You of all people know the real truth

American sovereigns…Your duty is clear! Will you permit the deception to stand?

You of all people know the real truth

You of all people know the real truth.  The fact that you would lie and blame our situation on the current conditions attests to your dishonesty.

As you full well know…today’s problems began in the early 186o’s time frame.  A period when certain members of the Congress, deliberately defrauded the American people.  The 14th Amendment was presented falsely and totally misrepresented.

In 1957, the entire legislature of Georgia was joined by the state of Louisiana in calling Congress on this fraud.  In the same tradition that the corrupt members of Congress of today, who have also deliberately deceived and mislead America regarding issues like obamacare and Benghazi, the same lawyer class of Congress, committed fraud in the way that the 14th Amendment was unlawfully represented.  Much of the so called laws of today rely on this fraudulent legislation and the truth be told, nothing in the way of laws written and that appear on the books today are lawful.  Yes…and you sir—know this to be a fact.

No, not only are you lying to the American people, but every other candidate for elected office who will permit one more second to pass without calling for the immediate suspension of all political activity until this terrible injustice, perpetrated since 1862 on every man, woman and child, in America, is properly addressed.

The fact remains that every piece of legislation since 1862 is null and void.  That even the very structure of the government in which the American people have come to believe is also a lie. This includes the executive branch, the  judicial branch and yes…especially the legislative branch.

And not to be redundant, but you of all people know this to be true. The question is, what exactly will you do about it?

The question is what will every candidate for elected office do about it?
The question is what will every current lawful public officer do about it?


The answer I would propose…

No immediate action…No access to public office!
The fraud on the people must end!  NOW!


The truth; it takes so few words to express…

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CHP militarized

Voila_Capture 2014-12-19_08-36-39_AM

Southern California police armed with military arsenal through program

Police wearing riot gear try to disperse a crowd last month in Ferguson, Mo. The FBI is investigating the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who police said was shot multiple times Aug. 9 after being confronted by an officer in Ferguson. AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness remembers when police were outmatched and poorly armed.

Ask anyone who came up against a heavily-armed and militarized police force in Ferguson, Mo., this summer and they’ll say that’s not the case anymore.

Over the past 20 years the Department of Defense has outfitted municipal police, county sheriffs and school districts with surplus equipment via its “1033 program.”

A state database reviewed by this news organization shows that in Southern California, those items ranged from swords and bayonets to grenade launchers, armored trucks and military helicopters.

The database, maintained by the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, tracks federal weapons and equipment given out through the program, including $150 million of surplus shipped to Southland law enforcement agencies since 1993.

Police say the more than 418,000 pieces of equipment filled budgetary gaps by providing not only costly weapons and vehicles, but items like nuts and bolts, coffee makers, cold weather clothing and sleeping bags.

But civil rights activists and lawmakers, like U.S. representatives Adam Schiff, D-Burbank, and Judy Chu, D-Pasadena, question the need for the military-style assault weapons and heavily armored vehicles — like the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected, or MRAP — that are finding their way into the hands of school officials and suburban police departments.

“I am shocked by the types of things that are being sent to school districts and our police departments,” Chu said. “Our police departments have to work with the community and they are not supposed to imply that we are in a police state or at war. They should be equipped to be safe but that doesn’t require a grenade launcher.”

Schiff agreed.

“The 1033 program can be valuable — as in getting out bulletproof vests, for instance — but it’s hard to see what the right use for an MRAP vehicle would be for our police departments,” Schiff said. “Cameras would be a much better thing to spend money on.”

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Municipal Corporations have no Legitimate Charters – They are operating in Fraud.

Rod Class Exposes State Governments are franchise branches of federal corporation posing as government of the American People. | Scanned Retina Resource

If no lawful state government exists…(current state governments are run by impostors pretending they are your lawful state public servants).  It has been revealed by Rod class, that all state governments are really franchises of the defunct mostly foreign owned corporation called the United States of American, Incorporated.

Surprise…! Surprise….! Now are you prepared to understand? | Scanned Retina Resource

So…ladies and gents…if there is no legitimate state government, there can be no legitimate corporate charters issued.  If that is true, as we believe it is…no corporation in American would seem to have a lawful corporate charter.  They would all be operating unlawfully.

There is no basis to run these courts as they would be operating in fraud.

Please! Someone correct me if I am wrong.




Activists target traffic courts in Ferguson

ST. LOUIS (AP) — In the aftermath of Michael Brown’s death, legal activists suggested that some of the raw anger that erupted in suburban St. Louis had its roots in an unlikely place — traffic court.

It was there, they said, that low-income drivers sometimes saw their lives upended by minor infractions that led to larger problems. If left unpaid, a $75 ticket for driving with expired tags could eventually bring an arrest warrant and even jail time.

So courts began an experimental amnesty program designed to give offenders a second chance by waiving those warrants. But the effort is attracting relatively few participants, despite a renewed emphasis on municipal court reform after Brown’s death last summer in Ferguson.

St. Louis County’s jumble of more than 80 municipal courts has been targeted by some public-interest lawyers who say the courts are virtual debtor’s prisons, extracting fines and fees from poor drivers and using the money to fund local governments, which in some cases serve just a few hundred residents.

“They make people poor, and they keep people poor,” said Thomas Harvey of the nonprofit legal clinic ArchCity Defenders, which is suing Ferguson and six other small cities, alleging they collect illegal municipal court fees.

Missouri’s auditor is reviewing the finances of several such courts statewide, including Ferguson, and some legislators want to limit the amount of money small cities can collect from traffic violations.

Critics of the traffic courts describe prolonged legal nightmares that can begin with tickets for driving with a suspended license or without proof of required inspections, what Harvey called “crimes of poverty.”

Defendants unable to pay those fines or hire an attorney to negotiate a plea deal may then miss their court dates or fail to sign up for installment-payment plans. Judges issue failure-to-appear warrants, which can lead to larger fines and court costs and even jail time on top of the original penalties, not to mention time missed from work or school.

Robert Lamont Douglas, 39, was recently issued five citations in the village of Bel-Ridge for traffic violations that included driving without insurance and failing to register his car.

“The main question was, ‘Am I wanted or do I have drugs in the car,’” Douglas said. “I was singled out because I was black. The assumption is I must have warrants, drugs or guns.”

A 2013 report by the Missouri attorney general’s office found that Ferguson police stopped and arrested black drivers nearly twice as frequently as white motorists but were also less likely to find contraband among black drivers.

The amnesty program in the city of St. Louis allows defendants who face arrest for failing to appear in municipal court to reschedule those hearings without penalty. But it has attracted fewer than 4,000 participants out of 75,000 who are eligible, despite an aggressive outreach campaign.

The story is similar in St. Louis County, where just a few hundred people have opted for an amnesty program that requires a $100 payment to wipe out traffic-court arrest warrants. Both efforts continue through the end of the year.

In Ferguson, the city no longer issues failure-to-appear warrants and is dismissing the charge in pending cases. Elected officials in September voted to cap municipal court revenues at 15 percent of revenue, eliminated a fee for towing cars and forgave warrants for nearly 600 defendants.

Municipal courts in St. Louis and St. Louis County collected nearly half of the $132 million in fines and fees paid statewide, despite the area being home to fewer than 1 in 4 Missourians, according to an October study by the nonprofit group Better Together.

More than $45 million — or 34 percent — of that amount came from the county’s municipal courts, even though their combined population represents just 11 percent of the statewide total.

Fourteen of those cities — including Vinita Terrace, population 277, and Bellerive, population 188 — depend on traffic-court fees and fines as their largest source of revenue, eclipsing sales and property taxes. Each lies in the predominantly black inner suburbs known as North County.

In Calverton Park, a seven-officer police force helped generate $484,000 in fines in the 2013-2014 fiscal year. That’s almost 65 percent of the annual revenue for a city with fewer than 1,300 residents, some 40 percent of whom are black.

Without revenue from fines and fees, the communities could not afford to operate, the study concluded. “The municipal courts in many areas of St Louis have lost the faith of their communities,” it said.

Among the recommended changes to Missouri’s municipal courts is a rule that would limit them to providing 10 percent of the revenue for local government, compared with the current limit of 30 percent — a threshold that is rarely enforced. The Missouri Municipal League says such a limit would bankrupt many of its smaller members.

Vestiges of a court system unaccustomed to outside scrutiny persist.

On Monday, court officials and St. Louis marshals ordered an Associated Press reporter to leave the municipal courthouse during an open court docket, despite state laws that generally allow for public access to legal proceedings with limited exceptions.

Slay spokeswoman Maggie Crane later said the exclusion was a mistake

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A view of the fraud at 40,000 feet. Exclusively for the Americans who know!

A view of the fraud at 40,000 feet



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So Arthur…Are we on the same page?


A man I greatly admire and respect expressed the following…

I share this in hopes WE all can see how polarity functions.  These words may likely resonate with you.  If this first page does in any way, I would highly recommend proceeding to the next.  It is very informative, indeed.
Pay it forward to all your friends if you feel they may also benefit from understanding the unseen forces at work in our realm
To wage battle with darkness will forever keep you in this realm of perception.  Change your perspective and you change your reality.  You will become empowered knowing what’s really going on here.  Love you all
From My World to Yours,

I responded…

My dear friends…
I encourage you to pursue your dreams and objectives.  I will join you after establishing a system that assures each man his just due.

He countered:

Who might we be to judge?  Who are we to establish such a system of control, and by what Authority?
I love what you do Arnie.  I love your passion and desire to create change from the old to the new, but might the new be just another of the old unless we release the pattern of response?  Might we simply alchemically transform by changing, or broadening our perspective?  Isn’t it time for a rebalancing, a meeting in the middle?  What if darkness was little more than a shadow of ourselves?
Are we not ONE collective creating a reality together?  Can we not do this in peace and understanding?  I believe we can, and WE have and will at the same now moment.
When we refrain from battle, there can be none.
Thoughts to ponder as we venture through this fog of transition not knowing what comes next, but does this fog offer resistance ?  I think not , but it will take some Faith, and my hopes are that we all surrender in trust, and walk in faith toward that which we see in the light.
I may sound a bit polleyanna, but I believe in the human spirit.  I believe in you.  May we come together in reconciliation that recognizes equality.  After all, are we not all of that same source?  Are we not created Equal?
It is now time for the empowerment of the HUman Race.

Sent from I to I

My reply…

You may not consider yourself in this light and that is OK.

In response to your questions…On the other hand…I am that I am.   Everything else is man-made. It only exists as I chose to permit.

And no…we can not just do this in peace and understanding without the honor and justice due each.

Your thoughts are noble and of good spirit, but since the dawn of time there has been conflict.  There will always be conflict until all of mankind comes to realize what you have discovered.

Precious few are like you who have found your sense of peace.  But in experiencing your peace you ignore the conflict imposed by those who have yet to learn the lessons you promote.

You may teach the lessons but not all respond to a teacher who can ignore the conflicts as not being of his responsibility.

Are we not responsible to protect those unable to protect themselves? Those…through no fault of their own…who become weak, ill, old or disabled,

Are not those who are better equipped to deal with adversity, responsible to others not so favorably endowed?

At what point does ignoring the reality of conflict become indifference?

So my dear friend….you are at peace.  Enjoy yourself.

And he countered with:

More support for all you do my friend.  We are all playing our parts in this episode we call LIFE, and it appears we’ve done it right as we turn the page and begin a new chapter.  The game is up for the Rule of Darkness.  We all WinThank you for all you have done and all you are doing in disseminating information that needs to be known by the collective.

To which I offered:

Thank you for your encouragement.

Is this too deep for you to understand?

And I respond to Arthur…

So brother Arthur,

Have you achieved your mission?  Are we not of the same accord?

Arnie American Civil Flag – at Peace since 1874The truth,,,,takes so few words to express!Available 24/7 – arnie@arnierosner.comHttp://scannedretina.com714-964-4056

714-501-8247 – mobile

And now Arthur steps in:

On Dec 17, 2014, at 7:15 PM, wrote:

Breathren Arnie, Germane to “Is this too deep for you to understand?,” & your opening commentary reposting “This Awareness indicates that if
Were possible for this Awareness to encourage entities too think for themselves Without telling them or suggesting to them a line of thought” arose responsive to such commentary applicable, no further clarification shall be given in further exhortation, where such perfect conditions are already fostered, elsewhere-wisely, posed for precious rest from such absurdity of any purportedly claiming to seek life, liberty and pursuit of Happiness, while denying their neighbors the very same divine power equally entitle via good will that empowers each in sovereign re-cord thereby! Meaning, if you deny anyone verbal power to communicate in their own ideologies seeking divine Unanimity to be heard reasonably & rationally seeking good will whenever and wherever, you thereby deny yourselves the same divine power! Which is then taken by your good neighbors as your divine will and thereby, Stands as your last will & perpetuation of testimony in regards thereto, and, forthwith re-cognize-able above as it is below, eternally. For this power to chose in action by divine right exists equally endowing unto all walks of life and by whatever chose in action you take or give in such regards, is re-cord-Ed above and thereby, so it is below until you adjudicate otherwise peacefully & honorably in accord thereby!!!Your eternal enemy is none other than the Golden Rule each chose in action to be treated thereby. Whatever you should do unto one another, therefore, shall it be down unto you equally in regards thereto.The problem of correcting the illicit social engineering afoot so to speak, is that, all walks of life have lost their natural knowing or knowledge by which they have freely enslaved themselves in accord with the Golden Rule enshrined by Wisdom of Divine Law.Thereby, each lack the good will to live as good neighbors via variation by agreement via Nature’s Law & Nature’s (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason seeking good will as good neighbors similarly situated honorably eternally thereby. Instead, all walks of life are caught in & infinite loop of repeating the same mistakes over and over until life finds a way to correct their ambivalence to natural law for life to correct their divine Statecraft honorably speaking.As we have constantly stated, over & over, don’t under estimate us. We know more than we say and think more than we speak & notice more than you realize presently speaking. But it is your chose in action to seek divine Unanimity or not.

But, if this generation within & throughout all Creation in Witness chose in action to let us pass from this existence un-re-corded in honor via variation by agreement, your Golden Rule shall be above as it is below. Lost in eternal cycle of Chaos by your own freely chose divisiveness via the same schemes that have enslaved you for thousands of years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this your will???????????

Whatever you will it, so shall it be!!!!

As we have stated, while we perceive this divine Natural Law to be your only divine power necessary for your better ordering of all walks of life as stated above, we also, only believe your only divine power to enforce divine Natural Law is HONOR created via variation by agreement in Unanimity via Wisdom of Divine Law thereby. One at a time, which creatively empowers all walk of life to both administer their agency’s of either religions or governments as each deem prudently to their own reasonable & rational dictates via divine Natural Law respectfully, while at the same eternal time for all time, open the Gates of Eternal Creation for their Mother of Wisdom to meet her Wisdom of Necessity by her fruits of honorable Repetition, wherever HONOR reigns via Wisdom of Divine Law thereby.

All our most precious regards to our breathren & all walks of life seeking honor.

Until then, I AM…

Your friend In law!

Most graciously….’In Honor We Trust’
Magnus Regnant of Sovereign Earth Alliance

Notice: U.P.C. Applicable.

P.S.: Please forgive any incorrect scripture, syntax or grammatical errors.

P.S.S. Shall our breathren share amongst their associated or delete in their own Golden Rule our exhortations reflecting whatever moderation otherwise, than our S.E.A. Of Life predisposed seeking honor amongst those similarly situated eternally thereby? Humbly we strive only in honorable unanimity what you may justly will as good neighbors via the Wisdom of Divine Law. Or as each may reveal as you freely choose & serve otherwise. Shall our breathren once again find us peacefully amongst them in good will as good neighbors by the Wisdom of Divine Law via Nature’s Law or Nature’s (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason equally similarly situated honorable eternally thereby? Time will tell all breathren, time will tell all!!!!!!! For time serves all equally and honorably in accord with the Wisdom of Divine Law via Nature’s Law and Nature’s (Creator/Creative Science of Right Reason all walks of life seeking good will as good neighbors similarly situated honorably thereby!

——-Original Message——- From: Arnie RosnerDate: 12/17/2014 4:13:07 PMTo: secretariat@seagov.netSubject: Re: [Scanned Retina Resource] Please moderate: “Is this too deep for you to understand?”

My response:

Dear Arthur,
In trying to appreciate the content of your message in the context of your good intentions, just speaking as one of the people, please rephrase your comments in a form of the people’s English so we can all measure and come to understand the wisdom we are sure that is contained within.

American Civil Flag – at Peace since 1874
The truth,,,,takes so few words to express!Available 24/7 – arnie@arnierosner.comHttp://scannedretina.com714-964-4056
714-501-8247 – mobile

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Sally Sez – The GOP must go the way of the Whigs

Sally on Laura Ingraham

Sally Sez – The GOP must go the way of the Whigs

You need more proof?

GOP Commits treason against the American People

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Is this too deep for you to understand?

your voice today is so important

This Awareness indicates that if
were possible for this Awareness to encourage entities too think for themselves
without telling them or suggesting to them a line of thought, It
would surely do so, but it appears that most entities want someone or something
to direct their thinking and thus, this Awareness must make suggestions from
time to time regarding certain ideas and concepts so that entities are not
afraid to turn their eyes in a different direction to question something from
a different view.

This Awareness indicates it would
be much easier for entities to go along with the authorities on everything
that is promoted. For then there is threat of resistance or counter-action.
This Awareness indicates however, entities who go along to get along too often
find themselves ensnared in the slaughterhouse, in the dark room of enslavement,
imprisonment, entrapment, and this has been so throughout the history of humanity.

Altering the course
of history

This Awareness warns entities not
to go along just to get along without being aware of the potential dangers
involved in your action, for sometimes a stick in time can alter the outcome
and if you are bent on going along to get along, you may miss an opportunity
to take that stick, to take that move, to give that action, that effort to
alter the course of history, for there are moments when a little leverage
here, a little information there, can change the course of future history.

The Universal
Law of Leverage

This Awareness indicates that if
the energy isn’t given, if the leverage (see
the Cosmic Law of Leverage
) isn’t used, the movement is not altered,
and those making the plans to enslave you and your family and your children’s
children may have missed their opportunely because you missed yours.

This Awareness indicates that It
only asks entities to become more and more aware of what is happening in their
world, for in that awareness, they will take the right actions in accordance
with their level of comprehension and awareness. As you become aware, you
act in accordance with your level of awareness, and in making others aware,
they too act in accordance with their levels of awareness, and the spreading
of information at the right time can alter the entire direction of a movement,
of an effort that may be for no good.

To capture
the souls of humanity

This Awareness suggests that as previously
indicated, this is a time wherein a war is occurring over the capture and
containment of the souls of humanity and the war is being fought with ideas
and concepts and information. It could, at a future time, include weapons,
and the weapons may be used in the future to wipe out segments of society,
if the ideas of today are not used properly in this battle for control of
the minds of entities, for as entities seek to understand, they may turn to
the wrong sources, if your voice isn’t present, if your information isn’t

This Awareness suggests that as you
spread the information, you spread opportunities for others to see a different
side of the picture, for your information may be just what they need to understand
the full scope of something they only suspected or wondered at and which they
would otherwise ignored, had it not been for the information you provide.
Think not that you have nothing to say. This Awareness suggests that all ideas
are part of the collective consciousness of humanity, and if your idea are
not spread, then there is a gap in collective consciousness of humanity, resulting
in a degree of ignorance.

to the Next Page; The Dark Force May Be Celebrating Victory Prematurely

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