what Common and Constructive Knowledge tells you is a crime of epic proportions – against America and our Constitution.

They then took the Grand Jury II presentments with them, shaking hands all around as they left. (about an hour and a half meeting).

Neil B. Turner
Citizens for the Constitution

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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6 Responses to Reporting Treason – FBI

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  2. tina says:

    this was 8 months ago? and nothing. This just goes to show you how big this conspiracy is. Between gov. employees,congress members,judges ect… there is going to be an awful lot more people looking for work soon. I am planning on seeing many of them go to prison. Anyone with knowledge of the crimes committed against “We The People”. A huge priority removing the “FRAUD” in our White House,if found guilty{which all signs point to this} given thee maximum sentence. Geeesh! we have alot of work to do. And we will never take our eyes off of the Gov. again!!!

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