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Provost Marshal General of the United States Army

Provost Marshal Gen Quantock2014-04-11_03-19-51_AM      
Incumbent:MG David E. Quantock Since: September 28, 2011

TO:  General David E. Quantock,

the Commanding General, of 
the U.S. Army

Criminal Investigation Command (CID),

in his official capacity as Provost Marshal General

Dear General Quantock,

On behalf of the American people, as one of the people, I am reaching out to you and at the same time, demonstrating to the rest of the world, that, “We the people,” come in peace and mean no harm.   This is even though we recognize that in the eyes of this de facto government, “We the People,” are all classified as “Enemies of the State.” 

We also mean to demonstrate our sincere intent to resolve the imposition of tyranny by the impostors who, through, deception, are unlawfully, impersonating officers of a de facto government.  A foreign controlled corporation being falsely represented as the lawful government of the American people.

General Quantock, you can consider the American people as friends and allies.

As the federation’s top peace keeper, the documented behavior below offers proof to many of us that America is under the control of a foreign power; the British Empire.  As the people, we are at a loss for any other explanation which adequately describes the abuse heaped upon Americans.

Surely no American government of the people, for the people and by the people would act against their citizens in this manner.  No government comprised of true American representatives of the American people, would permit all Americans to be designated as an, “Enemies of the State.”

In 1933, we are told the Constitution was suspended and FDR by the role of necessity, issued proclamations 2038, 2039 and 2040.  It was during this same period, an amendment was made to the trading with the enemies act of 1917.  This act had previously excluded American citizens,   But now, as of  amended version of 1933…included all Americans.  

One objective of this amendment seems to have cleverly removed the standing of any American citizen to bring court action against the government, to remove these unconstitutional manipulations. this assured that this constitutional abuse could not be easily reversed.   

Examples of over 100 attempts to challenge Mr. Obama’s unlawful usurpation of the office of president would seem to bear credence to this notion.  Many of the judicial rulings declared the citizens, challenging Mr. Obama’s eligibility, did not have, “standing.” to bring such court action. How utterly amazing!  What a coincidence.

One more interesting aspect of the fancy footwork involved in amending the (TWTEA) legislation, from 1917, was to make the unbelievable stretch, that a national emergency,  designated as such by the president, alone,  was equivalent to an act of war. 

This also conveniently, provided the Congress with an excuse to discharge its duties by abdicating the People’s delegated authority to the president.  This was supposedly authorized under the War Powers Act.  To any reasonable person, this is more evidence of the intent and the existence of a bona-fide conspiracy to defraud the American people.

It was by the myriad of  constitutional abuses, that FDR seized all the gold and somewhat later all of the silver from all citizens.  This was done under the guise to prevent hoarding.    However it can be illustrated, that the gold and silver stolen from the people was later sold at a profit and the proceeds from the transactions were not deposited  to the benefit of the people from which it was stolen.

Other research indicates, the Constitution has never been restored. 

In seeking an answer to this point, we find that cleverly, built into this spate of shadowy legislation, was the ability of the president to extend a previously called national emergency, by simply posting a notice in the federal registry.  

Obama, had issued one as recent as, March 14, 2014.  Thus general, we have learned that America has been under various states of emergency since 1933. That is over 81 years.    

General, you, as well as I, know that no reasonable person could accept that the United States of America was in a continuous state of national emergency for over 81 years.  Yet, we as the American people, are expected to accept that our lawful elected representatives  are prepared to overlook this obvious constitutional abuse of power.  

1933 – Congress Did IT!    

Sorry general, that just is not possible.  And it leads many of us to conclude that the Congress and consequently the rest of the government is not the government of the American people.  

This in turn confirms the conclusion in the minds of many Americans that indeed, in 1933, through a series of criminal acts based on deception, with the help of FDR, the British Empire, very likely in the name of the Queen, conducted a bloodless coup d’état and  unlawfully captured the government of the American people through unconstitutional means. 

Please hold this thought… And let us continue…

 The funny thing about the Constitution, which has never been restored, is that Obama, uses it to justify his authorization to create the numerous executive orders, for which he has become well known. 

Voila_Capture 2014-04-10_05-34-29_AM

Just as curious, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, has revealed to me personally, that the Constitution exists and is in full power.  U. S. Senator Confirms the U.S. Constitution is in Effect!

Now general, I’m just an ordinary citizen, but even to me sir, I am convinced,  that the affordable health care act was a deliberate and total fraud upon the people; a blatant unconstitutional act of coercion.     Evidence of this concern,

(the legislative process established by the Congressional research service),

can be found within the document at the following link:  

Now About That Unconstitutional ObamaCare…  

This information reveals that the Congress violates its own rules.    Notice the highlighted term, “must.”    The use of the term  “must”  means without exception.

Voila_Capture 2014-04-10_04-59-08_AM

Yet no record of any confirmation that the bill was confirmed as meeting constitutional requirements before it was even submitted.  

Other practices by members of Congress, revealed other constitutional abuses routinely violated as a normal course of doing business. The question that arises in my mind general, is whose business?

A further example of openly admitted abuse of the Constitution can be found in the following clip:


The American people, just by virtue of being alive and in America, are the ultimate arbiters and authority.  It is the American people who are the only lawful power by which governments are created, and based upon historical record and documents, claim we have lawfully created the government of the American people. 

However general, many Americans are now confronted with indications that the government being represented to Americans as our government is no such thing.  Instead general, we are presented with the illusion, that the government we are asked to accept as the government of the American people, is in reality a corporate agency posing as the government of the American people but controlled by the Queen.

General, it appears you are working for the Queen.  But this matter shall be further clarified below.  Please read on….

For the sole purpose of providing the safety and security of all  American citizens, the founders even went so far as to create a Constitution.  A trade agreement  by which the government creature, a creation of the people, was limited to specifically enumerated powers and authorities.  However, General Quantock, by delegating some of these powers,  the American people never yielded their sovereignty. But then, general, you know all of this.  In fact, you swore a sacred oath to protect and defend this very document; the Constitution of the United States.  

Yes general, under this contract with the people, your primary responsibility is to honor your oath to the Constitution…and the American people, first!  As a public servant, your loyalty is to America and not to her majesty, the Queen.

Previous submissions directed to your attention, record the many attempts which have been made to resolve issues of abuse by public officers with no success.  Even in the matter below, it appears the Clark County Sheriff has so far, violated his oath of office and based on the law, should be charged and prosecuted for dereliction of duties and violation of his oath.  Violating one’s oath is an act of committing perjury, insurrection and rebellion against the supreme law of our Federation. 

It is also my understanding that those public officials of Clark County who have made no effort to protect Mr. Bundy, et al, under provisions of the federal Constitution, 9th and 10th Amendments, regarding over-reaching of the federal government, may also be culpable.

 The question that begs to be asked?

“Exactly why would the elected officials of Clark County, not act to protect one of their constituents?” 

They took the same constitutional oath as you general… Therefore the accountability for the public safety would be very similar to yours.  

You may find, as I did, what may be the answer to that question In the following paragraph.  Please read on.

General, in investigating further it appears that the state government of Nevada, in colluding with some of the federal government agents and agencies which are also also strongly controlled by the conquerors of America.  Some citizens are now referring to this distinction as reporting to the Queen,  But putting that aside, the following link would convince me that all of my speculations expressed above merit serious consideration.  Almost any citizen of Nevada might realize the strong conflict of interest revealed in the following association:

It is impossible for many of us, speaking as one of the people, to explain the conduct of public servants of the people, park rangers, at the link below:

General Quantock, as already established, you are the top peace keeper in America.  Your authority transcends all other authority in maintaining the peace and tranquility to which all Americans have expectations of a Constitutional guarantee.  

Based on the responsibilities of your office, your role is clear— when all other flavors of civil authorities fail to respond to lawful and reasonable demands from the people.  You are to take steps to establish order and to provide for public safety.  

If the assumptions above are correct then the acts of oppression are not acts of an American government but by the agency of the Queen.  As a result America has no government.  With no government representing the people then under the law of necessity, we must act “Under our own Authority as the People,” in a manner consistent with the declaration of independence and form our own government.

And this is where you come in General, in the interest of establishing a strong and reliable relationship with the agency which bears the original responsibility of our creation, the United States Army, and speaking just for myself at this point, I am confident there are some citizens who  would be more than willing to meet with the appropriate members of the American military forces to map out plans to peacefully resolve this dilemma and peacefully restore the Constitutional mandated de jure government of the American people.  The only true and legitimate government of the American people. 

 Respectfully submitted for your review and action.


My compliments sir.

Arnie Rosner

One of
The Americans

A person is judged by how well they honor those to whom a promise was made.

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A Simple Obligation- Update


Thank you for taking the time to visit. Depending on your age, not only may you personally benefit from the information compiled and presented on this site, but your immediate family, your children, especially your children, and future generations, may as well.

The freedom of future generations may also applaud your interest.  You see…you will be provided with information that is not normally broadcast through traditional means of media coverage.   Permit me to be frank, the world in which you think you live, may not be the reality in which we really exist.

Not only are we living in an illusion created by members of an organization which controls America, many people have a clue as to their existence.  But the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) has been around for a very long time.

Now that you have been introduced to some of the important aspects of this illusion under which many of us have lived since birth, it is time to examine how the lines of politics, in terms of “Democrats vrs Republicans,”  “the left vrs the right” and terms like “liberal vrs conservative,” have been cleverly manipulated to provide a basis by which to divide and conquer the general public.

Before accepting everything we are told by those in government be reminded by the two items following:

An open invitation:
At any time (24/7), you are invited to contact me, to discuss anything of concern.

As a politically independent moderate and a strong advocate of a republican form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I expect all other others to respect my position in the same manner as I respect theirs. This expectation includes our elected officials who have forgotten exactly to whom they answer.

So consider this as fair notice!

I am simple-minded enough to expect people to do what they say they will do; when they say they will do it.  Out of respect for all other inhabitants with whom we share this space ship traveling through time, I also realize not all may understand and live by these principles.  That is OK with me; we all must stand responsible for our own decisions and the manner in which we conduct ourselves.

About the truth

Thanks to many others through whom I have extensively explored this concept of truth, I am now very confident I really know very little. Rapidly approaching age 77, I am comforted by the fact that I now know that no one else knows anything either. They just think they do. (grin)

Before I pass on, which with every passing day I am reminded is an event no one escapes, I wish to return a favor bestowed upon me by many dedicated and respected Americans I never had the honor of knowing and never had the opportunity to thank personally. Never the less I feel compelled to carry on what I consider to be a very admirable and noble tradition these individuals created. I wish to pay my self‐imposed debt of gratitude to those who afforded me the luxury of freedom.

I intend to do my part to ensure those who come after will be also afforded the same. I make no apologies for my actions towards anyone who would seek to impede or inhibit my achieving this basic obligation of maintaining our republic form of democracy. Have no fear; I will prevail in this matter!

And a final point in which to give thanks.

Thank you Americans! Thank you for being you!

Now lead, follow or get out of the way!

Oh yes……..

Available 24/7 – Defending freedom is no part-time job!
714-501-8247 – mobile

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Easter Sunday contribution: Don Hank


This is my Easter Sunday contribution, my as yet unpolished translation of Sergey Lavrov’s interview on the TV show Sunday Evening with Vladimir Soloviev.

The translation is long, at 5000+ words, and not many — perhpas none — of you will sit down and read it off right away. I suggest you save it as a reference as it contains virtually the entire Russian foreign relations viewpoint.

Putting aside all fears and disdain for Russia for a moment, a growing number of Americans have finally figured out that it is not the Right or Left that move our world but rather those who believe blindly in the New World Order (Republicans and Democrats both make up this group) and many of us are hoping and praying to see an end to this evil cabal that forces open borders, unlimited immigration, international wealth redistribution, supranational government schemes a la EU, UN, NATO, etc, Agenda 21 policies of rancher and farmer genocide, seeks to slyly destroy Western, particularly Judeo-Christian, culture and values by encouraging ‘gay’ marriage and mass Muslim immigration, and enforces laws and regs against Christian witnessing in schools, the armed forces, etc.

If I had to pick out a salient theme in Lavrov’s interview, it would be his one term:

polycentric world order.

If you understand what he means by that, then you can understand that the Russians, while not perfect, are the only major world power that is at least attempting to oppose the New World Order and its one-world government scheme–in cooperation with the other BRICS nations.

Have a blessed Easter and Passover!

Don Hank


The interview (not yet fully proofed):


Text of the interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the Sunday Evening Show with Vladimir Soloviev

Question: Hello, Sergey Viktorovich. What a feeling it is to realize that you are now not just the Minister of Foreign Affairs, but also the Minister of Foreign Affairs military. Every time I see and listen to you, I have a feeling of tremendous anxiety and that the world has gone mad. My generation does not remember this level of escalation. What is actually happening?

Lavrov: I think the entire world system is being reformatted, because after the disappearance of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, those we refer to by the collective word “West” missed a historic opportunity when Russia proposed a number of initiatives that would allow us to truly unite not only the European continent, but also the Euro-Atlantic, including Eurasia. There were suggestions to center this work around the OSCE based on equality of all states. There were suggestions that after the disappearance of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact – the major threats to the countries that were part of the NATO-North Atlantic bloc had ceased to exist or, at least, would not expand.

We were assured of this, we talked a lot about the fact that now everyone is interested in peer collaboration, which will be based on respect for each other’s security interests, that security is indivisible, and no one would ensure his own security at the expense of others. First they assured that the unification of Germany would not mean the spread of NATO rules and armed forces to the territory of the former GDR. Then this promise, of course, was forgotten. Then the promised not to expand NATO further to the East, not to cover Eastern and Central European countries, as recorded in a number of agreements, which, unfortunately, were not issued legally. But these promises were also violated. Then there were the political declarations signed at the Summit of the OSCE and the created the NATO-Russia Council that NATO countries will not put substantial combat forces on the territory of the new member states of the North Atlantic bloc. This promise also failed to withstand the test of time, like the declaration of indivisible security that I mentioned earlier. 

We started asking questions about why the military infrastructure of NATO is moving closer to our borders; why create a missile defense, for which we have good reason to believe that it carries risks for our strategic forces of nuclear containment. We were told not to worry, because it is not against us. But our calculations and facts that Russian experts have repeatedly offered to jointly explore the U.S. and other NATO partners say the opposite. Serious discussion on these topics was not conducted for all these years.

After this project the EU Eastern Partnership was initiated, which covered six post-Soviet states – Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, with priority given to Ukraine. 

As you know, the EU has offered Ukrainians an association agreement and a free trade zone. We politely raised the issue that we have a huge amount of trade and economic, investment and industrial relations with Ukraine and it would be nice to think together about how to develop our relationship. They said “We will first make an agreement with the Ukrainians, and then we’ll show you what you have agreed upon. “We were assured that the Association Agreement and free trade zone would be standard – the same as the European Union had concluded with Mexico, South Korea and some other countries. Then, when the already initialed agreement appeared on websites (we had not seen it before that), it turned out that the draft document goes much further than the standard agreements, which we were told about by the EU. It goes so far as to directly affect Russian-Ukrainian trade and economic cooperation, impedes the functioning of the CIS free trade zone, which, incidentally, was formed at the initiative of the and the insistence of the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, ie at the insistence of the Ukrainians, and creates discriminatory conditions for Russian goods, worsening the agreements reached after Russia joined the WTO. Our efforts, already at the stage of hold an expert, professional, depoliticized conversation between Ukraine, Russia and the EU, were rejected, although Ukrainians were on board. And they were rejected with the words: “Do not interfere in EU-Ukraine cooperation.” ( 

Q: Of course, we are a regional power, which, as it turned out, lost some sort of war. Somehow I have not seen any foreign soldiers marching in a victory parade on Red Square. But it turns out they can shout to our representative at the UN, “Do not forget that you losers!” U.S. President Barack Obama tells us that we are a regional power and no one wants to talk to us ( Why should we be informed of what is happening on our borders? Our destiny is to observe and, as I understand it, to continue the theme of decay, begun in 1991. Then we will gain love and respect. In other words, crumble into dust.

Lavrov: At the heart of what is happening is a winner syndrome which has emerged under the new conditions, and which they cling to in the depths of their souls, assuring us that in the”cold war “there were no winners, and we all have benefited from the fact that we now share common values. Of course, there is also the hurt pride: they believed they could ignore us and do whatever they saw fit with Russia’s neighbors and partners, without asking our opinion, ignoring our legitimate interests. Of course, there is obvious resentment over the fact that the next project of the Georgian Saakashvili[1] type had not panned out. All this is definitely being manifested.

Question: But this is manifesting itself in our relationship as well. We thought they were the allies on the Elbe[2], but it turns out that they saw us as the losing country, to which they only had to give McDonald’s and throw us a bone from a distance. Now it seems that the problem is not in relations between Ukraine and Russia, but between Russia and the U.S., which is behaving as though Alaska had voted for reunification with Russia. Why suddenly such an emotional, and I’d say extreme, reaction?

Lavrov: This proves only one thing: the expansion of NATO, the hasty inclusion in NATO and the European Union of new states, including Baltic countries, which did not meet the criteria for membership, but still were instantly absorbed under an EU policy called the Eastern Partnership – all this was conceived with a significant proportion of Americans schemes to keep Europe under its thumb and to ensure formats of NATO and the EU, which would give the U.S. a substantial voice. Concerns that Europe could suddenly become independent or more independent and less dependent on the Euro-Atlantic link are definitely present in Washington.
We can see it. No one talks about it openly, but it manifests itself in all the practical specific steps taken by the United States in connection with the Ukrainian crisis. We were concerned about this because the problem is not in Russian-”Western” or in Russian-Ukrainian relations, but in Ukraine, where there is a deep statehood crisis which must be overcome, and it can only be overcome by the Ukrainians themselves. We are in favor of this being done on the basis of a national dialogue, awareness on the part of those who came to power in Kiev, the need to reach out to all Ukrainians, without exception, including all political forces and all regions of the country, starting a real constitutional reform that is transparent and comprehensive. That’s what we need to talk about. Encouraging Ukrainians to hold this national dialogue and constitutional process must be a joint effort of Russia, the U.S. and the EU. But, unfortunately, our Western partners are trying to present the case as if everything revolves around the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Question: The Pentagon saw Russian troops on the border with Ukraine. Interestingly, the broadcaster CNN, came and videotaped material, but did not find the troops. U.S. State Department officials saw Moscow’s hand in the events in the East and South-East of Ukraine. But when we asked for evidence, we were told: “Why? Everyone has free access to the social networks.”

This is a new logic in international diplomacy when a country decides on its own: “Here we see it, here we don’t; we accept this evidence but not the other. Everything the Russian side says is untrue, and we don’t take it into account, and everything the official Ukrainian side says, is considered legitimate. Europe and America represent ultimate truth.” So what’s the point of even talking to them if they don’t hear us?

Lavrov: You’ve always got to talk, and with everyone. It is always better to talk than not to talk and accumulate misunderstanding.

As for our troops allegedly preparing to roll across the Russian-Ukrainian border in the South- East of the country, I can say that they were training. This was announced, no one hid this fact. Within the framework of the OSCE and the so-called Open Skies Treaty, we have the obligation to inform partners about certain exercises, starting with a certain size and number of deployed forces and materiel, and that’s what we did. Moreover, in response to requests, including those of Ukrainians, Americans and Europeans, inspections were conducted, representatives of these countries were invited, who visited the exercise area and according to their own statements, they drew an official conclusion, finding no threatening military activities. After that, our representatives in the OSCE officially asked the inspectors to make their conclusion known in this esteemed organization. They have not yet done so.

Soloviev : Are they embarrassed?

Lavrov: Probably are. It just does not fit into the overall scheme of the whole situation from the West’s.

Question: The Russian delegation went to PACE, where we were frankly humiliated, deprived of all rights except one – the sacred right to pay for membership.

S.V.Larov: And sit in the hall.

Q: Neither the West nor America wants to see the revival of the spirit of slumbering Nazism in the “right sector,” Banderovtsy, Shukhevich,[3] Svoboda (the “Freedom Party”)[4], the same party that the EU once considered anathema, delegated five members to the current Ukrainian government, and the unpleasantness disappeared instantly. There is a feeling that countries that once had not supported the Hitler coalition were taking revenge on us for having won the Great War.
Sergei Lavrov: I have had many conversations with my colleagues about the nature of the coalition that broke the agreement of February 21, signed by the leaders of three parties that entered into it, and carried out a coup d’état. Of course, we talked about Svoboda (the “Freedom Party”). I repeatedly asked John Kerry and foreign ministers of Europe, where one can explore their position on Svoboda and on that party’s policy documents, which provide a direct reference to their succession Declaration in June 1941, proclaiming their mission of helping Hitler impose a new order. I was unable to get a reference to public statements made in this regard.

We certainly know about the numerous speeches of American, Israeli, and world community as to what the Svoboda Party is, not to mention the “right sector.” In conversations John Kerry told me: “We understand they have a troubled past, but, according to our observations, they are moving toward the political mainstream. “Laurent Fabius [French Foreign Minister--Translator] in one of his speeches said that Svoboda is “just a little bit to the right of others.” An astounding statement!

We have said that such an attitude toward the memory of those who fought and defeated fascism, who saved Europe from Fascism, is unacceptable. It is unacceptable to us to attempt to install in a European a country a coalition involving such people.

Question: This is not a coincidence, but a certain trend. On the one hand, they refuse to see absolute Nazis in the face of Svoboda. On the other hand, when a representative of the Russian delegation to the UN Security Council said that the tragedy in Syria’s Kesap, where there is genocide of the Armenian people, cannot be ignored, the Americans blocked this decision. Isn’t this a double standard? Unfortunate Armenians must suffer because Armenia supports Russia?

Lavrov: Fortunately, it is better to be a refugee than to die. The vast majority of the Syrian Kesap managed to escape: some to other Syrian districts, some to Lebanon. There were no massacres in the area with photos distributed in the Internet, but photos from other areas of Syria were shown on the internet, and that makes them no less horrific. But the idea of conducting ethnic cleansing in Kesap was there. This attempt was obvious, and at one point, it was partially successful. Therefore, when we proposed a clear and unequivocal comments on this topic in the UN Security Council, they said, “But let’s simultaneously condemn the Assad regime, because he is also doing bad things.” There is always a constant linkage tactic, a refusal to condemn specific acts of terrorism in Syria, citing the fact that they would not have happened if Assad had voluntarily disappeared, and violation all the resolutions of the Security Council and the UN General Assembly, bilateral documents clearly stating that terrorism can not be justified on any grounds.

Q: A lot of questions about the reunification with the Crimea. We see it quite differently. On radio station “Vesti” and on television, when I consider this topic with our distinguished guests, they all note that a 16,000 strong Ukrainian military corps was stationed in the Crimea. Officially, there were Russian troops. More than 2.5 million men, and not a shot was fired. This is a real show of will that Americans and Europeans do not want to see. Can no one can tell the difference in principle between the Yugoslav scenario and Crimea? Can no one see parallels between the reunification of West and East Germany, and Russia and the Crimea? Has the level of political blindness and deafness reached an all-time high?

Lavrov: I think I’m pretty sure that everyone sees everything and everyone understands. But thanks to an ideologically charged atmosphere bent on restraining our country, and ill-concealed anger over the fact that it defended its legitimate interests, long violated despite all the constitutions and laws of secession from the USSR, no one has every concealed  the geopolitical project of Russian containment (and this is where it all started ). This is unfortunate and sad. If anyone needed proof of our suspicions and fears, it is no longer needed. All these years our Western partners have told us a lie when vowing theirs commitment to a united Europe without dividing lines, swore that they will fully respect our interests and that security is indivisible, etc.

As for parallels that suggest themselves (Kosovo, and more), we are constantly told that “Kosovo was a special occasion; thousands of people were killed there.” This has no part in any civilized framework. It seems that for residents of Crimea, with its overwhelming majority in favor of reunification with Russia, to receive recognition of their inalienable rights, it is necessary that as much blood must be shed in the Crimea as in Kosovo? Excuse me, these are totally unfit parallels and analogies.

But there is a more direct parallel; it is quite interesting, I mentioned it earlier, but I will tell you more. During the decolonization of Africa, the Comoro islands, which were owned by the French, were released somewhat late from the colonial yoke – independence came only in the early 70s, later than it did to most other African countries. By arrangement with the colonial power, a referendum was held in which all the Comoros voted for independence except one, Mayotte, the majority of whose residents voted against independence. But the conditions of the referendum were that all should vote and if the majority said they want independence, then independence would be recognized.

Our French colleagues at the time refused to recognize the results of the referendum, although they were accepted by the UN General Assembly, and they said that a separate additional referendum would be held, and the vote on each island would be tallied and each island would get the status for which it voted. The referendum was repeated. Mayotte again voted against independence, the UN General Assembly again disagreed with the results of the independent. But France said it would recognize the vote of the Mayotte residents. Contrary to the numerous decisions of the UN, which condemned this approach and did not recognize the results of the referendum, Mayotte became a French Overseas Department, i.e. a full-fledged member of the French Republic, in 2011.

Q: It is interesting that neither trade nor political nor economic sanctions followed.

Lavrov: Yes. I repeat, despite disagreement on this by the UN General Assembly, the EU ignores the decision of the international community.

Question: The sanctions against Russia are unusual, very hard. The officially declared ones seem personalized and reflect resentment, while the informal, economic ones are unique. Everything is forgotten: the right of business to make a profit and business freedom, and sanctions have even been imposed against journalists for having the audacity to speak their minds. When this was published on the Ministry website warning the Russians that 111 countries signed a treaty with the United States, according to which Russian citizens can turned over to the American side…

Lavrov: Or robbed

Question: Or robbed, even on trumped up charges. It turns out that the Russians had better not go abroad?

Lavrov: It is absolutely better to travel. We do everything in our power to broaden these capabilities: annually concluding additional agreements on visa-free regimes, facilitating travel to many countries. Such arrangements exist with nearly all the countries of Latin America, many countries in Asia, and we have been ready to do it with the EU for a long time. Long before the Ukrainian crisis all the arrangements were ready, but their approval was delayed under the influence of a well-known minority in the European Union, which wanted to hinder our rapprochement with the EU solely for reasons of ideological bias.

Question: For reasons of historical revenge..

Lavrov: Including for reasons of historical revenge. Probably in the minds of many, these phobias still play a dominant role.

Travel, of course, needs to be safe, and we pay attention to this issue. For example, during the exacerbation of the situation in Egypt or Thailand when unrest and riots occurred, we were obliged to warn our citizens that was not safe to go there, so it is best to stay in the resort areas, etc. But what you’re talking about is a problem of a completely different nature associated with the spread of U.S. extraterritorial jurisdiction in territories that do not belong to them, but in which Americans feel entitled to seize citizens of other countries if Washington has issues with them. ( This happened to the Russians K.V.Yaroshenko and Viktor Bout, who were arrested not for anything they had done, but had been lured into a conversation, during which they made certain statements, which undercover agents interpreted as sufficient grounds for their arrest. They were extradited to the United States in violation of the legal and procedural norms of Senegal and Thailand. These are not the only two examples. There are also such cases in European countries and Canada. Recently, at the request of Americans, Russian citizens were taken from Costa Rica, despite our protests and demands to comply with the requirements of applicable law. Therefore, we are obliged to warn Russians that if they have had some kind of relationship with our American partners, if they have reason to believe that there are issues with them, even the most innocuous, it is better…

Q: To go to Sochi!

Lavrov: Why? To Crimea!

Q: That’s a choice: you can go to Sochi or Crimea.

Lavrov: This is true.

Q: It was no accident that I said you were the most popular minister, and not only in Russia. Numerous articles, written by you or about you, have recently appeared in the foreign press, have created an image of a powerful politician. You are both hated and loved, are respect and people say that you allow yourself to make harsh statements. And you are right to do so. But you also point out that you have had for many years a good personal relationship, in particular, with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Now you probably see him more often than your own family, holding “marathons” lasting several hours.
Lavrov: But not on the same issues.

Question: I hope we are still a traditional country. When you are dealing with John Kerry, do you ever feel like you are talking to a robot, who can’t hear you, doesn’t want to admit the obvious? Speaking of that, the following question arises: where is the higher power, which in the case of a dispute between the two major powers can say “break” and decide who is right and who is wrong, if each side claims that it is right and only its opinion is valid?

Lavrov : I cannot describe any of the partners as a robot or, in other words, say they lack understanding. Absolutely not. Secretary of State John Kerry is a highly intelligent man with a vast experience in the United States Senate. As senator, he was the head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and a presidential candidate in a US election that was won by Bush. He is a very erudite, experienced politician and diplomat.

Most of my other partners in conversations that are not intended for the public, express understanding and behave absolutely properly. With them, you can talk, discuss, exchange arguments, even sometimes disagree on things. I note parenthetically that we never say that our line is absolutely correct, and refuse to give an inch, centimeter, millimeter. Absolutely not. Convince us, because we never reject reasonable arguments and compromises because politics is the art of the possible. It is not part of our tradition to dictate to the rest of the world. This is just a trait of some other powers. I would really like the “unipolar world syndrome” to quickly disappear, because the world can only be multipolar. And the stronger the other poles, besides America, the more useful it will be for Washington itself.

Question: But the U.S. can’t see that.

Lavrov: They’ll have to see it, and I think they already do. Just as in the case of talking about Ukraine, or anything else, they will have to admit it. They understand it, sense it internally. Even when the U.S. decided to bomb Iraq or go to Afghanistan, they began to cobble together a coalition, seeking to include even the small island states willing to send at least some signals unit or two staff officers. And in the end, it all added up and it was announced that dozens of states (40 +) formed the coalition and the effort was legitimized, etc. They already knew it was inconvenient to go it alone, and they still understand that.
As you know, on the eve of the recent vote by the UN General Assembly resolution in support of the sovereignty of Ukraine, including Crimea, which is a clear anti-Russian step, there was no capital, where U.S. ambassadors would not go and impudently request to vote for the resolution, saying that they just have to do it. Those who did not agree were blackmailed and threatened. We know this. For obvious reasons I cannot name the countries and names, but it happens.

Q: And yet it didn’t work.

Lavrov: It didn’t work because only half of the members of the UN supported this resolution.

Question: The wisest was Israel, where there was a strike at the time, and they couldn’t vote.

Lavrov: You asked about the visible and invisible sanctions, reaching the point of absurdity, when journalists are forbidden to practice their profession, etc. Besides what lies on the surface, we know that all over the world messengers were sent and American and European ambassadors from different countries were instructed to seek a freeze on normal working contacts with our representatives. In Moscow, the ambassadors of the EU and the U.S., apparently, also agreed to communicate less with us on issues that they believe are of interest to us. Although on issues interest to them, they will definitely be in touch with us.

Here you need to understand a simple thing: international relations based on reciprocity – “Do as is done to you.” We will not retaliate or act out of spite, but we will take a balanced approach to specific situations arising.

When they make statements about certain arrogant new sanctions against Russia, it is entertaining to listen to what follows that. For example, NATO announced it would freeze most practical projects, including the “helicopter” project for Afghanistan. It splits the cost in providing service to Soviet and Russian helicopters, spare parts supplies, primarily with Russian enterprises, training for pilots and maintenance personnel. A number of other projects, including training to combat drug trafficking in Afghanistan and Central Asia. These were projects of the NATO-Russia Council. In announcing these sanctions, one of the Vice Secretary General of NATO, when asked by reporters, said: “We understand that these are the areas in which it is very important to achieve results, but we will continue to seek cooperation in these areas in other formats.” In other words, the NATO-Russia Council will not do it, but the members of the Alliance will seek ways to continue these projects under another “umbrella”. This shows contrived, artificial ideas in line with the logic of “cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

Question: Have these people who are “cutting off your nose to spite your face” left us alone or is there someone lower down the list than us? Are we alone? Unfortunately, we have people who always vote the same way as we do, like have North Korea, although they’re not the best example. They are willing to do anything to “cut off their nose.”.Are there any countries that can be called “wise people” who support Russia?

Lavrov: We have a serious support. If smaller countries still cannot afford to openly talk about this because they are too dependent on the West economically and financially, countries that feel more  self-reliant and take a serious approach to international relations, understand what is now in question. The problem now is not that it is necessary to help the Ukrainians to overcome the crisis, although that is important, but, as I said, reformatting of the world system, the objective formation of a polycentric world order. In late March at the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, we met with the foreign ministers of the BRICS countries. A statement was adopted which emphasizes the need to avoid interference in the internal affairs of other countries, condemns any policy of unilateral sanctions and expresses commitment to all the principles of the UN Charter in its entirety. 

Question : Is BRICS on our side?

Lavrov: BRICS, I think, is not just for us, but understands that the stakes are enormously high, and not in terms of “who wins and who loses,” but in terms of defending their legitimate interests in this changing world.

Question: How long will this last? We ended the era of “peace, friendship, chewing gum” and entered into a new round of “cold war”? Changing relations, sanctions, extreme rhetoric – will this go on for a decade?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: I don’t expect it to last a decade. Even now you can see a number of signs that our Western partners are “torn .” On the one hand, they see quite calm reaction on the part of Russia: They failed to ruffle us with the sanctions which go far beyond the scope of basic human decency. Therefore, our partners want to continue to annoy us hoping to ruffle…

Q: They want us to ruffle us to achieve what result? So we could write our names on the Brandenburg Gate[5] again? What’s the idea here?

Lavrov: In simple terms, they want to see how we felt now that we’ve been punished.

Question: Call the parents, bring the diary. Are we school kids or what?

Lavrov: Something like that. It has nothing to do with the real problems of international life, Europe, Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian. In parallel, they have to understand that without us it would be very difficult to solve many problems, and I’m not just talking about Syria or Iran. We’re not about to declare: “If you do this to us, then let the bloodshed continue in Syria; we will not deal with a political settlement or provide humanitarian assistance; let Iran build a nuclear bomb.” Russia will not do this, because we’re responsible people, unlike many who are trying to push us in this direction. Without us it will hardly be possible to seriously address the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula – we don’t want to have a nuclear bomb at our borders.

In addition to the political context and the problems on the agenda of the international community (I can’t use this term without irony, because the West applies this term solely to itself and to those who support it unconditionally), there are the economic and business interests. You can read the press or participate in some activities conducted by business circles of Germany, Italy, Spain, France or the USA. In America, a number of companies are deeply invested in the Russian economy: for PepsiCo, for example, Russia is the second biggest market, while Coca-Cola planned to invest $ 5 billion by 2016; ExxonMobil only invested $ 10 billion; Boeing, Caterpillar and many others work here. Their response shows that they are not welcoming the signals from Western governments, like, ” Come on, guys, don’t develop too mujch cooperation with Russia.” Businessmen are convinced that it is necessary to maintain and cultivate our economic cooperation not only because business always wants profit, but also because business is not sure that these sanctions are lawful.




[1] Mikahil Saakashvili,  US backed Georgian president-Translator.

[2] Lavrov is referring here to the link-up of Soviet and American forces at the Elbe River near the end of WW II.–Translator

[3] Ukrainian nationalists widely accused of collaboration with the Nazis in WW II-Tr.

[4] A partynow holding top positions in Ukraine thanks to Western support. Their leader Oleh Tyahnybok, who posed famously with John McCain during the Maidan uprising, is listed by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre as the world’s 5th

most dangerous anti-Semite.

[5] TV host Vladimir Soloviev is alluding here to the Battle for Berlin after which the fallen Russian heroes were commemorated with a memorial at Brandenburg Gate. The names of some of the Russian fallen are inscribed on this memorial-Translator.


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