The Hand of Soros in California

Neil B. Turner
Citizens for the Constitution

Citizens for the Constitution;

If you think that we will have fair elections and you can be assured that your vote will count this November … THINK AGAIN.

Following is a PRESS RELEASE concerning corruption at the highest level of government, just in California – the Attorney General (Moonbeam Brown) and the Secretary of State (Debra Bowen) conspiring to make sure a George Soros/Barack Obama DEMOCRAT ‘mole’ was on the ballot for CA Secretary of State (R) – the sole purpose being to make sure that Ms. Orly Taitz was not on the ballot as the Republican candidate for SOS. And the CA Republican Party bought this fraud – Croook, Crime, and Stinker!

In carrying out this act of voter fraud, they took a life-long non-voter from Florida, transplanted him in CA, obtained forged signatures on his petition to be a candidate for CA SOS, and had him commit perjury on his CA Voter Registration form wherein it asks:

(Item #16): If you have registered to vote before, fill out below:

Name, Previous registration address: City, STATE, Zip, Previous County, Political Party (if any).

It seems that Mr. Damon (The Mole) Dunn, was previously registered in the State of Florida as a DEMOCRAT (plaintiffs have proof in the form of an official letter from the FL Registrar of Voters wherein they DENY the ‘Mole’s’ request to have his previous registration records purged from the files), and would therefore be ineligible to run for the office of CA SOS because:

1.   He registered in CA too late to meet the one-year previous registration requirement, and;
2.   He perjured himself on his CA Voter Registration form by failing to state his previous registration in FL as a Democrat;

And here, believe it or not, is the main reason that Moonbeam and Debra have made a ‘Motion to Dismiss’:

Barnett has not presented any facts showing that Dunn was previously registered to vote in California before March 2009.  Without any record of prior registration in California, Dunn did not need to complete this section.”

All I can say is that it’s a good thing for the defendants that the laws don’t require swearing allegiance to the Constitution of the United States when pleading Motions to Dismiss.  Whew!

Read the Press Release concerning this hearing below, watch for the rulings on this blatant voter fraud – to be heard on the 18th of October, and WRITE IN the name ORLY TAITZ on your ballot for CA Secretary of State.

Neil B. Turner
Citizens for the Constitution


Attorney General Brown, “The Worst Attorney General in America” according to Competitive Enterprise Institute in a July 2010 report, is complicit with Secretary of State Debra Bowen in promoting voter registration and election fraud in California as evidenced in a lawsuit brought against them by a California Republican voter.  A motion hearing is scheduled October 22 in the Federal District Court in Sacramento to determine if a Three Judge Panel shall determine if Brown, Bowen and Orange County Registrar Neal Kelley broke California election code (law) by failing to enforce the code in the voter registration of Damon Dunn, Republican Secretary of State candidate.

The lawsuit is Pamela Barnett v. Dunn, Brown, Bowen, Kelley and the Election Assistance Commission.  It is a result of Brown, Bowen, and Kelley failing to act on information that Damon Dunn, has/had an improperly executed voter registration affidavit, and therefore was not eligible to vote in the June 8 primary and also is not eligible to be on the ballot for Secretary of State.

The State Defendants have admitted to not following current election code (laws) in their legal briefs.  They say that they instead used outdated administrative guidance enacted August 18, 1978 for use prior to the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993.  NVRA requires that any state that maintains a voter registration database comply with Federal laws and that the outdated provisions should have been approved by the Department of Justice but were not and are in violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that included NVRA.

The plaintiff, Barnett, a registered Republican, hopes to receive a Declaratory Judgment from a 3 Judge Panel that affirms the state Defendants broke the California code and federal law in the matter regarding Dunn’s registration.  Barnett charges in her lawsuit that not following election law and other California election mandates is a pattern of behavior by Brown and Bowen and they promote an environment prone to election fraud.  This ruling on the law is required for the court to determine all of the other allegations by the plaintiff.

Damon Dunn knowingly omitted his prior voter registration addresses from his California voter registration as evidenced by his California voter registration affidavit, a background check, and a letter from the Florida elections department that stated Dunn had called in July 2009 to try to have his voter registration deleted from their database.  This is all a matter of record in the lawsuit.
Although the California voter registration affidavit explicitly calls for prior voting registration address (if applicable) which includes a space for “State”,  Brown and Bowen are attempting to change the law by stating Dunn didn’t have to list his prior registration addresses because they were not within California.  This goes directly against California election code, and they are attempting to change election law without the California legislature, which is illegal.  Brown and Bowen’s policy to ignore other state voter registrations allows for multiple state voting.
State Defendants Brown and Bowen state in their Motion to Dismiss, “it appears Dunn correctly left the prior-registration box blank.  Line 16 of the voter registration form completed by Dunn states; “If you were registered to vote before fill out below.  Barnett has not presented any facts showing that Dunn was previously registered to vote in California before March 2009.  Without any record of prior registration in California, Dunn did not need to complete this section.” (Emphasis by author.)
Many of Plaintiff’s filed legal briefs are available for free at  Defendant filings are available through a search by party names on, or through the Federal Pacer system for a fee.

For Interviews or questions contact Pamela Barnett at or

Note:  The Competitive Enterprise Institute is just quoted and has nothing to do with this Press Release.  The Nation’s Worst State Attorneys General report can be found here.

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