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Provost Marshal General of the United States Army

Provost Marshal Gen Quantock2014-04-11_03-19-51_AM      
Incumbent:MG David E. Quantock Since: September 28, 2011

TO:  General David E. Quantock,

the Commanding General, of 
the U.S. Army

Criminal Investigation Command (CID),

in his official capacity as Provost Marshal General

Dear General Quantock,

On behalf of the American people, as one of the people, I am reaching out to you and at the same time, demonstrating to the rest of the world, that, “We the people,” come in peace and mean no harm.   This is even though we recognize that in the eyes of this de facto government, “We the People,” are all classified as “Enemies of the State.” 

We also mean to demonstrate our sincere intent to resolve the imposition of tyranny by the impostors who, through, deception, are unlawfully, impersonating officers of a de facto government.  A foreign controlled corporation being falsely represented as the lawful government of the American people.

General Quantock, you can consider the American people as friends and allies.

As the federation’s top peace keeper, the documented behavior below offers proof to many of us that America is under the control of a foreign power; the British Empire.  As the people, we are at a loss for any other explanation which adequately describes the abuse heaped upon Americans.

Surely no American government of the people, for the people and by the people would act against their citizens in this manner.  No government comprised of true American representatives of the American people, would permit all Americans to be designated as an, “Enemies of the State.”

In 1933, we are told the Constitution was suspended and FDR by the role of necessity, issued proclamations 2038, 2039 and 2040.  It was during this same period, an amendment was made to the trading with the enemies act of 1917.  This act had previously excluded American citizens,   But now, as of  amended version of 1933…included all Americans.  

One objective of this amendment seems to have cleverly removed the standing of any American citizen to bring court action against the government, to remove these unconstitutional manipulations. this assured that this constitutional abuse could not be easily reversed.   

Examples of over 100 attempts to challenge Mr. Obama’s unlawful usurpation of the office of president would seem to bear credence to this notion.  Many of the judicial rulings declared the citizens, challenging Mr. Obama’s eligibility, did not have, “standing.” to bring such court action. How utterly amazing!  What a coincidence.

One more interesting aspect of the fancy footwork involved in amending the (TWTEA) legislation, from 1917, was to make the unbelievable stretch, that a national emergency,  designated as such by the president, alone,  was equivalent to an act of war. 

This also conveniently, provided the Congress with an excuse to discharge its duties by abdicating the People’s delegated authority to the president.  This was supposedly authorized under the War Powers Act.  To any reasonable person, this is more evidence of the intent and the existence of a bona-fide conspiracy to defraud the American people.

It was by the myriad of  constitutional abuses, that FDR seized all the gold and somewhat later all of the silver from all citizens.  This was done under the guise to prevent hoarding.    However it can be illustrated, that the gold and silver stolen from the people was later sold at a profit and the proceeds from the transactions were not deposited  to the benefit of the people from which it was stolen.

Other research indicates, the Constitution has never been restored. 

In seeking an answer to this point, we find that cleverly, built into this spate of shadowy legislation, was the ability of the president to extend a previously called national emergency, by simply posting a notice in the federal registry.  

Obama, had issued one as recent as, March 14, 2014.  Thus general, we have learned that America has been under various states of emergency since 1933. That is over 81 years.    

General, you, as well as I, know that no reasonable person could accept that the United States of America was in a continuous state of national emergency for over 81 years.  Yet, we as the American people, are expected to accept that our lawful elected representatives  are prepared to overlook this obvious constitutional abuse of power.  

1933 – Congress Did IT!    

Sorry general, that just is not possible.  And it leads many of us to conclude that the Congress and consequently the rest of the government is not the government of the American people.  

This in turn confirms the conclusion in the minds of many Americans that indeed, in 1933, through a series of criminal acts based on deception, with the help of FDR, the British Empire, very likely in the name of the Queen, conducted a bloodless coup d’état and  unlawfully captured the government of the American people through unconstitutional means. 

Please hold this thought… And let us continue…

 The funny thing about the Constitution, which has never been restored, is that Obama, uses it to justify his authorization to create the numerous executive orders, for which he has become well known. 

Voila_Capture 2014-04-10_05-34-29_AM

Just as curious, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, has revealed to me personally, that the Constitution exists and is in full power.  U. S. Senator Confirms the U.S. Constitution is in Effect!

Now general, I’m just an ordinary citizen, but even to me sir, I am convinced,  that the affordable health care act was a deliberate and total fraud upon the people; a blatant unconstitutional act of coercion.     Evidence of this concern,

(the legislative process established by the Congressional research service),

can be found within the document at the following link:  

Now About That Unconstitutional ObamaCare…  

This information reveals that the Congress violates its own rules.    Notice the highlighted term, “must.”    The use of the term  “must”  means without exception.

Voila_Capture 2014-04-10_04-59-08_AM

Yet no record of any confirmation that the bill was confirmed as meeting constitutional requirements before it was even submitted.  

Other practices by members of Congress, revealed other constitutional abuses routinely violated as a normal course of doing business. The question that arises in my mind general, is whose business?

A further example of openly admitted abuse of the Constitution can be found in the following clip:


The American people, just by virtue of being alive and in America, are the ultimate arbiters and authority.  It is the American people who are the only lawful power by which governments are created, and based upon historical record and documents, claim we have lawfully created the government of the American people. 

However general, many Americans are now confronted with indications that the government being represented to Americans as our government is no such thing.  Instead general, we are presented with the illusion, that the government we are asked to accept as the government of the American people, is in reality a corporate agency posing as the government of the American people but controlled by the Queen.

General, it appears you are working for the Queen.  But this matter shall be further clarified below.  Please read on….

For the sole purpose of providing the safety and security of all  American citizens, the founders even went so far as to create a Constitution.  A trade agreement  by which the government creature, a creation of the people, was limited to specifically enumerated powers and authorities.  However, General Quantock, by delegating some of these powers,  the American people never yielded their sovereignty. But then, general, you know all of this.  In fact, you swore a sacred oath to protect and defend this very document; the Constitution of the United States.  

Yes general, under this contract with the people, your primary responsibility is to honor your oath to the Constitution…and the American people, first!  As a public servant, your loyalty is to America and not to her majesty, the Queen.

Previous submissions directed to your attention, record the many attempts which have been made to resolve issues of abuse by public officers with no success.  Even in the matter below, it appears the Clark County Sheriff has so far, violated his oath of office and based on the law, should be charged and prosecuted for dereliction of duties and violation of his oath.  Violating one’s oath is an act of committing perjury, insurrection and rebellion against the supreme law of our Federation. 

It is also my understanding that those public officials of Clark County who have made no effort to protect Mr. Bundy, et al, under provisions of the federal Constitution, 9th and 10th Amendments, regarding over-reaching of the federal government, may also be culpable.

 The question that begs to be asked?

“Exactly why would the elected officials of Clark County, not act to protect one of their constituents?” 

They took the same constitutional oath as you general… Therefore the accountability for the public safety would be very similar to yours.  

You may find, as I did, what may be the answer to that question In the following paragraph.  Please read on.

General, in investigating further it appears that the state government of Nevada, in colluding with some of the federal government agents and agencies which are also also strongly controlled by the conquerors of America.  Some citizens are now referring to this distinction as reporting to the Queen,  But putting that aside, the following link would convince me that all of my speculations expressed above merit serious consideration.  Almost any citizen of Nevada might realize the strong conflict of interest revealed in the following association:

It is impossible for many of us, speaking as one of the people, to explain the conduct of public servants of the people, park rangers, at the link below:

General Quantock, as already established, you are the top peace keeper in America.  Your authority transcends all other authority in maintaining the peace and tranquility to which all Americans have expectations of a Constitutional guarantee.  

Based on the responsibilities of your office, your role is clear— when all other flavors of civil authorities fail to respond to lawful and reasonable demands from the people.  You are to take steps to establish order and to provide for public safety.  

If the assumptions above are correct then the acts of oppression are not acts of an American government but by the agency of the Queen.  As a result America has no government.  With no government representing the people then under the law of necessity, we must act “Under our own Authority as the People,” in a manner consistent with the declaration of independence and form our own government.

And this is where you come in General, in the interest of establishing a strong and reliable relationship with the agency which bears the original responsibility of our creation, the United States Army, and speaking just for myself at this point, I am confident there are some citizens who  would be more than willing to meet with the appropriate members of the American military forces to map out plans to peacefully resolve this dilemma and peacefully restore the Constitutional mandated de jure government of the American people.  The only true and legitimate government of the American people. 

 Respectfully submitted for your review and action.


My compliments sir.

Arnie Rosner

One of
The Americans

A person is judged by how well they honor those to whom a promise was made.

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A Simple Obligation- Update


Thank you for taking the time to visit. Depending on your age, not only may you personally benefit from the information compiled and presented on this site, but your immediate family, your children, especially your children, and future generations, may as well.

The freedom of future generations may also applaud your interest.  You see…you will be provided with information that is not normally broadcast through traditional means of media coverage.   Permit me to be frank, the world in which you think you live, may not be the reality in which we really exist.

Not only are we living in an illusion created by members of an organization which controls America, many people have a clue as to their existence.  But the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) has been around for a very long time.

Now that you have been introduced to some of the important aspects of this illusion under which many of us have lived since birth, it is time to examine how the lines of politics, in terms of “Democrats vrs Republicans,”  “the left vrs the right” and terms like “liberal vrs conservative,” have been cleverly manipulated to provide a basis by which to divide and conquer the general public.

Before accepting everything we are told by those in government be reminded by the two items following:

An open invitation:
At any time (24/7), you are invited to contact me, to discuss anything of concern.

As a politically independent moderate and a strong advocate of a republican form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I expect all other others to respect my position in the same manner as I respect theirs. This expectation includes our elected officials who have forgotten exactly to whom they answer.

So consider this as fair notice!

I am simple-minded enough to expect people to do what they say they will do; when they say they will do it.  Out of respect for all other inhabitants with whom we share this space ship traveling through time, I also realize not all may understand and live by these principles.  That is OK with me; we all must stand responsible for our own decisions and the manner in which we conduct ourselves.

About the truth

Thanks to many others through whom I have extensively explored this concept of truth, I am now very confident I really know very little. Rapidly approaching age 77, I am comforted by the fact that I now know that no one else knows anything either. They just think they do. (grin)

Before I pass on, which with every passing day I am reminded is an event no one escapes, I wish to return a favor bestowed upon me by many dedicated and respected Americans I never had the honor of knowing and never had the opportunity to thank personally. Never the less I feel compelled to carry on what I consider to be a very admirable and noble tradition these individuals created. I wish to pay my self‐imposed debt of gratitude to those who afforded me the luxury of freedom.

I intend to do my part to ensure those who come after will be also afforded the same. I make no apologies for my actions towards anyone who would seek to impede or inhibit my achieving this basic obligation of maintaining our republic form of democracy. Have no fear; I will prevail in this matter!

And a final point in which to give thanks.

Thank you Americans! Thank you for being you!

Now lead, follow or get out of the way!

Oh yes……..

Available 24/7 – Defending freedom is no part-time job!
714-501-8247 – mobile

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“WRIT” to all Federal & State agencies

On Apr 17, 2014, at 10:29 AM, Steve Curry <> wrote:

Hi, Randi;  I will be delighted to give you an update this evening.  For your preview, I’ve attached my latest filing of a “Writ of Mandamus,” and the court’s response.  I’ve sent this “WRIT” to all Federal & State agencies, and to all points around the globe, with a request for assistance from the State Militias, Citizen Volunteers, and others, who believe it is time to mount an offensive on these courts.

What we are seeing from the court, are pure fabrications, lies, and more denials, despite their lack of lawful standing, jurisdiction, power, or authority.  To them their Oaths of Office mean NOTHING, and it does not matter that the Oaths they signed are, in fact, criminal acts of fraud upon everyone, as is well defined under Marbury V. Madison!  In short, these improperly-seated justices do not have to adhere to ANY LAW, at ANY time!.  Having pressed them into a corner, they are attempting to buy themselves some time, as they try to figure out what the hell to do with me.  And all they can do, is to continue to pile on the fabrications & lies, all the while refusing to deal fairly!

Should anyone feel inclined to assist, you are welcome to place a call into the Mesa County Sheriff, and offer your support to Sheriff Hilkey in the execution of his Constitutional authority.  His number is 970-244-3500.  Dial *8* to access the Administration, and then *1* for Sheriff Hilkey.

I find that Mesa County Sheriff, Stan Hilkey, is in Denver, today.  I would love to be a fly on the wall in that strategy session with the Governor and the State Attorney General.

More on this, tonight!
On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 10:57 AM, 42 Action <> wrote:
Want to give us an update at 9pm est tonight?

On Apr 16, 2014, at 11:03 AM, Steve Curry <> wrote:







Encr: COM4140/18-2jules/sx429-Alpha.reg.//711…/


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Protected: Report from the Field: BLM/Bundy family confrontation

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Michael Badnarik: We are at war! BUT…?


Dear Michael,

Thank you for your words of clarification.  Your analysis is very revealing.  It confirms what many suspected and are now accepting as the true and current situation in America.

Michael Badnarik: We are at war!


Wonderful. So far so good. But then the ideology is flipped upside-down when it says:

But the Paramount Allegiance of every citizen is due to the Federal Government in the exercise of all its Constitutional powers as the same have been or may be defined by the Supreme Court of the United States; and no power exists in the people of this or any other State of the Federal Union to dissolve their connection therewith or perform any act tending to impair, subvert, or resist the Supreme Authority of the government of the United States.

WHAT THE F….?!! Are you kidding me?!

Loyalty is voluntary. Allegiance is mandatory. I have been loyal to individual rights and private property ever since I learned the difference between right and wrong. And let me assure you in case there was ever any doubt – NOBODY can force me to pledge my allegiance to ANYTHING, especially our Federal Government. It is pompous and insulting to claim that “no power exists in the people” “to impair, subvert, or resist the Supreme Authority of the Government of the United States.” What do you mean we can’t resist? What the hell do you think the Declaration of Independence and the Second Amendment are all about? Why do you think three hundred armed supporters showed up in Nevada to support Cliven Bundy? Don’t tell ME I can’t resist. How dare someone even THINK like that!

While I can appreciate the verbiage as expressed from within the context of the de facto government, the fact remains de facto is not the government of the American people.  It is only one that exists as an illusion.  An illusion based upon a narrative created and enhanced by a complicit media system.

As I see it, and please correct me if I am wrong,

The American people…

have NO “lawful,” government.



Please advise….



Arnie Rosner


One of






A person is judged by how well they honor those to whom a promise was made.



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Sheriff Gillespie Seeks: Exactly what does he seek?

We get letters….

Subject: RE: ALERT Sheriff Gillespie Seeks Slaughter

Date: April 16, 2014 at 5:23:17 PM PDT

To: “‘Arnie’” <>

Dear Arnie,

Now that the BLM has been driven out–there should be a  multiplicity of lawsuits FROM THE GENERAL PUBLIC against all Federal and State actors who supported the governments’ military attack on its own Citizens (e.g. Mr. Bundy).

Please note: that also with Fathers’ Rights, the same system is implemented on a daily basis.  The government just comes in and disenfranchises (for the greatest–if not total part) men whom dare to protect their home, family, and property rights.  This leakage of governments, both state and federal, summarily removing rights by military force, is in fact, treason.  You need two persons to charge treason, but–the fact is ANY CHANGE IN THE FORM OF GOVERNMENT IS TREASON!   And our current government has been acting treasonous for over a quarter century or more.

Such being the nature and character of treason, from the principles and structure of American Government, its object is, generally, if not always, a change either in the form of government or the administration of it.  Cited from: American State Trials, John D. Lawson, LL.D., St. Louis, 1914, F.H. Thomas Law Publishers, © 1914, Vol. II, p. 53.

These government agents, from the dog catcher all the way up to SCOTUS & the President–are effecting and implementing outright WAR (See: Mixed War) against us, and the only thing the current government will obey, is not LAW–but FORCE AND VIOLENCE.

Because of the unconstitutional acts and/or omissions they have committed against us for the past half-century or more, and the complete dismantling of the constitution–the paradigm is not right or wrong, or logic, or law, reason; or even “law and order.”  In their NWO operational manual–the new paradigm is FORCE, FEAR AND VIOLENCE.

These ENEMIES of the people should be attacked by multiple lawsuits, both state and federal, to place them under attack, and to place them into a constant state of war.  These people should have their tires flattened every time they try and go and get milk.  People should be driving by these psychophant’s homes at 4AM in the morning, scaring both they and their families.

These people should fear going to work….

One thing the American public has been reticent to do, is to observe the facts, and from that: merely state what the truth of this matter is.  Our government hates ‘we the people,’ it has implemented a constant state of war against us; it has imbued our government, with a cabal of Anti-American; Anti-Second Amendment; Feminist/Black Caucus, HOMOSEXUAL government–who are not going to–but ARE implementing a communist/socialist form of government (against based off of force of violence, AND WHOSE MAIN PURPOSE IS TO SEPARATE ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ FROM THEIR RIGHTS, LIBERTIES, PROPERTIES, AND FUNDAMENTAL LIBERTIES)!

These treasonous people whom now inhabit our corridor’s of power–are NOT COMING BACK.  The current malaise is only going to get worse–not better.  It is so bad, that our current situation is that we are screwed….but our children…in their lifetime…ARE Screwed.

As I have said many times before, we are about 2 to 5 years from our government forcibly taking your Kidneys; Eyes; or any other organ, to compel you to pay for anything from a traffic ticket to tax collection.  Things are not going to get bad…they are going to get midieval.

It’s all about power now…

There is a famous maxim of law, which states:  “The act shows the intention of the doer.”

Now tell me, from governments’ past actions throughout the American society in dismantling the rights of the people….what is the intention of that ‘doer’??

WACO, Ruby Ridge, and now Bundy in Nevada, clearly show where we are headed.

Hope this helps.




From: Arnie []

Sent: Monday, April 14, 2014 2:08 PM

To: carla glade

Subject: Re: ALERT Sheriff Gillespie Seeks Slaughter





These guys are misreading the situation from what I can see.


  1. The people in the Obama administration orchestrating these attacks on Americans did not expect this amount of support.
  2. The BLM was being used by the administration to be the bullies, and to test the resistance of the citizens.
  3. The unexpected amount of support provided the agents of the crown a unique opportunity which they quickly exercised.
  4. The fact that agents of the BLM, were outside of government dress code might indicate outside mercenaries were brought in temporarily.
  5. the SWAT team back-up might’ve been available for an added show of strength if it was required.
  6. If it was the intent of the administration to do some serious harm, they could’ve done it easily considering they had drones and many other weapons of battlefield classification available to them.
  7. What everybody was led to believe was a victory for the people, was actually an intelligence gathering operation… And the BLM were the actors.
  8. As I see it, this exercise, provided the agents of the crown to gather valuable information about tactics and formulate expectations on the next round of events they are sure to create.
  9. They threw us a bone, and from what I can see, many of the people fell for it.  They have not yet figured out how these people work
  10.  I’m confident there is a lot more to all of this then we know at the moment.    However, at the same time, this little exercise provided everybody with some insight as to how they operate.  We need to take advantage of all of the Intel gathered and study the way they behave.


Does this make sense?

Arnie Rosner





A person is judged by how well they honor those to whom a promise was made.


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Michael Badnarik: We are at war!


Thank you Daryl…

On the heels of everything else this is very enlightening!

Michael Badnarik: We are at war! BUT…?


On Apr 16, 2014, at 5:27 PM, D Johnson <> wrote:

Constitutional Expert Michael Badnarik Speaks Out. Please Circulate

 We are at war!

After thirty-two years of studying the Constitution and trying (unsuccessfully) to motivate people to stand up for their rights, very little surprises me anymore. We calmly tolerate violations enshrined in the Patriot Act; Edward Snowden is still vilified for exposing the tyranny of our numerous covert agencies; and millions eagerly sign up for Obamacare before the government imposed deadline. So I was more than a little surprised to find information that made me visibly angry yesterday.

Robert Scott Bell sent me a weblink to an article related to the BLM standoff in Nevada that he wanted my comments on. He specifically wanted to know what I thought about certain clauses in the Nevada Constitution that presume to support the actions of the BLM. After reviewing the Nevada Constitution I was absolutely livid – and mentally willing to start the Second American Revolution myself. I have discovered what may be the most blatant documentation of tyranny that exists within the United States.

When I teach my Constitution class, I try to impress upon my students that we are at war. It is an ideological war. A war of word and ideas – but a dangerous war because ideas have a way of transforming themselves into actions. It’s quite possible that Adolf Hitler never killed anyone himself, however the toxic ideas he passionately espoused resulted in what may be the most famous genocide in world history. I’m about to demonstrate that the Nevada Constitution contains an ideology that is just as dangerous as the philosophy of the Third Reich.

Section 2 of Nevada’s Constitution is titled “Purpose of government”. Let me begin with the good part:

All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for the protection, security and benefit of the people; and they have the right to alter or reform the same whenever the public good may require it.

Excellent. This is perfectly in harmony with the clause of the Declaration of Independence that states:

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.

Wonderful. So far so good. But then the ideology is flipped upside-down when it says:

But the Paramount Allegiance of every citizen is due to the Federal Government in the exercise of all its Constitutional powers as the same have been or may be defined by the Supreme Court of the United States; and no power exists in the people of this or any other State of the Federal Union to dissolve their connection therewith or perform any act tending to impair, subvert, or resist the Supreme Authority of the government of the United States.

WHAT THE F….?!! Are you kidding me?!

Loyalty is voluntary. Allegiance is mandatory. I have been loyal to individual rights and private property ever since I learned the difference between right and wrong. And let me assure you in case there was ever any doubt – NOBODY can force me to pledge my allegiance to ANYTHING, especially our Federal Government. It is pompous and insulting to claim that “no power exists in the people” “to impair, subvert, or resist the Supreme Authority of the Government of the United States.” What do you mean we can’t resist? What the hell do you think the Declaration of Independence and the Second Amendment are all about? Why do you think three hundred armed supporters showed up in Nevada to support Cliven Bundy? Don’t tell ME I can’t resist. How dare someone even THINK like that!

I stared at that paragraph in disbelief for several seconds, absolutely certain that I had misunderstood something. Unfortunately the psychopaths who wrote it confirmed their intentions.

The Constitution of the United States confers full power on the Federal Government to maintain and Perpetuate its existence, and whensoever any portion of the States, or people thereof attempt to secede from the Federal Union, or forcibly resist the Execution of its laws, the Federal Government may, by warrant of the Constitution, employ armed force in compelling obedience to its Authority.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! The Federal Government plans to “employ armed force in compelling obedience to its Authority.” Un-freaking-believable! Fortunately for us, the armed force of the BLM is comprised of people who ultimately want to return to their families at night. I laughed when it was reported that the BLM backed off “for public safety”. It wasn’t the public’s safety they were concerned for. It was their own. Three hundred armed patriots had never read – or didn’t care about – the written prohibition against resisting government authority.


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Do not be mislead.

We are thrown bones from time to time…to give us hope. To take us off the trail.

Settling for a small victory is great to make “them” think we are buying this deception.

Some important questions come to mind. Maybe you see it the same way?

BLM is responsible for managing a large spectrum of natural resource values, this in large part might be considered administrative in scope. Considering the large disparity of what might be expected of an administrative agency an d the current relativity, a few questions came to mind. There is no question, as an American I am biased.

  1. For what purpose was the BLM created?
  2. What is the mission statement for the BLM?
  3. Who has oversight of the BLM?
  4. By what authority have agents of the BLM, to be armed?
  5. Who created the financial budget for the BLM?
  6. Who approved the purchases of vehicles?
  7. Who approved the policies by which BLM agents perform the work of the people?
  8. Which members of Congress approved these policies?
  9. Who gave the orders for the members of the BLM to assault and threaten citizens?
  10. Who issued the unlawful orders for the BLM to wage war on American citizens?
  11. Why was the County Sheriff speaking for the BLM?
  12. Where was the governor?
  13. Under the ninth and 10th amendment of the Constitution, where were the state representatives of Nevada?

Feel free to add your own…

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Sheriff Mack; Help is on the Way!


From: Steve Curry <>

Subject: Help is on the Way!

Date: April 16, 2014 at 9:16:30 AM PDT


Good Morning, Sheriff Mack;  I was on my way to Bunkerville this last Saturday to lend you a hand, when I had learned the situation had calmed down, and that the Feds have backed off.  I had a feeling, that this was, simply, too good to be true!  There appears to be too much at stake for Mr. Reid, and his Son, and for them to back down, and it is not in the Reid genes to give up so easily.

I do believe I can be of great help to you and the Bundy family.  Not so much in the way of financing the operation, but from a Constitutional argument, which should force the Feds to stand dowm, and leave Nevada permanently!

I believe I had sent this to you, earlier, yet, I have attached my latest work, which I submitted to Mesa County Sheriff, Stan Hilkey, and the Mesa County Court on Monday.  Within this “WRIT” you will find the lawful measures you need to present to the Feds.  It is very simple language, where even a five-year-old could understand the meaning & intent.  These thugs; a.k.a. “Reid’s Private Contractors,” need to understand, that they have been blindly & ignorantly, following court orders which are clearly unlawful, based on the fact, that the ‘alleged’ “Judge” who ordered their actions, has NO proper jurisdiction, power, or authority, whatsoever, by virtue of the fact that he/she was never properly seated to begin with!  As I’ve indicated, Marbury V. Madison has NEVER been defeated…NOT EVEN ONCE…EVER!!

As you will read under the US Supreme Court’s ruling of Marbury V. Madison, there exists NO legitimate court, whether State, or Federal, that has sovereign jurisdiction, and they have NEVER been granted such powers over the People!  Please review the Original XIII Amendment, where these alleged Justices & Judges, and their criminal activities, are identified & well defined.

The Feds need to understand, as well, that the State of Nevada, and Mr. Bundy, hold ALL of the proprietary & contractual power by virtue of their State Charter, and Mr. Bundy’s legitimate Land Title, as is discussed in Marbury V. Madison!

The best piece of evidence you will have to work with, will be a copy of Harry Reid’s alleged “Wilderness Act,” wherein, he bloody well blows his own foot off!  His legislation is a piece of trash, and can easily be argued anywhere, and anytime, with Marbury V. Madison!!  His attempt at legislating this “Wilderness Act” for the Bundy Ranch Property, is pure thievery by extortion, and is not worth the paper it is written on!  As you will read in the “WRIT,” the rulings on Marbury V. Madison are as clear & unambiguous as any ruling could be, where it is stated; “All laws, rules, and practices found to be repugnant to the Constitution are Null & Void!” 

If I need to come to Bunkerville, and present this “WRIT” to the Feds, myself, I will offer this up.  Yet, I believe you will be able to handle this effectively with the folks on hand, particularly the Legislative delegates, you have in your corner.  Do not let Reid dictate to the State of Nevada, Mr. Bundy, You, or the People!  Being the spoiled juveniles they are acting like, the Reid’s and the BLM, need to be held fully accountable for their treasonous acts against the State, Mr. Bundy, You, and the People!  They are an absolute DISGRACE!

If I can be of further assistance, please give me a call @ 970-249-8879, or have Arnie get in touch with me!  If I’m not mistaken, Arnie has a complete copy of Reid’s piece of crap DirtyharryReid113thCongrerssGoldButtConservation should you need a copy for Harry to use as toilet paper!!

My Best to You, Kind Sir!

Steve Curry

BTW:  I’ve added a copy of my “Sovereign Fee Schedule,” which Mr. Bundy can use to negotiate his grazing fees!



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