Public Service is an Honor…and a Trust.

Hello Ernie-lee,

Please find a response to your question.  It seems everything comes down to a matter of honor.  If all people of our society acted honorably, would we be having such a discussion?


Public Service is a Public Trust…These are the rules by which public servants must comply!


Judge Anna responded…

The concept of “wearing different hats” is crucial.  While serving in a public office, you “demean” yourself to serve and step down from your individual sovereignty to “accept” the burdens and responsibilities of public office, including the fiduciary trusteeship a public office requires.  While acting in a REAL public office, you can’t operate in conflict of interest, can’t siphon off public funds, can’t use “off book” escrow accounts, can’t create “money” out of thin air, etc., etc., etc.,

But, obviously, just as the same man can be an “officer” of the Lion’s Club, an “elder” of his Church, a “reservist” in the Marine Corps, and “Mayor” of his local town all at the same time, the Devil is in the details.

Where’s the transition line between being the “Governor” of a private corporation calling itself the State of Ohio and being the “Governor” of an organic State organized as a public entity under a Statehood Compact and being a living “Governor of the Ohio State”?

On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 2:42 PM, Arnie <> wrote:

First based on my current understanding there are no public servants in office.  They are impostors.  Committing felony.  Misrepresenting public officers.

All Public Servants in Dishonor – Fraud!

If they were lawfully seated, as public servants they are employed by the people and have no rights as citizens while serving as a public officer.  When they step outside of that role then they would have the same rights as any other citizen.  But that is just an opinion of mine.

Perhaps Anna can add to this….

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Banking act notation

IH. R. 1491] —- AN ACT   –   To provide relief in the existing national emergency in banking, and for other

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Congress hereby declares that a serious emergency exists and that it is imperatively necessary speedily to put into effect remedies of uniform national application.

………………………Page 8 of PDF.
TITLE V Sec. 501. There is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $2,000,000, which
shall be available for expenditure, under the direction of the President and in his discretion, for any purpose in connection with the carrying out of this Act.

S ec. 5 02 . The right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserved. If any provision of this Act, or the application thereof to any person or circumstances, is held invalid, the remainder of the Act, and the application of such provision to other persons or circumstances, shall not be affected thereby.  Approved March 9th 1933 8.30 p. m.


Congress did not give away totally – this is part of the law.  Congress can repeal the Banking Act any time.

This is good to know.

We must not listen to their bull crap.

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of what substance?

The Evidence of Fraud!

An edited version for brevity.  Full version available at link below.

For more complete details please visit the following link:

The facts in summary.

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Retaliation! – Congress Complicit? You decide…

Retaliation! – Congress Complicit? You decide…

On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 7:05 AM, Nancy Battle ‪<> wrote:


From: ‪<>

Date: Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 8:26 AM

Subject: FW: Walt Fitzpatrick sends: THE PETITION I SPOKE OF…


What has happened to Commander Walter Fitzpatrick of Tennessee can and will happen to more and more Americans as time goes by.  Commander Fitzpatrick filed a petition to redress grievances and in doing so opened a can of worms exposing the corruption taking place in TN Judicial District #10.

To cover up their corruption they found Commander Fitzpatrick to be guilty of 3 felonies and 1 misdemeanor.  The charges were reduced to 1 felony and 1 misdemeanor.

I have been following this case and was helpful in obtaining a Constitutional lawyer for Commander Fitzpatrick.  With absolutely no proof he was convicted of aggravated perjury and extortion.

What he go tangled up in is a web of corruption at all levels and in order to protect each other they have to put Commander Fitzpatrick behind bars to silence him.  Below are some things you can do to help Commander Fitzpatrick.  If you live and vote in the TN 10th Judicial District please be sure NOT to vote for Judge Amy Reedy.

  1. We need media coverage (so far this case has been silenced)  If you have any media contacts please have them contact me so we can get Commander Fitzpatrick’s story out in the open.

2.  We need Tea Party patriots to rally support for Commander Fitzpatrick (at the very least make the phone calls to the people below)

3.  Call the FBI in Knoxville/Chattanooga – Timothy Slater (Agent in Charge – Acting) 865-544-0754.  S/A Roxanne West: Main phone: 865.544.0751 (S/A West is officed in the Knoxville, TN Headquarters Cathedral). Cell phone number: 865.851.6237.  Email:

S/A Gary Blevins:

Receptionist phone # in the FBI’s Chattanooga, TN field office: 423.265.3601
Email:  We want all fictitious charges to be dropped and a full FBI investigation.

4.  We need signatures on the petition (DO NOT GIVE A DONATION……this donation goes to not to the cause to help Commander Fitzpatrick)

I have attached a brief description (written by Cdr. Fitzpatrick) of the events that have led to this point.  Also, a short statement should you need to explain quickly to others about the injustice served on Cdr. Fitzpatrick.

Are we going to sit back and watch this man go to jail because he tried to exercise his constitutional rights??  He broke no laws.  This judicial district has been plagued with corruption and has put many people in jail that committed no crime.  There are many more details to this story than what is in this short attachment and I would be happy to supply more information to anyone that wants it.   This man has lost everything because he believes in the oath he took when he joined the military.  If we do not stand behind him who will be next??

 Please pass the word…

“The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”  George Orwell

Karen Bracken



“If education has become – as Common Core openly declares – preparation for work in a global economy, then this situation is far worse than Common Core critics ever anticipated. And the concerns about cost, and quality, and yes, even the constitutionality of Common Core, pale in comparison to the concerns for the hearts, minds, and souls of American children.”Dr. Daniel Copeland – Hillsdale College Jun 2013.

Congress – Enemy Agents. Any Questions?


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Sovereigns – Clients Notice of breach of Contract.

Here About A Privacy Problem?
Click Here!
Eagle Icon

Public access to this database of Exempt Organization filings has been terminated due to inaction by the U.S. Congress and the Internal Revenue Service.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Eagle Icon

7 Frequently Asked Questions About the Sequestration of the Form 990 Database

Question 1: I’m outraged! To whom may I complain?

Public.Resource.Org is not accepting complaints at this time. Here are two places you can reach out to:

  • The IRS refuses to talk to us and we’re assuming they’ll refuse to talk to you as well. However, they work for the President and he can be reached at (202) 456-1414 or @whitehouse on twitter.
  • You can also write your Congressman. The most active on IRS issues has been Chairman Darrell Issa who can be reached at (202) 225-5074 or @DarrellIssa on twitter.

Question 2: What was this service before it was terminated?

Public.Resource.Org purchased over 2,000 DVDs from the Internal Revenue Service containing the annual information filings of Tax-Exempt Organizations, the Form 990. The IRS distributes this data as a series of 1-page low-resolution TIFF images, with 60,000 images per DVD. The DVDs are sent monthly.

Public.Resource.Org has processed 7,634,050 of these filings into PDF files and made them available on the Internet using Secure HTTP, FTP, and rsync protocols. There were no restrictions on use and no charge for the service. We have offered repeatedly to donate the system to the IRS.

Question 3: What is the IRS doing wrong?

There are 3 big problems with how the IRS handles this database:

  • Selling DVDs for $2,910 per year as a way of distributing an important database is ridiculous in this day and age. The data should be distributed in bulk on the Internet and these important public filings should (indeed must!) be made available on a government web site with a permanent URL and secure HTTP service.
  • Large organizations all e-file their returns, but the IRS deliberately dumbs down those returns by imaging the data onto a form and releasing it as a low-resolution bitmap. They do this do avoid “too much transparency.” Despite a number of meetings at the White House to get the IRS to release the data as machine-processable data as the President has ordered, the IRS has refused to comply. We are now in court to compel the release of this data.
  • There are a large number of Social Security Numbers in the Form 990 database. We have cleaned up many of those privacy breaches and our colleagues at other services such as GuideStar have done the same, but the IRS refuses to act and continues to sell this tainted data in violation of the law.

In addition to the 3 technical issues, there is an attitude problem. Despite a huge number of detailed and constructive notices sent to the IRS, they refuse to talk to us or to anybody else.

Question 4: Why are you terminating public access to this database?

We cannot continue to fix this database, redacting privacy information and providing better public access, if the IRS continues to break it. We redact Social Security Numbers, but the IRS continues to sell this data. This is unconscionable.

We were particularly outraged when we saw the Congress and the IRS finally start paying attention to privacy issues, but only in the context of a few dozen political operatives while ignoring privacy breaches that affect hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren, veterans, homeowner associations, fraternal organizations, local fire departments, and community volunteers.

Question 5: What must the IRS and the Congress do to fix this database?

There are 3 things the government must do:

  • Instead of selling bulk data on DVDs, the government needs to move towards an on-line distribution at no charge. This is how we distribute patents, SEC data, the Official Journals of government, and other crucial public databases. After the government has fixed the bulk data distribution issues, they should provide an on-line service that has individual Form 990s on a secure HTTP connection so citizens can access these public filings from a trusted source.
  • The government must release e-file data. This is required by law, the forms are meant for public inspection, and there is a crying need to access this information in a better way. The Congress and the President have required by law that the Form 990s be made available to make our nonprofit sector function more effectively and deliberately dumbing down the data is a thumb in the nose of the law.
  • The government must fix the privacy problems. The existing database should be scanned for Social Security Numbers and they must be redacted. Individuals whose privacy has been breached by the IRS must be notified. The IRS must scan incoming returns and look for SSNs and refuse to accept those returns when they find them. The IRS must provide a point of contact to accept notifications of privacy breaches discovered by individuals or institutions.

Question 6: What will Public.Resource.Org do?

Public.Resource.Org will continue to scan each monthly feed of DVDs and notify individuals, organizations, the IRS, and Congress of privacy breaches. In addition, we will continue our lawsuit and will pursue any administrative or legislative measures available to compel release of the e-file data.

Question 7: Why should I care?

If you work in the nonprofit sector, as a foundation executive or charity watchdog, you should be outraged by this situation. If you are a government law enforcement official, such as a state Attorney General, the IRS is making your job harder by not making this crucial information available. If you operate an Internet service such as LinkedIn or Google (or any startup that wants to be LinkedIn or Google) you should be outraged that this information was available in machine-processable format and the government deliberately dumbs it down.

The people that should care the most are the ones that have been ignoring the situation. Distribution of protected information by federal employees is a crime under 26 USC 6103. As the IRS well knows, indviduals could sue the IRS for $1,000 per viewing. Think about that. There are over 100,000 SSNs we’ve discovered in this database, we know that at least 9 customers purchase the database. Instead of organizing a $1 billion lawsuit against the government, we’ve spent two years building a better system and trying to help the government fix their systems.

The people that should care about this are the officials in the White House who have written and promulgated important new policies about the distribution of government data only to see the IRS ignore them. The people that should care are the members of Congress who mandated the Form 990 so our nonprofit sector could function more effectively. The people that should care are the IRS employees that are being exposed to criminal penalties for deliberately distributing protected information.

We should all care about this important database. I hope you will ask the Congress and the Administration to pay attention.

Carl Malamud
June 16, 2014

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Judicial Fraud Upon the Court

Judicial Fraud Upon the Court

Fraud upon the Court

Fraud Upon the Court is where the Judge (who is NOT the “Court”) does NOT support or uphold the

Judicial Machinery of the Court. The Court is an unbiased, but methodical “creature” which is governed

by the Rule of Law… that is, the Rules of Civil Procedure, the Rules of Criminal Procedure and the

Rules of Evidence, all which is overseen by Constitutional law. The Court can ONLY be effective, fair

and “just” if it is allowed to function as the laws proscribe. The sad fact is that in MOST Courts across

the country, from Federal Courts down to local District courts, have judges who are violating their oath

of office and are NOT properly following these rules, (as most attorney’s do NOT as well, and are

usually grossly ignorant of the rules and both judges and attorneys are playing a revised legal game with

their own created rules) and THIS is a Fraud upon the Court, immediately removing jurisdiction from

that Court, and vitiates (makes ineffective – invalidates) every decision from that point on. Any judge

who does such a thing is under mandatory, non-discretionary duty to recuse himself or herself from the

case, and this rarely happens unless someone can force them to do so with the evidence of violations of

procedure and threat of losing half their pensions for life which is what can take place. In any case, it is

illegal, and EVERY case which has had fraud involved can be re-opened AT ANY TIME, because there

is no statutes of limitations on fraud. This is a trillion dollar “justice industry” just

waiting to be tapped



“Fraud On The Court By An Officer Of The Court”

And “Disqualification Of Judges, State and Federal”

1. Who is an “officer of the court”?

2. What is “fraud on the court”?

3. What effect does an act of “fraud upon the court” have upon the court proceeding?

4. What causes the “Disqualification of Judges?”

1. Who is an “officer of the court?”

A judge is an officer of the court, as well as are all attorneys. A state judge is a state

judicial officer, paid by the State to act impartially and lawfully. A federal judge is a federal

judicial officer, paid by the federal government to act impartially and lawfully. State and federal

attorneys fall into the same general category and must meet the same requirements.


A judge is

not the court.




People v. Zajic, 88 Ill.App.3d 477, 410 N.E.2d 626 (1980).

2. What is “fraud on the court”?


Whenever any officer of the court commits fraud during a proceeding in the court, he/she is



file:///C|/Users/Jeff/Internet/The-Matrix/fraud-upon-the-court.html (1 of 4) [7/24/2008 1:17:07 PM]

Fraud upon the court

engaged in “fraud upon the court”. In Bulloch v. United States, 763 F.2d 1115, 1121 (10th Cir.

1985), the court stated “Fraud upon the court is fraud which is directed to the judicial machinery

itself and is not fraud between the parties or fraudulent documents, false statements or

perjury. … It is where the court or a member is corrupted or influenced or influence is attempted

or where the judge has not performed his judicial function — thus where the impartial functions

of the court have been directly corrupted.”

“Fraud upon the court” has been defined by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to “embrace

that species of fraud which does, or attempts to, defile the court itself, or is a fraud perpetrated

by officers of the court so that the judicial machinery can not perform in the usual manner its

impartial task of adjudging cases that are presented for adjudication.” Kenner v. C.I.R., 387

F.3d 689 (1968); 7 Moore’s Federal Practice, 2d ed., p. 512, ¶ 60.23. The 7th Circuit further

stated “a decision produced by fraud upon the court is not in essence a decision at all, and

never becomes final.”

3. What effect does an act of “fraud upon the court” have upon the court proceeding?

“Fraud upon the court” makes void the orders and judgments of that court.

It is also clear and well-settled Illinois law that any attempt to commit “fraud upon the court”

vitiates the entire proceeding. The People of the State of Illinois v. Fred E. Sterling, 357 Ill. 354;

192 N.E. 229 (1934) (“The maxim that fraud vitiates every transaction into which it enters

applies to judgments as well as to contracts and other transactions.”); Allen F. Moore v. Stanley

F. Sievers, 336 Ill. 316; 168 N.E. 259 (1929) (“The maxim that fraud vitiates every transaction

into which it enters …”); In re Village of Willowbrook, 37 Ill.App.2d 393 (1962) (“It is axiomatic

that fraud vitiates everything.”); Dunham v. Dunham, 57 Ill.App. 475 (1894), affirmed 162 Ill. 589

(1896); Skelly Oil Co. v. Universal Oil Products Co., 338 Ill.App. 79, 86 N.E.2d 875, 883-4

(1949); Thomas Stasel v. The American Home Security Corporation, 362 Ill. 350; 199 N.E. 798


Under Illinois and Federal law, when any officer of the court has committed “fraud upon the

court”, the orders and judgment of that court are void, of no legal force or effect.

4. What causes the “Disqualification of Judges?”

Federal law requires the automatic disqualification of a Federal judge under certain


In 1994, the U.S. Supreme Court held that “Disqualification is required if an objective

observer would entertain reasonable questions about the judge’s impartiality. If a judge’s

attitude or state of mind leads a detached observer to conclude that a fair and impartial hearing

is unlikely, the judge must be disqualified.” [Emphasis added]. Liteky v. U.S., 114 S.Ct. 1147,

1162 (1994).

Courts have repeatedly held that positive proof of the partiality of a judge is not a

requirement, only the appearance of partiality. Liljeberg v. Health Services Acquisition Corp.,

486 U.S. 847, 108 S.Ct. 2194 (1988) (what matters is not the reality of bias or prejudice but its

appearance); United States v. Balistrieri, 779 F.2d 1191 (7th Cir. 1985) (Section 455(a) “is

directed against the appearance of partiality, whether or not the judge is actually biased.”)

(“Section 455(a) of the Judicial Code, 28 U.S.C. §455(a), is not intended to protect litigants from

actual bias in their judge but rather to promote public confidence in the impartiality of the judicial

file:///C|/Users/Jeff/Internet/The-Matrix/fraud-upon-the-court.html (2 of 4) [7/24/2008 1:17:07 PM]

Fraud upon the court


That Court also stated that Section 455(a) “requires a judge to recuse himself in any

proceeding in which her impartiality might reasonably be questioned.” Taylor v. O’Grady, 888

F.2d 1189 (7th Cir. 1989). In Pfizer Inc. v. Lord, 456 F.2d 532 (8th Cir. 1972), the Court stated

that “It is important that the litigant not only actually receive justice, but that he believes that he

has received justice.”

The Supreme Court has ruled and has reaffirmed the principle that “justice must satisfy the

appearance of justice”, Levine v. United States, 362 U.S. 610, 80 S.Ct. 1038 (1960), citing

Offutt v. United States, 348 U.S. 11, 14, 75 S.Ct. 11, 13 (1954). A judge receiving a bribe from

an interested party over which he is presiding, does not give the appearance of justice.

“Recusal under Section 455 is self-executing; a party need not file affidavits in support of

recusal and the judge is obligated to recuse herself sua sponte under the stated circumstances.

” Taylor v. O’Grady, 888 F.2d 1189 (7th Cir. 1989).

Further, the judge has a legal duty to disqualify himself even if there is no motion asking

for his disqualification. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals further stated that “We think that

this language [455(a)] imposes a duty on the judge to act sua sponte, even if no motion or

affidavit is filed.” Balistrieri, at 1202.

Judges do not have discretion not to disqualify themselves. By law, they are bound to

follow the law. Should a judge not disqualify himself as required by law, then the judge has

given another example of his “appearance of partiality” which, possibly, further disqualifies the

judge. Should another judge not accept the disqualification of the judge, then the second judge

has evidenced an “appearance of partiality” and has possibly disqualified himself/herself. None

of the orders issued by any judge who has been disqualified by law would appear to be valid. It

would appear that they are void as a matter of law, and are of no legal force or effect.

Should a judge not disqualify himself, then the judge is violation of the Due Process

Clause of the U.S. Constitution. United States v. Sciuto, 521 F.2d 842, 845 (7th Cir. 1996) (“The

right to a tribunal free from bias or prejudice is based, not on section 144, but on the Due

Process Clause.”).

Should a judge issue any order after he has been disqualified by law, and if the party has

been denied of any of his / her property, then the judge may have been engaged in the Federal

Crime of “interference with interstate commerce”. The judge has acted in the judge’s personal

capacity and not in the judge’s judicial capacity. It has been said that this judge, acting in this

manner, has no more lawful authority than someone’s next-door neighbor (provided that he is

not a judge). However some judges may not follow the law.

If you were a non-represented litigant, and should the court not follow the law as to nonrepresented

litigants, then the judge has expressed an “appearance of partiality” and, under the

law, it would seem that he/she has disqualified him/herself.

However, since not all judges keep up to date in the law, and since not all judges follow the

law, it is possible that a judge may not know the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court and the other

courts on this subject. Notice that it states “disqualification is required” and that a judge “must

be disqualified” under certain circumstances.

The Supreme Court has also held that if a judge wars against the Constitution, or if he acts

without jurisdiction, he has engaged in treason to the Constitution. If a judge acts after he has

been automatically disqualified by law, then he is acting without jurisdiction, and that suggest

that he is then engaging in criminal acts of treason, and may be engaged in extortion and the

interference with interstate commerce.

Courts have repeatedly ruled that judges have no immunity for their criminal acts. Since

file:///C|/Users/Jeff/Internet/The-Matrix/fraud-upon-the-court.html (3 of 4) [7/24/2008 1:17:07 PM]

Fraud upon the court

both treason and the interference with interstate commerce are criminal acts, no judge has

immunity to engage in such acts.

file:///C|/Users/Jeff/Internet/The-Matrix/fraud-upon-the-court.html (4 of 4) [7/24/2008 1:17:07 PM]

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Congress – Enemy Agents. Any Questions?

 My two cents - Version 2 If anyone is interested…my opinion reflects the fruit of those directly engaged.  Any effort to impeach obama is simply a delaying tactic to get past the next election.  Theatrics pure and simple!


The Evidence of Fraud!


Goodby Congress
Beyond the bounds of their lawful authority – It is the Congress!
PROPOSED: Congressional Termination Notice!
“We the People,” Revoke the Delegated Authority of the de facto Congress!
1933 – Congress Did IT!
Congressman Rohrabacher… Guilty of treason? Guilty of fraud?
Violation of your Civil Rights – The Congress
YOU are an ENEMY of the STATE: Congress Declares in 1933!
The Biggest Swindle in World History! “Acts of the Congress?”
IT IS THE CONGRESS! Isn’t it time we took action?
Revoke the Delegated Authority of Congress – The County Sheriff
Missing Village IDIOT EXPOSED? Black impersonator humiliates black community; Congress?
Black American citizens, call for Congress to Impeach Obama
Sheriff…Time to arrest members of Congress!
New Legal Group Serves Congress!
Foreign Agents; Elected Officials? Congress? County and City Commissions?
Not only the Congress is complicit…but you were betrayed by your own parents!
What is it Congress is hiding? The Australians know.
Agenda 21 – Congressional Complicity
Congressional Political Corruption
Immediate Fix: Eliminate the Criminals in Congress – Contest
Acts of the 41st Congress-Creation of Corporate Washington DC
Congress Complicit: Democrats Deliberately Gave Communist Victory in VietNam
Top Secret – Details of the Treason by Congress
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