Racist! Yeah..and dam proud of it too!

Hey racists and other normal and peace loving law abiding citizens, (this includes those of the religion of peace, Muslims)…Listen up!

Just how long do you intend to fall victim to this Alinsky tactic?  Based on your reaction to these provocations, do you realize you are giving these jerks the power to push your button!

It is time the normal patriots wake up and refuse to respond to this stupidity.  So what if the idiots refer to certain groups as racists.  We simply need to refine the term.  Each of us as part of this society has as much right to redefine terms as Webster had in the first place.

All who are responsible citizens are all racists!  In fact, I see a racists as a person who supports equal protection under the law for all races!  This is a label to be applied to only the most respectful of Americans.  Only Americans who support the Constitution and the rule of law are so honored with the term “Racist”!  A Racist is an honorable person; one to be respected and admired.

I am proud to be a racist!  I think anyone who is an American (without the hyphen) is also proud to be a racist!  Only the good conscientious citizens of this great country are racists!   Stop permitting these stupid idiots to push the buttons of the real American citizens.

Remember in the end…there is only the human race.


About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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6 Responses to Racist! Yeah..and dam proud of it too!

  1. Marion says:

    In my opinion, all people on this planet have the same orgin! The tiny “spark” of who we all are is buired deep in some; while taken out and looked at by others. There are too many varying degrees of this so called “spark” that many would say, nay! Yet, it is a truth that stands eternally.

  2. John J Peer Jr. says:

    Being called a racist by these third world minded idiots, I now consider a Badge of Honor. It serves to remind me that I have a deep and abiding Love for my country. If confirms the fact that I truly believe in the Constitution of the United States unlike those who run around screaming racist at every opportunity. Finally I believe that America’s Greatness depends on all it’s citizens assimilating into our culture. You are either American or your not, one of the most dangerous things to the sovereignty of this country is the Hyphen.

    • Stephen Ford says:

      Dear Mr Peer, I couldn’t agree more with your opinion. I hearby declare the RACECARD, null and void! It is obvious the black race has achieved equality to the utmost. What else is there to prove? The mightiest nation on earth has empowered a black man! Is there any any other measure we can use? Damn Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton, that want to keep this way of life going? When will we ALL decide to live together without having to have a special title added to their credentials? Me, I’m JUST an American and damn tired of excuses by anyone else, why they can’t do things by theirselves without help from the government.

    • Flagwaver says:

      Stephen and John, so right you are! I was born here and love my country. IF someone wants to call me Racist, then so be it! It’s just a word so many throw around when they have nothing else to say!

  3. Stephen Ford says:

    What do you mean ? (required fields are marked) I’ve done that!

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