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Judicial Corruption – SBX-211 Cover-up by California Government update

A brief overview of the Richard I. Fine Judicial Abuse Crime Follow-up comments to an LA Times Article posted below: Note Judge Yaffe’s Order, where he states in pertinent part:   “… He refuses to even discuss his obligations to the … Continue reading


Judicial Corruption – Los Angeles County

Human Rights Alert’s report pertaining to corruption of the courts and the legal profession in Los Angeles County, California, was noted in a United Nations Human Rights Council report Los Angeles, October 10 –  United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) … Continue reading


Obama does not speak for me!

  To my Global Friends: Most of my adult life I’ve always held with the philosophy to support whatever administration was currently in place. However, based on the extraordinary circumstances involving the conduct of Mr. Obama, illegally acting in the … Continue reading

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