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Washington Post author calls it!

Patriots, RE:  Filing Criminal Complaints – Deadline 7/27/2010 Please review the following: This article conclusively documents the deliberate criminal violations of our constitution by members of the Obama administration, and other related entities.  These violations are addressed in … Continue reading

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Attention FBI – Obama = Treason

July 13, 2010 To:   FBI, Santa Ana, California 92703 – Fax 714-245-5390 SUBJECT:  CRIMINAL COMPLAINT NAMING BARACK OBAMA IN COMMISSION OF TREASON My name is Arnie Rosner.  I reside at 8905 Rhine River Avenue, Fountain Valley, California 92708-5607.  My phone … Continue reading

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Racist! Yeah..and dam proud of it too!

Hey racists and other normal and peace loving law abiding citizens, (this includes those of the religion of peace, Muslims)…Listen up! Just how long do you intend to fall victim to this Alinsky tactic?  Based on your reaction to these … Continue reading

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Stop the Treason Campaign

CALLING ALL PATRIOTS TO LOCAL, GRASSROOTS  ACTION NOW! Introduction to the Mayoral/City Council – ‘Stop the Treason’ Campaign All of D.C. knows* that Obama is ineligible for the Office of President and Commander in Chief (he is not a ‘Natural … Continue reading

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Call for New Elections!

Patriots… Please tell me why we are being asked to pay protection to the Republican Party or for that matter…any party?  I don’t know about you, but the practice of soliciting public funds to combat “organized government crime” is disturbing. … Continue reading

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Americans Pretty Dumb?

Human nature being what it is and whether we know it or not, we instinctively analyze the nature of the those people with whom we come in contact. I believe this to be an automatic protection mechanism based on need … Continue reading

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The Truth about Truth

the “truth” is whatever we want it to be. Continue reading

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Constitutional Crisis

Supreme Court: Traitors to the Constitution? Justice Roberts…you own this crisis! Dear Honorable Chief Justice Roberts: Perhaps you and the rest of the justices have not noticed, but there is a war going on here.  We the people are having … Continue reading

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