Muslim’s Stoning Young Girl

Some of you may be interested in another point of view on the matter.

Date: September 17, 2010 4:05:54 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Muslim’s Stoning Young Girl To Death For Refusing to Marry an Older Man…..

It’s fine with me to share our exchanges, you and I are like minded,  I enjoy emailing with you, along with others in my address book.

I thank you Arnie for this opportunity

Cathy K
Fort Worth, Texas

In a message dated 9/16/2010 5:22:11 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:
Would it be OK with you to share our exchange with others on the lists?  It is fine with me!  <G>


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Hi Arnie:  Thanks for your reply email.  Yes, it does boil down to consensus.  WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!
More and more people need to stand up and speak out.  Apathy does not sustain our Constitution nor our established and civilized way of life.  Islam policies, practices, cruel terrorist behavior, etc., DO conflict with the principles of our society.  There is NO room for a second form of government in this country, be it Islam or any other.  There are too too many terrorist cells in this country, plotting, planning, and carrying out acts of terror.  And they are NOT the “human disasters” as our  great (???) secretary of Homeland Security has pronounced. She is so full of it, another “puppet” of BHO.  Does he threaten or bribe them–his appointees and other czars?
Take care and thanks for all your important emails.

Cathy K

In a message dated 9/16/2010 8:08:22 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:
Hello Cathy,

Thank you for taking the time to express your position.  I guess it all boils down to consensus.  If enough people can agree and the policies do not conflict with the principles of the society in which we participate we just might be able to make this all work.


On Sep 16, 2010, at 4:43 AM, Cathy K wrote:
Hello Arnie and others:

You are so right.  Islam is NOT a religion.  It is a cruel and oppressive form of government.  And this “government” must not be allowed to infiltrate, by either overtly or stealthy jihad in America.  Look what is happening in London and in Paris with all the Muslim takeover.  Yes, we must draw a line in the sand and stand ready to fight them off and send them back to the country they crawled over.  I am so sick and tired of the PC people in this country, especially our president, saying we are a diverse culture, with open arms to any and all who want to reside here, whether or not they ACCEPT our form of government and culture.  There is only ONE government in this country, and there should be no allowance nor toleration for Islam government, traditions, and cruel culture.
A terrorist is a terrorist, be they born an American, or whether they illegally snuck in from some other oppressed country.  I think Homeland Security and other federal departments should ban together and create a new format of trial for ALL terrorists, be they domestic Americans or foreign terrorists.  Terrorists should NOT be given the same treatment, i.e., Miranda rights, American attorneys, etc.  They should be tried by a tribune that is beyond our military.  There should be separate laws in place for the treating of terrorists that should override any and all existing laws as well as the treatment of prisoners under the Geneva Convention.  Human rights and the ACLU be damned.  Islamists want to kill all the infidels over all the world, especially Western countries and our great ally, Israel.  That is, until Obama has desecrated our relationship with Israel.
Thanks for letting me stand my ground and spew.
And I trust and believe the young girl who was stoned to death is in a very special place with our Lord, receiving all His grace and mercy and love.
Cathy K
Fort Worth, TX

Hello Richard!

For what it is worth…I think we must take a stand!  We must draw the line in the sand!

As I see it…the question is not whether this will be our fate but is this right?  Is this the behavior under which we choose to live?

Consider the following very carefully and decide just when will you take a stand on this issue?  How long will you accept this blatant distortion of the truth and permit the Islamic fascists to dominate our part of the world?  The choice is up to us as Americans!  Not up to our politicians.

It has come time for Muslims in America to either assimilate and become Americans or return to from where they came.  This includes Obama.  This would also include them denouncing all Islamic terrorist organizations.

America supports religious freedom but the followers of Islam do not practice a religion; they are captives of an oppressive form of government.  Since it is clearly not a religion, Americans can no longer permit or accept this distortion of the truth.  There is no reason for we as Americans to play by our rule book based on fairness when in fact we know the Islamics are marching to a different set of rules focused on world domination at any cost.

The Mosque at ground zero is totally out of the question.  Based on the latest position raised by the Inman in charge of the project, this is the very reason this mosque cannot be built.  He contends to move the mosque to a different location at this time would be a major insult to the Muslim community abroad; that it would cause a major incident.

Perfect!  Then this is exactly why it cannot be built.   It is high time the Islamics were made to understand America we will no longer be intimidated by such threats or rhetoric.  The Islamics need to know that the days of accommodation are over in this country.

At this time it is appropriate to review the story of the “Dinner Roll.”  (

Also regardless what Homeland Security or the White House terms it, “Terrorism” is TERRORISM and in most cases it originates from Islamic influences where ever they are based.  As Americans we must demand our government agencies treat terrorist events just as terrorist events and act accordingly.


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Subject: FW: Muslim’s Stoning Young Girl To Death For Refusing to Marry an Older Man……Very Graphic
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Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 1:14 PM

Is this to be our fate…the fate of our daughters? Especially for those of you who sympathize with Islam…wake up. This is the norm in those countries…these are not as the liberals would say, extremists. This is proof that they are all extremists or stupid. This young girl chose not to marry an older man. See her fate. Oh, by the way, notice how they are offended by seeing her underclothes but her skull being split open is not offensive. Notice also they did not just stone her…they kicked & stomped her…they tried to turn her over so they could obliterate her beautiful face. I pray she is now resting in Jesus embrace.

— On Wed, 9/15/10,

From: Gary P

— On Wed, 9/15/10, Don p

This is the most sick religion on the planet, it is out of hell!

Subject: Muslim’s Stoning Young Girl To Death For Refusing to Marry an Older Man……Very Graphic
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 09:59:50 -0700

We no longer are a country of freedom.  Our society is sick and diseased as it  allows this culture to take root and grow here in America while Christianity is run into the ground.

From: Beverley
Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 5:45 PM
Subject: Fw: Muslim’s Stoning Young Girl To Death For Refusing to Marry an Older Man……Very Graphic

I know that some of you are getting this message more than once, but I feel it is that important that every LEGAL citizen should see what will happen to America if we do nothing


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1 Response to Muslim’s Stoning Young Girl

  1. Ken Osborn says:

    Hi Fellow Patriots, I’m appalled by what these people want to bring to America, I see that we as a group are pretty much on the same page, give or take a paragraph, the common denominator is to keep and restore our great country to the values that it stands for, one nation under our God. I feel very blessed to have come in contact with Arnie, I’m sure you all agree. I see something missing in the average American, that is to get up and say or do something that will let Washington know we can’t and won’t take it anymore. Cathy K from Fort Worth is very articulate in describing what our government should do for these special people, implement special laws just for them, a terrorist gets special treatment here, with Cathy’s idea of special laws for special people, maybe it will spark a movement that maybe America isn’t the push over it is today. We have no choice but to draw the line, whether it be in the sand or in our courts. To allow these people entry here is condoning their behavior. I posted a comment on good ole youtube ( and it has been the highest rated comment for a few days now, surprising how speaking the truth is accepted, I have gotten hate mail and threats for some of my comments but that’s the whole reason is to get opinions, I see that America as a whole is not going to stand for it. Bless you all and never lay down your sword.

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